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Square Check for Tape Measures

Learn more: This simple accessory prevents your tape measure from slipping off the corner while measuring diagonals. The 90° inside corner securely straddles any outside corner, and rotates 360° to accomodate any rectangular object. It attaches easily to your tape with a single, powerful rare earth magnet. Use it while assembling drawers for a perfectly square batch. Also great for cases, frames and more. Slot for tape hook measures 1-1/8″ wide. Made of durable plastic.
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Martin Doyle’s Modified Square

Watch as Martin Doyle, Inventor of the patented “Modified Square” — — demonstrates his tool. Great for anyone who measures — from scrapbookers to hobbyists to steel fabricators. See Martin measure, mark, draw lines and square work points in one step. Great for marking for stair stringers, notch-outs and stair spindles. Layout 3-points of centering. Measure heights and depths. Square around an edge. Transfer work positions from nearside to farside. Zero/zero center finding… and more!
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Save 70% layout time with this tool! (Universal Square)

D-Unique Tools, Inc. is based in Oakland, California. We manufacture and distribute the Universal Square, a carpentry tool that saves 70% layout time. Our mission is to provide quality, reliable, and innovative products to consumers. Some features are: Transfers anchor bolt locations (2×4) to a still plate without using a tape measure. Will hold chalkline and tape measure to aid in laying out. Simplifies the seat cut. Has two pivot points for rafters and angles. Exact width of a 2×4. Squares windows and doors. Scribes half of a 2×4. Saw guide for circular saw. Designed for all conventional lumber Check out our website Universal Square 30 sec commercial. Copyright D-Unique tools 2007

Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Laura asks…

What tools do carpenters use to make cabinets, floors, and roofs?

Dusty answers:

Well for roofs and floors (i am going to assume you are a talking about framing) you’ll need:

Tape measure
Saws (both power and hand)

nail guns
utility knife
cats paw
and large nail set

As far as cabinets:
everything above plus
Table saw
mitre saw
face frame system
etc. . . .

Lets put it this way, I have over $30K invested in my operation (plus the truck)

David asks…

What are the main 3 tools?

What are the main 3 tools every carpenter should have?
out of 8 answers:

Hammer is 1 of the 3

You just maybe surprised what the other 2 is.
I will give the correct answer when resolved and why.
(hint) think humor!

Dusty answers:


Chris asks…

from where can i purchase carpenter router in mumbai?

I am retd and interested in craftsmanship. It does need some facility like routers and carpenter‘s tools. I wish to know from where can I purchase these tools in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai? Even used one ir second also will do for me. Dr. natvar

Dusty answers:


Hitachi has a Bombay Office and sells routers. Please get the address from Website above.

Lizzie asks…

what is that triangle shape tool a carpenter uses . it is some kind of square and how on earth does it work?

this tool is a triangle tool that has measurements in inches and centimeters and they say you can find the pitch of a roof with it and many other extroidinary things .how do you use this tool.
I really appreciate everyonesperfect answer, however it seems I didn’t describe it right. It’s not a steel square or rafter square. This is a small triangle used sometimes like a combination square.

Dusty answers:

It is called carpenter’s square, also known as a steel, framing, or rafter square.
It used to be the case that carpenters didn’t know much mathematics beyond the ability to read a tape measure and do simple computations.
To draw small circles they may have used a compass but for larger circles they may have used their carpenter’s square

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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Sandra asks…

what are the best tools (let’s just say top ten) tools for any beginning carpenter to have?

Dusty answers:

smooth faced hammer
chisel set
cordless drill/driver
circular saw
narrow crown stapler

Ruth asks…

name five tools a carpenter would use?????

Dusty answers:

hand saw
screw drivers or screw gun
tape measure or laser measure
box cutters
tool belt

Robert asks…

What tools do you need to be a carpenter?

Dusty answers:

Only a chainsaw. And little tools buy later

Mary asks…

What tools did carpenters use in the 1800′s?

I have an assignment on the history and technology to do with bikes from the 1800′s until now.
I need to know what tools carpenters used before technology had advanced, and the materials that were used to build bikes over 100 years ago.
Thankyou :)

Dusty answers:

They had a hand saw. Drills. Handkerchiefs. Nails were expensive. If they tore down an old house they would save the nails for the new house. Bikes weren’t that popular in the 1800′s but harley davidson has been making motorcycles since 1903.

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Some of the tools used in carpentry include the handsaw, tape measure, speed square and hammer. Be a prepared carpenter with a toolbox filled with screwdrivers, a skill saw and palm sander with advice from ahome repair specialist and remodeling contractor in this free video on home improvement. Expert: Tim Gipson Contact: Bio: Tim Gipson is a home repair specialist and remodeling contractor in Franklin, Tenn. Filmmaker: Tim Brown
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High-quality tools for woodworking are always going to provide better results than cheaper tools, and they are usually more durable. Discover the importance of a quality tape measure withhelp from an independent contractor and carpenter in this free video on woodworking tools. Expert: Jeremiah Fox Bio: Jeremiah Fox is an independent contractor, carpenter and handyman with over 20 years of experience in home repair and remodeling. Filmmaker: Steve Anthony
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Wallpaper Tools

The wallpaper tools you use can make the difference between a first class job and a disaster. Tim Carter shows the basic wallpaper tools he uses to hang wallpaper -a tape measure, razor knife, several metal knife blades, levels, a smoothing brush or plastic smoothing tool and a large sponge. With the right wallpaper tools, you’ll have no problem getting the results you want.
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Chris asks…

Where is the best place to buy used Woodworking tools to start my own business…hand or power?

Dusty answers:

Try estate Sales. Widows unload their husband’s tools quite cheaply.
That is how my spouse outfitted his shop

Mary asks…

What woodworking tools that is use to measure and also be used as testing tools? Can u name at least 3 of them

Dusty answers:

Table saw(rip fence)

Skill saw(depth setting)

Drill bit (indexed set)

Tape measure



Hope 3 of these match what you are looking for

Betty asks…

what are the following woodworking tools?

1)is one of the oldest woodworking machines used for shaping, sanding or polishing

2) is used for reducing stocks and roughing out cylinders and in turning concave surfaces on spindle

3) are used for supporting the work when turning between centres

4)a flat scraping chisel used for making v-cuts

5) a flat metal for mounting the work

Dusty answers:

1) A wood lathe
2) A gouge
3) The headstock and tailstock or spur and live or dead center
4) Scew chisel
5) Base plate

Nancy asks…

What are use of holding tools in woodworking?

help pls.?

Dusty answers:

Holding tools such as table clamps and vises are to secure the wood to a surface so that you can perform work safely. If you were trying to cut a loose board with a power saw that is unsecured, you risk the chance of it shooting away from you injuring someone else, the board jumping up and down causing damage to your workpiece or tool, or chance of a tool slipping and you becoming injured or killed.

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