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How I Curl My Hair!

CURLING IRON! 1 inch Hot Tools Curling Iron My Website! : Direct Link to my Fashion Blog!! Come check out my beauty page for quotes & love! http Come say hi !!! I love tweeting! Instagram: @CarliBel @TheFashionBybel – My Fashion Page for OOTD
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With the next-generation iPhone’s announcement and release approaching for next month, one of the most present rumors is a larger, nearly-four inch display. A larger iPhone display has always been at the top of many iPhone user wish-lists, and it appears that the next iPhone will fulfill that. Back in mid-May, we reported that the next-generation iPhone would feature a taller display that comes in at 3.999 inches diagonally with a resolution of 640 x 1136. At this resolution, Apple would be retaining the current horizontal length of the iPhone display, and only increasing the height. This taller display information was soon affirmed when we posted the first photos of purported next-generation iPhone parts. These parts demonstrated this taller screen with the same horizontal length. We soon heard from sources that a few of the next-generation iPhones in testing within Apple feature a display that matches the parts. These next-generation iPhones with taller displays feature a home screen that scales to five rows of icons, according to sources. The current 3.5-inch iPhone displays feature four rows of icons. The user-interfaces of Apple’s included applications were also said to be tweaked to take advantage of the taller screen area. Today, we have found more proof that Apple is at least testing next-generation iPhone displays that are taller. In fact, iOS 6 is completely scaleable to a taller display. Read on for all of the details and screenshots: Thanks to some tweaks to
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Students will learn fundamental skills using a variety of wood sizes and numerous tools of the trade. They will create projects ranging from simple, to complete layout an dconstruction of a residential property. The ability to read complex blueprints and measuring to within a tolerance of + or – 1/16th of an inch is required. In this cours the students will use handsaws, power saws, hammers, vises, screwdrivers, pliers, routers, drill presses, and a variety of unmentioned hand and power tools applicable to the trade. At the end of the program, a students job readiness and master of skils will be meansured based on testin and standards of the National Assessment Institute.
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Trend Lock Jig at

Jig for cutting door lock recesses with a router. This jig uses a set of interchangeable templates & with a router will cut the mortise & face-plate recess for popular door locks. For most common sash mortises & dead locks, with up to 3 inch deep mortises & a 7/8 inch or 1inch face-plate. Deeper mortises can be achieved with a suitable size of auger bit.

Rockler’s Magnet Micro Adjuster

Learn more: With the Micro Adjuster, no tools or alterations to your table saw are necessary – powerful rare earth magnets hold it securely to your saw’s existing front fence rail. Once in place, a simple turn of the handle lets you dial-in the perfect fence position, to within thousandths of an inch and less.
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Home Repair & Power Tools : Learning to Read a Tape Measure

Tape measures come in many different colors and sizes, but they all use inch and foot increments. Discover how tape measures use red numbers every 16 inches to note the distance between studs with help from an independent contractor and carpenter in this free video on tape measures. Expert: Jeremiah Fox Bio: Jeremiah Fox is an independent contractor, carpenter and handyman with over 20 years of experience in home repair and remodeling. Filmmaker: Steve Anthony
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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Joseph asks…

We know Jimmy Carter was better than Reagan, but was he better than Jesus?

Jimmy Carter is a man of Jesus. In fact, he is better than Jesus because he does not lie to people. Jesus is well known to have boasted to be a carpenter. Funny thing about Jesus is that there is not one story in the Bible that says he was a carpenter. Not one. Zero. Zilch. Jimmy Carter builds houses with his bare hands for people in need. There is not any evidence in the Bible that Jesus built any thing, not even hanging a shelf or building a dollhouse. Carter is a man that knows his way around tools, clearly a skilled builder familiar on how to use a hammer and nails. Jesus was a man that lied to people; he clearly wanted to be his dad Joseph who actually was a carpenter. Sadly, the only exposure Jesus had to a hammer and nails was at the end of his life when the Romans were driving nails through his body on the cross. The irony of it all is that is this is probably the moment Christ learned how a hammer worked.

Denny answers:

Ha ha. Funny story.

Susan asks…

Are these the right tiling supplies for my bathtub surround?

Hey guys, finally did some research and went ahead and bought all my supplies from my local Lowe’s. Before I went ahead and started tiling my bathtub surround, I figured I would at least list out my tools and materials in case there is anything I bought that I shouldn’t use or if there is something major that I am missing since this is my very first time tiling (sorry for the long post). I appreciate your help greatly. If you don’t mind I’m going to list them out for you to see and if anyone has any suggestions, feel free. The area I will be tiling is about 70 square feet.

I do have 2 quick questions about cement board as well. I have heard some people use silicone in between all the joints of the cement board, then use the cb tape and thinset over the silicone to improve moisture containment. Is this okay to do?

Also, when putting up my cbu’s, do I put them in front of my tub flange and have them sit 1/4 inch above the tub by using 1/4 inch shims? The purpose of this is to then silicone the 1/4 inch gap, which will allow for tub expansion. Or do I have the cbu’s sit directly on top of the flange, but then let the tile hang lower towards the tub with 1/4 inch gap? I have heard both and don’t know which one is better or more recommended.

But anyways, here are the supplies. This should be my last post until I finish (unless I run into problems), then I’ll post pics of the end result

1) Whitish tile with some beige (about $1.49 per tile). They are porcelain (called capri classic) and are 12 x 12. Also got the decorative trim porcelain 4 X 12′s to go across the tiles horizontally at one point to make the tiles “pop out.”

2) 14 inch monocottura tile cutter by QEP with a titanium coated carbide cutting wheel.

3) 7 inch wet tile saw by QEP. Has 2 diamond blades. Does not list porcelain as a material it cuts (lists ceramic, marble, slate, and other masonry materials as what it can cut) but I talked to a carpenter that said it would work fine but I may need to change the blade more regularly.

4) Dupont Grout sealer – 1 quart. Covers up to 250 linear feet.

5) Heavy Duty Grouting sponge

6)3/16 inch spacers by Precision Components – 100 of them

7)1/4 inch by 3/8 inch by 1/4 inch Square notched floor trowel

8)9 and 1/2 inch by 4 inch molded rubber grout float

9) 25 pound bag of Mapei Keracolor S Sanded Grout with Polymer for joints 1/8 inch to 5/8 inch. It is pewter colored and it meets or exceeds ANSI A118.6 industry standards.

10) 50 pound bag of Mapei Ultraflex 2 Tile Mortar with Polymer. It is white in color. It meets or exceeds ANSI A118.4 and ANSI A118.11 industry standards.

11) I also have 5 diamond discs for my dremel tool to make some small cuts in the tile if needed. I have heard people use them for hole saws, but there is a process behind that which I would like to try.

12) A couple 3×5 Durock cement boards

13) Alkali Resistant Joint tape for my CB joints

14) I will use my ultraflex 2 thinset as the compound for going over the joint tapes in the durock

15) I did not buy a grout application tool, but I do have a small paint brush that I would like to try for this purpose.

16) A small mixer tool for my thinset that fits in my 3/8 corded drill.

17) Small bucket for mixing

Okay thanks guys for your help, let me know what you think of the supplies and if you have an opinion on my cbu questions at the top, feel free to comment. Take care

Denny answers:

Plastic sheeting for a vapor barrier behind your cement board.
No you don t have to caulk joints or between the cement board and tub. If the CB is over and beyond the tub lip water won t flow up and over the lip.
Your using sanded grout and with the size of tile you have 10# may be enough and 1-50 # thin set may not be enough. All that depends on the square foot your covering with tile.
You said yours is a rubber float . For sanded grout you ll need a hard rubber float. Soft rubber is for un sanded grout.
Don t use a 3/8# drill for thin set. You ll burn it up. Borrow a 1/2″ drill or mix by hand with a margin trowel. You ll need a margin trowel to mix the grout. Using a speed mixer in grout you can trap air and weaken the grout.
Between the hand cutter and the few wet saw cuts needed that small wet saw will be fine.
Do you want soap and or shampoo shelves? These are very handy and come in many sizes and styles.
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there.
Plus I ve done 100s of tub surrounds. GL

Richard asks…

Help with Geometry question?

A carpenters square is an L shaped tool used to draw right angles. You need to cut a circular piece of wood into two semicircles. How can you use a carpenters square to draw a carpenters square to draw a diameter on the circular piece of wood.

Denny answers:

Drag the carpenters tool across the edge of the circle. When you find the spot that the measurement across the center is the longest thats the diameter

Daniel asks…

what is procedure when car is clamped for no tax in England?

My hubbys friend had his van clamped by DVLA for no tax.He is carpenter & after being unexpectedly laid off had no ready money to renew car tax so parked it on road by his home intending to tax within days. He knows & accepts this was wrong but felt no point in getting it SORN as every intention to tax back to 1st of the month anyway. He was alarmed to find the car had been clamped & promptly bought tax for it. However when he returned to put it on windscreen the van had been towed away with all his work tools inside. Can anyone advise where he stands about getting his van & his tools back. How much is it likely to cost & can he get his tools back if he cannot afford to pay all fees immediately? These tools are his livelyhood, if fees/fine are exorbetant, without his tools he cannot work to earn money to pay the fees? Helpful answers only please, remember we can all have sudden unfortunate financial circumstances thrust apon us at times & he did not actually drive the van without tax.

Denny answers:

You are allowed to retrieve personal items from the vehicle.

There will be a fee for the towing and a daily fee for each day it is in the compound (both subject to VAT)

As he now has a tax disc, the vehicle can be released when the fees are paid. Obviously he wants to do this before more daily fees are added.

If he doesn’t pay the fees the vehicle will be scrapped.

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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

John asks…

where can i get cheap woodworking tools?

Dusty answers:

Good quality tools are not going to be cheap if you buy them new. You might find some good quality used ones at pawn shops, yard sales or flea markets.

George asks…

Buying Woodworking Tools?

Could anybody point me in the right direction with regards to building a workshop. I would like to know which tools I should buy first e.g. a table saw, band saw, etc.

Dusty answers:

Well, this will depend a lot on exactly what you intend to do. And, knowing exactly what you are going to do is not possible, because once you try something else, you need tools for it. For a general wood shop, Id suggest these, in this order,a) 10 inch Tablesaw, contractor style, or cabinet saw, NOT a benchtop model.b) Equally important is a good quality blade for that saw, a combination blade will get you started, look to a freud or forrest blade.c) A miter saw, sliding compound miter is best, check out the Makita LS1013, or Hitachi also makes a good one (and again, another good blade is important). D)Router with 1/2 inch collet, bits to go with it,and if you can afford it, a table mounted router is priceless. E) a bandsaw, Jet Delta and Grizzly all make good ones in the 14 inch models.f)A planer (I have a Ridgid 13 inch planer, its a workhorse).g) a drillpress.h)a good scroll saw, stay away from any of the ones under $200, I really like Dewalt.i)a wood lathe, youll be amazed at the fun this tool will be. J) a disc sander, 12 inch would be nice, and if you can afford it, a combination belt/disc sander is even better,k) a jointer, stay away from benchtop models.l)a thickness sander, the Performax is great. Many of those tools need some type of dust collection, so a dust collector should be one of the top priorities as well.
Some necessities I didnt mention are equally important, like clamps, you never can have to many of them,a good square, straightedge,and tape measure, hand tools like drills, sanders,etc. Most important…. A pair of safety glasses, good old fashioned common sense, and all the other necessary PPE.

Susan asks…

has anyone heard of Reliant woodworking tools? Looking for an owners manual thanx?

Dusty answers:


hope this helps!

Mandy asks…

Hand tools or power tools when learning woodworking?

I am new at making furniture and the books ask that we learn the basic skills by hand but I am finding hand tools to be – on the one hand pure and true to the origins of the craft – but on the other hand – very hard to learn to use comfortable – I am ruining a lot of nice stock and its neatly cut edges and surfaces with my tools – is it worth persisting or is woodwork the realm of power tools now?

Dusty answers:

It will take time to become a good carpenter with either one. Mistakes are part of it. I have told apprentices that any damn fool can do it right the first time but it takes a real craftsman to screw it up and then make it look good. Just don’t get in too big of a hurry. Try what you want to do on some scrap a cheaper stock until you are comfortable with it. Good luck to ya.

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Jet Wood Lathe.wmv

Jet Wood Lathe is designed to take on projects both large and small with its 16-inch swing and 42-inch capacity, it has a heavy-duty, cast-iron bed to ensure long-term accuracy and smooth operation. Plus, Jet has Variable speed control to ease matching the tool speed to a wide variety of turning applications The leg sets are also made of sturdy cast iron and feature widely spaced feet with adjustable pads to maintain a solid, secure stance, even on uneven surfaces. The legs make the Jet Wood Lathe’s spindle (center) height a comfortable 44.5 inches above the floor.

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