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This tool can replace an axe, a pickaxe, a shovel, a hoe and a sword… and can cut leaves like shears too. The durability and strength of the tool is based on the material used, same goes for the regular tools in Minecraft. No extra power, just a multiple tool in 1. Updated versions here : Older version (for Minecraft 1.7.3) : INSTALLATION : You need to install ModLoader first. Then put the zip file of this mod into the “mods” subfolder (create one if it doesn’t exist yet) of your Minecraft folder (Windows : “%appdata%/.minecraft” ). FAQ – I don’t like the look of this tool! Well, good for you because it’s the mod I’ve made and I’ve decided that this multitool item will looks just like that. – There is already multitool mods. I know, I’ve seen one that looks like a swiss-knife. So…? I’m not forcing you to use my mod, I’m proposing you one. It’s up to you to try it or not. – Why using mossy cobblestone? Because mossy cobblestone is not used in any recipes and I wanted to create an idea that needed one to be crafted. Because mossy cobblestone is relatively rare, making a multi-tool would be difficult enough to be generaly accepted by Minecraft players to be used in their games. – Why using diamonds? For the same reason in the tools already in the game can be crafted with diamonds. You can use also 2 wooden planks, 2 cobblestones, 2 iron ingots, or 2 gold ingots. The multitool will be less durable if you use
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The Fein MultiMaster is the original multitool. Now that the patent has expired there are a lot of imitators out there, but Fein is still the most powerful, as it should since it is by far the most expensive. From Fein Power Tools in Germany.
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