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Drawing/Coloring Lia and Mimi (childish style)

Photo: sophie– —–Message to my lovely viewers :D —– Thank you for your ongoing support, Sorry if I don’t reply to your comments and messages but I read all of them. There were few points that I would like to express in response to some of the questions: 1- Why do you mostly draw faces in YouTube? Simply, the answer is, I like it. The paper you see in this video is my only chance to draw whatever I feel like. Unlike my manga, I’m bounded by the storyline, and by the quality of work and style itself. What I do in my spare time for YouTube is what I really enjoy doing. 2- When is your Manga released? I’m honored to have fans before publishing my manga, that’s what keeps me working even harder to bring up my manga to the top publishing companies out there. I will finish my manga by Feb 7, 2013 I will post the first chapter of my manga soon in Youtube! I hope you understand that, I’m just like you, striving to improve my skills. Whatever I do, will not make me superior over any of you because in the end, we are all making our same wish come true, which is becoming a manga/Comic creators! Thank you for reading So This drawing will be sent to my contest winner. Results are ready, I’m working on the video. Sorry it took some time. ( it’ really hard working on vacations, if you’re not home T_T) Hope you like this one :) FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Music : “windswept by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons

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