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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Sandra asks…

Are these sentences correct?

Someone in the Boy Scout troop camped near poison ivy and has gotten it all over THEMSELVES

A few of the carpenters had brought tools with THEM

My dog was among the winners in the show that had ITS picture taken

Dusty answers:

The firs sentence is not correct.
The second one is correct.
And the last one is not correct.

Michael asks…

Thank all of you for pointing out how stupid I am because I am interested in how words effect our lives!?

If you are a carpenter, and it does not make any difference to you how you use the tool, that Hammer,then I do not want to buy your house, let alone live in it. Same thing goes for your words. I am interested in talking to people who realize how powerful the words that they speak are. If you are not one of those people, just do not respond. It’s that simple!

Dusty answers:

Huh? You lost me

Sandy asks…

Is this the right time to go self-employed?

im a 23yr old female kitchen fitter/carpenter. I’ve been working with a company since feb, and have picked up laying all types of flooring, do you think i could go it on my own fitting complete kitchens inc, flooring and tiling on my own. I have my own van and tools. or should i wait for things to pick up?
im from the u.k by the way, Wales in fact

Dusty answers:

I’m by no means the right person to ask as financially my own business is not very successful, but i was moved to answer by the bad advice i saw here.

I’m also in the UK. In a way, a recession is the best time to go self-employed because if your business doesn’t fail during a recession it will probably work OK afterwards, so you’d be talking about a quick failure which you could “get out of the way” at a time when you could reasonably explain it away if you need to find employment from a boss in future.

The real reason i’m commenting on your question, though, is this. The person who said word of mouth doesn’t cut it nowadays is completely wrong. Whereas you probably do need to do some advertising, most of my clients come from word of mouth and the main reason i advertise is that my market consists of people who don’t have many contacts themselves, so i have to keep bumping it up, so to speak. I’ve personally tried lots of different kinds of advertising and the only one which has brought me results is the Yellow Pages. Anything else is a waste of money for me. Another thing you have to watch out for is that advertisers in a particular classification can get talked into paying more because everyone else is. If you are in a professional body, i suggest you start off with a corporate ad which mentions you and everyone else in the area, as that’s the best value for money.

You need to impress clients who are in some kind of social network. What’s worked for me is churches, specifically the Jehovah’s Witnesses. If you can find some kind of social group where there are lots of conversations and trust, use that. Other examples might be Freemasons or a local school.

You also need to start off with reliable clients, so you need the contacts before you leave your company. That’s probably obvious. However, don’t try to work for them independently until after you’ve left the company.

Don’t try to grow too quickly either. Make sure you can pay for everything without getting an overdraft. I started my company without any loans at all, and although it means i haven’t made much money, there’s no way anyone can come in and take any of the company’s assets, because i never owe anyone anything past the first thirty days.

Oh yes, another thing. Don’t try to stockpile materials. If you do that and can’t get rid of them because you haven’t got the work, you will end up with your money tied up in useless stock rather than working for you. You need to establish some kind of cycle where you buy an affordable quantity of stuff which you can use up quickly in jobs, purchase a little more with the profit from that and use the rest as drawings. You can tolerate debt up to the thirty day limit, but if you get beyond that you’re in trouble and you will end up a slave to the bank. Please forget about any idea of loans and for goodness’s sake do not try to get a loan secured by a mortgage. Raise money some other way, from your own savings or from friends and family.

When you set your prices, if you go too low it will look like there’s something wrong with your work and people will be suspicious, but if you go too high, obviously people won’t use you unless they don’t realise what the going rate for your services is. Also, look at what people expect to pay for the materials you use if they were to buy them in a DIY shop and undercut the cheapest price you can find, then break your bill down into separate goods and services so they can see you’re doing that. Your competitors may not be the companies around you offering to do the work, but clients who think they can do it for less (even if they can’t, they probably think they are competent), so you need to show them they will save money by using you instead.

Make sure also that you understand what they want to “buy”. For instance, they might be buying convenience rather than the kitchens.

Finally, take everything i say with a pinch of salt. I’ve been running a business for ten years and it’s not financially successful. I make a profit from it but it isn’t enough to live on. This is, however, typical of my line of work and i imagine it isn’t of yours.

Linda asks…

Does negative beliefs cause people to experience negative results?

In recent days I have witnessed several people get tools stolen; two cases involved carpenters where the chain was cut and the gang boxes were taken. One of them, an apprentice lost more tools on this occasion and one other a few months ago than a friend who is an atheist and believes people are inherently good honest and ethical lost in forty years as a carpenter.

These people are zealously religious; I wonder if others have had the experience where it looks as if people with a negative view of humanity suffer extreme personal losses?
Savage serenity:

Inferring? No I am stating a fact; Christians claim that all of humanity is sinners which are a negative assessment and if you need further proof just open your eyes.

Those that deem others evil creates evil by their own philosophy whether there is evil present or not.

Dusty answers:

Negativity breeds negativity.
I was discussing this today with my partner- he read somewhere that someone making negative personal comments about someone is perceived by others as having these same negative characteristics themselves. Makes sense.

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