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also location of power berries in harvest moon hero of leaf valley psp. 1- Flower shop/Tool Shop Area –To the left of the Flower bed by Lyla’s store 2- Town Square –Front of the Flower/tool shop sign 3- Supermarket Area –The mound of earth in front of the store, between the two trees 4- Bar/Cafe Area –The tree middle near the northern part of the area 5- Goddess Spring Area –Near the bridge 6- Pike Mountain Area –The top of the stairs 7- Pike Mountain Area –In the very center of the area 8- Carpenter’s house Area –Near the stairs in the center of the map 9- Carpenter’s house Area –Near the righthand set of stairs 10- Clove’s Villa Area –The tree at the top right of the stairs cheat,hint,tips,tutorial for psp harvest moon hero of leaf valley
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