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MAP NAME: de_apehouse have fun After long waiting and anticipation for this finally released episode, I finally managed to upload this. I made this about a month or two ago, but WMG flushed it down the toilet, so I re-uploaded. In this episode, the Heavy weapons guy from Team Fortress 2 orders an xbox 360 via amazon. Once the box finally arrives, Heavy has a tough time opening it, so he passes it over to the other Team Fortress 2 classes to see if they can help him open up and set up the Xbox. Will Heavy ever get the box open? Watch and find out!

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Name That Power Tool!

It’s the contest that’s sweeping the nation! Well, not really. MAKE SURE ANNOTATIONS ARE ON! To play Name That Power Tool, just listen to the sound, and click on the tool you think produced it. Comments are disabled on all videos except the final one!

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