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How to Fix a Boat

This is Roy Frazer FIXING A BOAT! Now you know how to fix a boat. And knowledge is power!

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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Richard asks…

Separating with fiancé do you think it’s right to ask him to repay me?

My fiancé of 5 years and I are separating we have 2 children a 4 month old and a 19 month old I received a compensation payout 4 years ago when we were dating and I used 145000 of it as a deposit on our home which we sold we ended up getting 100000 back and last year I compromised and spent 10000 on my car and 30000 on his as he is a carpenter and was setting up to be self employed u also spent about 15000 for his trailer and tools I had also previously paid out his 12000 and 10000 car loans he has just started being self employed but now we are separating and part of me feels as though he should repay some of this as he will no longer be supporting us and has a great car and all his tools for work and no loan where most people would when I have an average car and no longer any savings as I invested pretty much all of it in him :( do you think I am horrible as I intend to ask him to repay 200 a fortnight over the next 4 years so that he eventually repays me 20000? I would like to put 5000 in a trust account for each of our children and have 10000 to be saved so I can hopefully look at buying a home down the track when I can start/finish uni and stet working again. Please if you feel it’s not right do not be hurtful emotionally I can’t handle it I would just like some constructive advice thanks in advance :)

Denny answers:

It wouldn’t hurt to ask/seek repayment. But let it be a lesson to you to not ever do something like that again, unless of course you are married and will be entitled half of it anyways ;) Good luck hun.

Donald asks…

Why didn’t Jesus do this?????

Many Christians on here have said that Jesus and God are the same spirit, the same thing. If this is the case, then Jesus was all knowing, and all powerful. From what I understand, the Bible supports this because of the miracles he preforms, along with the knowledge of the people around him and his own death.

I would then have to imagine a God like this, that is walking Earth to save souls and better people’s lives, wouldn’t do it a the extremely small way that he did.

Why didn’t Jesus not only speak of God, and how to live your life through God, teach us some things about Math, Science, Culture. Why didn’t he teach knowledge to the farmers, teach them new ideas of farming, new tools. Why not teach them the REAL world on which they lived? He was a carpenter right? Why not teach people to build easy buildings with structures that could only be destroyed by God with the materials at hand? Why not teach them things in medicine or health like bacteria. Certainly he could have told them not to go to the bathroom in the rivers they drank from.Overall, why not give them practical things besides a religious belief to help better their lives.

I just think that if peoples’ lives were better in those aspects, they would be happier, less likely to sin, and therefore more people would go to God for eternity. Why not do that for every single person? He had the power, the knowledge.

Help the world and give everyone an equal chance, or spit in people’s eyes one face at a time? I just don’t understand.

Denny answers:

His purpose was to further His Fathers Kingdom, not mankind’s.

Ken asks…

Building an electric guitar in wood shop?

I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to make a guitar in high school wood shop. I’m just talking about the basic components not all electronics or paint job. Do you think it’s possible in one semester? Do you suggest avoiding it all together to prevent enormous failure? haha. Please help. My dad is a carpenter and I help out all of the time so I know quite a bit about construction and tools if that’s any advantage. I want to make my own Les Paul right now because I won’t be able to afford my own Gibby until after this summer of working, I don’t need any information on how to build one, just how long it would take.

Denny answers:

Took me 6 months

Sharon asks…

How Do i Get all the mexicans standing outside oF Homedepot deported?

Im A carpenter and have had a hard time looking for work do to the fact that a guy from homedepot will do the work for less than Half. He doesnt have a mortgage, car payment, taxes taken out of his check, he doesnt have to show up to work every day because he just shows up when he wants work, He doesnt have to maintain a s#it load of tools, people are willing to give theese guys a screwdriver and a hammer for the day..Because of those beaners @ Home Depot i have to sell myself for less or collect unemployment.

My solution to this problem is Get the illegals @ home depot deported so that people will have to pay full wages for professional work..They dont even know what a 2×4 is…and their building houses out here …all their work is as illegal as they are and im sick of it… so please tell me how do i kick theese mother phuckers out..

Denny answers:

Just yell out the migra is coming !!!

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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Chris asks…

Would you pay for baby-proofing or baby-proofing advice?

Friends have encouraged me to offer my services as a baby-proofing consultant, and/or full service installer. I have knowledge of many aspects of child safety including, car, household, pool… I also am a carpenter, so I have the skill and tools to do a professional job.

Before going to far I thought it would be nice to know if this is a service people would want, or would have used if it had been available to them.

Thanks for your advice,


Dusty answers:

Go for it. Just be realistic when it comes to pricing. I know many people who would pay for that. Its a great idea. You could offer a small discount to single mothers. And obligation-free quotes should be free when it comes to things like that. If not a small fee.

I think it is a wonderful idea. I do not know of any of these services in my area

James asks…

Did the Christ create Heaven, Earth, Adam and Eve, and all that is seen and unseen? Christ the Father’s tool?

When the Nicene Creed says “through him (Christ) all things were made” does this mean the Christ was like a carpenter‘s tools or that the Christ actually made the heavens and earth and Adam and Eve and all that is seen and unseen? Did Christ or the Father invent all the human words and languages?

Dusty answers:

“Let US make man in OUR image, in OUR likeness..” is the starting point for realising God the Creator was not working alone. The Trinune God, unsurprisingly, involved all the Persons of the Godhead in creation. The Holy Spirit was at work right from verse one of Genesis chapter one. The Son was at work with his Father, as Isaiah shows:

“I am the Lord [Jehovah - the Father] who has made all things, who ALONE stretched out the heavens, who spread out the earth BY MYSELF… I made the earth and created mankind upon it. My own hands stretched out the heavens” (Isa 44:24-45:12). But, amazingly, the Bible says of JESUS that “by him all things were created, things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together” (Col 1:15-20). To simultaneously have all things “created BY him and FOR him” only makes sense when the triune Godhead is seen to be at work. That is why Isaiah is not contradicted by Paul here. Jesus is not God’s right-hand-man; he IS God’s right hand!

Susan asks…

i need vocabulary help?

i have three sentences that i need to match up.
can anyone please help me do that??


We were fascinated to see the consummate skill and grace with which the _____ hands of the old carpenter manipulated his tools.

Wasn’t it rather____ of you to offer the soccer coach advice on your very first day as a candidate for the team?

Far from being _______, the director’s casting choices were based on a solid appreciation of each actor’s abilities and limitation.
thank you so much!!!

Dusty answers:

1st: gnarled
2nd: brash
3rd: omnipotent

Laura asks…

I am currently pregnant with my second child. My first is 7 years old and I want him to have a special gift?

for being a new big brother. Any suggestions? I have seen a cute little “big brother tool kit” with mini shampoos and lotions and bath toys and stuff in a little carpenters belt, which I am going to get, but I didnt know if anyone else had any ideas?

Dusty answers:

That tool belt sounds great! I also made my daughter a t-shirt with puff paint that said “I am the Big Sister” she wore it to the hospital when I had my daughter. It was really cute and we had fun making it!


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