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An overview of the Jointermaker SW by Bridge City Tool Works. A followup to the Jointmaker Pro, the JM-SW is a simpler more economical model with the same capacities as the Jointmaker Pro.
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Carpenter Model 77D Large Cable Stripper

The Model 77D Pneumatic Cable Stripper can easily strip difficult extruded type insulations such as those found on High Voltage, Welding, Multi-Conductor and Battery Cables. This unit utilizes a Scale Style Strip Length adjustment, plus a Micrometer Control for Blade Depth Settings. The cable being processed is held on center with the stripping blades by means of the Model 77D’s unique self-centering cable clamp and inter- changeable wire guide, insuring clean and accurate stripping results. This powerful Pneumatic bench top cable stripper can be equipped with either adjustable V-Blades or cable sized Form Blades, depending on the application. The Model 77D is also equipped with a Safety Interlock Guard Switch and is Foot Pedal Activated, which allows for either right or left hand operation. Every machine comes Standard with a durable Powder Coat Finish, 1 Year Limited Warranty, (1) P/N 7630 Wire Guide and your choice of either “V” or Form Blades.
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Milescraft : Router Guide Kit. Model #1223

Read Review: Milescraft : Turnlock router Guide Kit, Model #1223. A very cool routing sysytem, highly recommended!!! Visit my site: for an in depth review
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Ferramenta para fabricar rodas de aeromodelos, com até 140 milimetros de diâmetro, em espuma de borracha EVA.
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“Cpl. Schellenberg was first inspired to try his hand at crafting a working wooden model of the C7 after he heard a similar story about a soldier serving in Afghanistan. This soldier had apparently decided to carve a rifle out of a piece of wood he had found, using nothing but hand tools. The Reservist has a lot of respect for that unnamed soldier. ‘That takes talent,’ he said. “It was very challenging to make a C7 that can be completely broken down like a real one. Even the accessories—like the blank firing attachment and the hand guards—were almost completely hand carved.”
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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Sandy asks…

Plywood working tools & materials?

What are the woodworking tools required to work professionally with good quality Plywood,including finishing work (Veeneer finishing).
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Question: What is the average/ typical per day labor rates for a Carpenter in tier-2 cities in TamilNadu (Coimbatore/Madurai/Trichy..).

Dusty answers:

Check……the tool list is endless…. There are hundreds….

David asks…

How hard would it be to make a full scale model of the flintstones car on a reasonable budget?

I’m 14 and don’t have very much on building skills but I do have a Huge Forest, Power tools, a couple of large steel trash cans and a lot of rope, Wood, and cloth. and a Mom who is a semi-pro carpenter So how hard to you think it would be to build a Flintstones car as a personal project? and would stripping and spray painting the wood I used be a very reasonable Idea as paint if I coated it multiple times?

Dusty answers:

Steve Rutledge did it,a full size working model sure you could too.

Mandy asks…

Jesus was a carpenter. What did he build?

We know what was in his heart from moment to moment. My questions is what kind of carpenter was he? Cabnetmaker? Furniture maker. What were his favorite tools? And do any of the things he built still survive today?

Personally, I don’t think he was any good at his craft. He never spoke of anything he was building.
Fireball is saying that god is jesus.
So god created the universe, then Adam, then later came down here himself in a suicide mission. ??
Where is the evidence that Jesus built homes. DO NOT say the bible please.
Armond is not all there….

Dusty answers:

He didn’t build anything.
By the way, Noah supposedly built the ark. Not jeesus.

Chris asks…

How many American jobs will be lost to overseas outsourcing before our goverment decides to regulate it?

I’m an engineer. I was employed at a rather large company that manufactures heavy duty off road vehicles, (Wheel Loaders and Excavators and such). Recently, I’ve lost my job because the “higher ups” in my company decided to cut costs. They hired an engineer from India to replace me at a fraction of the cost of my wage. I’m middle class and when I see these people with six figure incomes it makes me question their true worth? They will argue that it’s actually positive for our the company and our ecomony, but as I sit here typing this, (unemployed), I wonder….who are the ones benefitting? I am unemployed. I don’t build bulldozers any longer but they are still being built. These bulldozers clear the land for the house that I can no longer afford. The carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc. don’t have a job because the house was never built. They don’t have to buy tools anymore either. The trucks that deliver those tools will be parked. I wish I could type more, but you get the point!

Dusty answers:

You sound like a Mechanical Engineers. I suggest you move to an area where engineering jobs have been “insourced” from Japan or Korea. A Toyota, Hunydai, Honda, or Nissan plant.

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Carpenter without power tools

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Your Questions About Wood Crafting Tools

Ken asks…

Does the Bible specifically mention Christmas Trees are not allowed?

The question of Christmas Trees and its relationship with Jeremiah 10:2-5, 2Thus says the LORD,
“Do not learn the way of the nations,
And do not be terrified by the signs of the heavens
Although the nations are terrified by them;
3For the customs of the peoples are delusion;
Because it is wood cut from the forest,
The work of the hands of a craftsman with a cutting tool.
4″They decorate it with silver and with gold;
They fasten it with nails and with hammers
So that it will not totter.
5″Like a scarecrow in a cucumber field are they,
And they cannot speak;
They must be carried,
Because they cannot walk!
Do not fear them,
For they can do no harm,
Nor can they do any good.”
Anyone who can comment why this is a Christmas Tree please do so. Are our Christmas Trees hand-crafted, are they carried? Do we fasten gold and silver with nails?
Edited–wow, what a response and so quick. Thanks everyone for your kind replies. I’m really asking the Jehovah’s Witnesses why this piece of hand-crafted wood had gold and silver fastened with nails and needed to be carried can possibly be anything at all similar to a Christmas Tree? Please read the context of the four verses and don’t block out any of the critical words. Thankyou.

Dusty answers:

Jeremiah is talking about IDOLS here. Idol worship has been a problem throughout the ages and that is why God made a specific law against it in the big 10(#2) . Now concerning Christmas trees. I am a fundie so hold on to your socks you liberal Christians out there because I find no fault with having a Christmas tree as long as you do not worship it as an idol. I agree that Christmas is not what it should be since all these “pagan rites” have crept in, and to some the Christmas tree represents this pagan, commercial, idol worshiping nonsense. But to those of us who know that the tree is nothing more than a traditional decoration akin to hanging lights on your front porch, it does not represent any pagan practice. We are celebrating the birth of our LORD Jesus Christ . If we keep Christ in the center of our love, then the tree, the lights, the gifts and all the other nonsense pale into insignificance. Merry Christmas!!!

Laura asks…

Is there a tool to make a point on a dowel?

For a craft project, I’d like to make points on non-wood dowels (or rods) the size of a pencil. However, I don’t want the points as tapered as a pencil’s point. I want the taper much shorter, like you might see on those very short pencils found at putt-putt golf courses for the score cards. Maybe a quarter-inch taper.

Also the material of my dowels is softer than wood, so it cuts very easily with a razor, but shreds if I sand it. I’m not having much success doing it this way, they don’t look good.

Is there a simple tool to give me uniform tapers on my dowels?

Dusty answers:

What you may be looking for is the wood carving tool. You can find them in the hardware stores. They have different functions as to the size of the tool to use so look them over to get the one you need. Please be careful when using them as they are sharp and can cause damage to you or the dowels. Find something to practice on before using it on the dowels. Have fun as if you get good at it you can used it on larger items and start a business for yourself.

Helen asks…

What kind of Dremel should I get for general arts and crafts projects?

I want a simple power tool that I can use to cut through light-weight wood, acrylic, foam board, cardboard, chipboard, etc. I would also like to be able to sand or smooth the edges of the same types of materials. Arts and craft projects would be the primary use, but I would like something suitable for simple home improvement type projects as well.

A Dremel seems to be the best choice – what kind and model? Does a basic model come with the attachments I’d want? Or are there accessory packs? Or would I buy the parts I want separately?

Dusty answers:

I have a Dremel Model 370-5 that I have had for several years. That I am more than pleased with. I don’t know if they still make this model or not but the main thing (for me) is to get the variable speed. I have used both kinds of Dremels and I always go for the variable speed. You just have more control over your tool that way instead of accepting a minimum low speed or maximum high speed that you have with the non variable type. It should come with a few basic accessories but you will probably have to buy an kit to get what you need. Buying them separately can become very expensive as you will find out. There is now an oscillating multifunction power tool that I have seen advertised but I have no experience with that tool. Not exactly sure what kind of usage you had in mind but for me the Dremel is all I need. Hope this helps you.

Joseph asks…

What kind of materials work well for inlays on a curved wooden surface?

I’m just now beginning to experiment with inlays onto/into wood.

I’m still a bit clueless as to the process. Does this make sense: carve out my design with a dremel tool; use a colored epoxy clay, perhaps add some kind of texture agent (saw dust, perhaps a complementary color of craft store sand.). Place epoxy in the groove, sand and finish.

I’m doing this on various woods that are all roughly conical (I’m actually making a version of the didgeridoo!).

I feel as if I’m missing something — that it could look much cooler if I did something different.

AM I missing something? ANY wisdom on inlaying to wood would be appreciated!!


Dusty answers:

You might want to check out using polymer clay as your inlays in the curved wood surfaces. (Polymer clay comes in various brands and lines, most of which come in premixed colors but some are only one color).

It can be inlaid as *prebaked* chips or bits of small sheets, or it can be inlaid while it’s *raw* then cured right in the wood with a heat gun if it’s too big to go into the oven,etc (held a certain distance away, for 10 min or so depending on the thickness of the clay). Polymer clay doesn’t shrink appreciably like many other clays will, unless it’s in large thin sheets, and it can be colored endlessly, shaped easily, and have all kinds of patterns created in it or metallic effects put on its surface, etc., etc.

Here are some examples of polymer clay being used in wood objects with depressions:
Cynthia Tinapple’s bowls and drum with inlays (several bowls, one with Balinese Filigree clay pattern) (+ lesson) (with inlay of “dot slice” from clay gun) (drum)
…Cynthia’s stairs with inlaid raw polymer along the edge (short, border, “railing”)… Cured with heat gun

….Cynthia put a strip of textured clay on her DH’s 4′ tall poplar chest, between drawers (also added clay handles)

Bonnie Bishoff’s disks of patterned baked clay into the top of a wooden stool … And a wood chair back and

If you want more info about polymer clay, or about using it as inlays or even as whole veneers, check out my site (this is the Table of Contents page):

……and check out these pages in particular for this use:
–Covering > Veneers
—–and Covering > Wood if you want to put the wood and raw clay in the oven together
–Fauxs-Turq.&Wood > Wood > Parquet (if you want to actually create the inlays from faux wood made with polymer clay, as well)

HTH, and have fun!

Diane B.

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