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Make sure you watch Episode 4.0 First In the next couple of videos we went over the 15 minute time limit. We will split these videos into two parts, Example Part 3.0 and Part 3.5 Part 4.5 of a Minecraft Survival Multiplayer lets play with BOBZY (Carlton) and Me (NITRO-Ben). In this episode we make some home improvements, I catch on fire and we collect some wood. Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos!
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Woodworking — Woodworking Woodworking is a hobby that everyone all over the world can create their own. There’s no limit of your woodworking plan. The only limit is your imagination. Start from small folding book rack to birdhouses. From toy to furniture. All you can create by your own. A great woodworking project start with great plan. You have to know the tools and equipment you need to complete your project. Safety is also important factor in woodworking. Knowing the different type of wood will help you identify the limitation of each type of wood in creating a project. Get creative and surprise your lovely one with your own woodworking creation. It’s fun, it’s save your money, and even it can create business opportunity if you want to. To learn more about Woodworking, please
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