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Woodshop Tour

I will take a tour of my workshop or woodshop where i do my woodworking and turning. A video to show that you dont need a massive space to start woodworking and you can fit a lot of woodworking and woodturning tools into a small space if you use some space saving tricks or inginuity. May give you a few ideas on how to best use your space to create the most efficent workshop or woodshop in this woodshop / workshop I show my tablesaw mitresaw router table workbench thicknesser or thickness planer jointer dust extractor power tools jigsaw beltsander computer drill press bandsaw etc. which are in my woodshop / workshop. Use the workshop space as well as you can and create the most effiecent and dust free workshop / woodshop possible! Wood work shop turning turner woodturning shed funny project projects alex harris teenwoodworker
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