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Woodworking — Woodworking Woodworking is a hobby that everyone all over the world can create their own. There’s no limit of your woodworking plan. The only limit is your imagination. Start from small folding book rack to birdhouses. From toy to furniture. All you can create by your own. A great woodworking project start with great plan. You have to know the tools and equipment you need to complete your project. Safety is also important factor in woodworking. Knowing the different type of wood will help you identify the limitation of each type of wood in creating a project. Get creative and surprise your lovely one with your own woodworking creation. It’s fun, it’s save your money, and even it can create business opportunity if you want to. To learn more about Woodworking, please
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Sharon asks…

Is it ok to run multiple power tools off of a power strip?

I have two wall outlets in my garage that are old and not grounded. The outlet for my garage door opener is grounded, and the opener is the only thing on a 20 amp circuit. Can I run a power strip (or two) off the garage door opener outlet? I will be the only one working in the shop so tools will only be used one at a time. Will a strip with a built in circuit breaker keep me from overloading the house circuit? I am looking to do a little woodworking but don’t have the funds to do multiple outlets off of a sub panel. Any advice would be appreciated!

Dusty answers:

Rather than a power strip I would just get a 25′ heavy duty extension cord with a triplex outlet installed on the end (it’s a fan shaped rubber attachment with slots for 3 plugs on it). Your circuit breaker will trip if you overload anyway. We do it on construction sites all the time and the long cord gives you more flexibility in placement than the 6′ or less cords on the average power strip. Power strips are really more designed for electronic than motor loads and their built-in circuit breakers can be overly touchy. Power tool motors develop a current spike on start up that a regular breaker or time delay fuse will withstand but you may get a lot of nuisance tripping on a power strip.

The only other caution I would mention is whether your garage door outlet is GFI protected, either by having a GFI outlet or being on a GFI breaker. I would recommend using only GFI outlets for power tools when you are working in a garage. You are essentially grounded by standing on concrete. If you don’t have GFI you can buy the extension cord with multiple outlets AND a GFi protector built in.

John asks…

Opinion on Hobbies (Woodworking vs. Sewing)?

I am thinking about taking up a new hobby. I enjoy creating things (especially useful things for the home,) and have more skill fallowing procedures than having to create without using guidelines or tools. I was wondering if anyone had any hobby suggestions. I have been seriously considering sewing and woodworking, and would like anyone’s opinion on the two hobbies, their costs, how easy it is to learn, how useful the hobbies is, how easy it is to find instruction in the hobby, and any other details you think useful.
Thank you very, very much for your time and help.

Dusty answers:

I am going to recommend sewing for you because it is much cheaper to get into. Wood is very expensive and so are the machines. You need a table saw, router and bits, squares, rulers, glues, nailers, drill and drill bits. The list goes on. For sewing all you need is a sewing machine, needles, iron and ironing board, a cutting board, a pattern and some thing to mark on the fabric and pins. Fabric is not as expensive and most women enjoy picking out buttons and stuff. Sewing also takes less space. Wood working needs at least a garage. My mom sews and I know how to wood work and sewing is definitely cheaper. Both are good but for a hobby I would go the sewing route.

Paul asks…

Where do I go to have a chair leg duplicated or replaced?

I’ve been looking up woodworking online but cant come up with a place to go to. It’s a simple wooden chair leg but if I let my boyfriend do it himself, he could get hurt using the wrong tools. What type of business would be willing to duplicate it or make 2 new ones?

Dusty answers:

Out her in the country we just go to the wood shop, they make doors windows lawn furniture, curios, dressers what ever you want out of wood

Mandy asks…

I’m an artist and I do a lot with bent silverware…..I need woodworking help?

I want to take a fork or a sppon and put it through a piece of wood. What tool can i use to just make a little slit in the wood so that i can stick the end of the fork or spon through to make it look clean? I was thinking I could just put a router saw blade down through the wood….would this work? Thanks

Dusty answers:

Purchase a Dremel and the router base accessory for it. Then use a thin bit in it to make the slit. The router base gives you more control for precise cuts.

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Get started in woodworking. Beginning woodworking: tools you’ll need.

This is a video to encourage people interested in woodworking to go ahead and get started in the hobby. Don’t be dismayed by woodworkers with their high-end tools and techniques. You don’t need a lot of fancy tools or space to set up a basic shop. With a small amount of money you can make a lot of practical projects.
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Your Questions About Carpentry Tools

Paul asks…

What is the best brand of cordless power tools?

I’ve been thinking about buying a set of power tools to use in carpentry applications (Im tired of borrowing my grandfathers). I’m in the process of remodeling my home and need a circular saw, a drill/screwgun and a recipricating saw. I saw the Milwaukee V28 set and it looks like just what I need. My grandfather who is a very experienced carpender tells me Milwaukee is a very good brand. Tell me what you think…..thanx.

Dusty answers:

Milwaukee V28 tool kit is very good (my brother has them-I use them) They are, however, not cheap – $600 (at for drill, sawzall (recipricating saw) circular saw, drill and flash light. The V28 batteries are Lithium Ion, (the same type as laptops have) and last a long time, so unless you are doing a lot of work they probably will last all day. If you go with 18 volt nicad kit with the same tools in Milwaukee, it costs about $480, lithium Ion 18 volt $455. However, I have heard bad reviews of the 18 volt nicad Milwaukee batteries, although I have the 18 volt nicad drill, and haven’t had any problem with the batteries.

Other brands: Dewalt. Dewalt makes a 36 volt lithium Ion kit, about $800 at Amazon, however, replacement batteries are expensive, $130 compared to $95 for Milwaukee V28. Bottem line: maybe Dewalt 36 volt price will go down, but for now, between the two of them I would go with Milwaukee.

Other brands to consider: Makita makes a 18 volt lithium ion kit, light, compact, powerfull, $520 at Amazon for drill, impact driver, flashlight and circular saw. A good buy. Bosch makes an 18 volt nicad kit: $500 for drill, recipricating saw, circular saw and flashlight. Dewalt also makes an 18 volt nicad kit:$480 for same equipment as Bosch. All these are good buys, any of them would be fine.

Also, not recomended unless you are doing very little work Ryobi, $250-$350 for same equipment as Dewalt and Bosch, however, very low quality, frustating to use, and short life time. Good for low useage.

Overall, go with the more expensive brands, and stay away from Rigid. Rigid is about as exspensive as the good brands and not as good. Best bets: Milwaukee, Dewalt, Bosch, Makita.

I hope that this helps you!

Sandy asks…

What happened to Noah’s carpentry tools, are they in a museum or something?

Dusty answers:

Maybe he left them in the ark, which never actually existed

James asks…

i have started a carpentry hobby i need power tools i don’t care for the price i just need to know wats best?

ok guys if you can help me i just want to know some brands of hand held power tools which are the best of the best as i said money is not a problem so if you could help me out it would be much appreciated :)

Dusty answers:

I have worked in the construction business for 30 years and so have used almost every brand of professional tool at the companies where I was employed. Plus I have bought my own tools that I use for remodelling my houses. For hobby carpentry I would recommend DeWalt as a reliable and reasonably priced brand. They often offer packages of several tools for a good price, like a drill, circular saw and grinder in one kit. Their cordless tools hold up really well and keep a charge. You may find that a Dewalt cordless drill plus a small circular saw is all you need for 90% of your projects. Stick with 18 volt ones rather than the 9 volt or 12 volt if you can find them. Always get the same voltage so the chargers and baterry packs are the same.

For hammer drills I prefer Hilti or Bosch but currently have a DeWalt that works fine (and if you are working in wood you don’t need one). For a reciprocating saw, I prefer Milwaukee, but I don’t imagine you would need one of them for hobby carpentry, either.

Doing small projects you are not going to beat up a tool like a professional craftsperson who uses it 40 or more hours a week, so don’t obsess about getting the “best”. The best for you is a reliable brand name that has a reasonable price and decent warranty. Spend extra money on the best saw blades and drill bits.

Avoid Black and Decker tools — in my experience they are junk, even the so-called “professional” lines. And the discount Chinese-made lines like Buffalo Tool and Harbor Freight are OK for some low-impact hand tools but I would not buy a power tool made by them. They don’t last and have poor torque.

Nancy asks…

How do I learn about hardware tools…?

I mean tools that men use for carpentry or auto-maintenance. How do I learn about different things like wrenches, rackets, different kinds of drills, nail guns, etc.?
A website or what?
Apparently all older guys are pros at this kind of stuff but I haven’t a clue so I need to learn. How?

Dusty answers:

The best way is to hook up with somebody who has and uses tools. You can’t learn how to use tools by reading about them. The only way to learn is by taking them in your hand. You will learn different purposes for each, as well as techniques for using them. I wish someone had shown me that when loosening a bolt on an engine, it becomes a “knuckle buster” when it breaks free.

You may need to work with a few different people. One may be a good mechanic, one may be a good carpenter, etc. If you’re lucky, you may know someone who is good at a variety of tasks. Hope this helps.

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Susan asks…

driving tools in woodworking?

used in woodworking only

Dusty answers:

Screw driver.
Hammer (will drive a nail into wood).

Driving tool is any tool which will push object into wood (or other material).

Lizzie asks…

Need old hand tools for woodworking—-?

I am looking for hand tools for my woodworking hobby. I need a wooden mallet, cooper’s adze and whatever I can find. Where can I find these used and usable, not for show or collecting? New ones are so expensive.

Dusty answers:

Good quality old ones are even more expensive and if not, the hard edge bonded to the softer strong metal may have been sharpened away.
In any case, go to big flea markets that have people with that kind of stuff – Canton Texas First Saturday Sale for example (not one where used video games are a feature) and be prepared for a lot of walking. If you see someone with old tools, tell them you are looking for basic woodworking tools in usable condition and they don’t need handles. They may pull stuff out or direct you to another vendor that has some. I got a couple of good cold chisels for free one time.

John asks…

what to use to clean pine sap from woodworking tools?

such as router (site window) bits and saw blades

Dusty answers:

You can buy special saw blade cleaner, which is expensive, or use an oven cleaner, which is not. Easy Off is a very similar product and is excellent at cleaning table saw blades and router bits. Let it soak in for a bit and then wipe off with a steel wool or a Scotch Brite pad.

For your router window, I’d use a specialty plexiglas cleaner even though it isn’t actually plexiglas, it’s polycarbonate. If you use an ammonia based product on it, it may cause cracks in it, so I’d use Sparkle (the purple stuff available at Ace) or the novus line of products which have scratch remover and cleaner. The novus would be good stuff to have around for all types of plastic items like guards and shields. I used it when I built museum exhibits for a lot of applications (I also saw what happens to acrylic when the wrong cleaners or applicators are used). If the window is too messed up, you should be able to get a new one from for a few dollars, too.

On other, nonplastic surfaces, lacquer thinner is pretty effective at dissolving sap, as is paint thinner or rubbing alcohol. Even hand sanitizer (active ingredient: rubbing alcohol) is an excellent cleaner for everything from liquid nails to Gorilla Glue.

Robert asks…

What is a good summer project for a 15 year old?

I’m 15 years old, and a hip injury has stopped me from doing sports for awhile. I was looking at this site called instructables for something to do, but most of the things there could be completed in a day or two. I have quite a bit of technical knowledge[using tools, woodworking, engines, etc] and I was wondering what would be a good challenging project. It needs to be kind of hard, otherwise it’s not fun. I was thinking about building one of those hovercrafts that go ten feet above the water, but I have no idea what that really requires. Let me know!

Dusty answers:

Not sure if you’re looking for hovercraft you can pilot, or just a RC (remote control) model. So, here’s the best link for the RC hovercraft:

and here’s the link for full size build it yourself hovercraft:

In any case, it sounds like fun. Enjoy.
BTW, I had a total hip joint replacement surgery on April 9th this year. Hope you don’t have to get that radical, but can assure you the results are worth it. I’ve had hip pain most of my life. This is the first time since I was 16yo that I can stand and walk without pain. I just turned 60 in March. I was up and walking within an hour of recovery from anethesia.

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Nancy asks…

Every year my son is scheduled for a shop class? Is this typical around the country?

When I was in school (about 15 years ago) all kids (boys and girls) were scheduled for shop class in one semester and home economics in the other semester. This gave balance to our education; learning about things that may not be part of our social gender experience.

I loved shop class! I learned how to use many woodworking tools I’ve never seen before. I loved learning how to spot weld and making useful things of both wood and metal.(art deco wall sconce, pegged shelf, step stool)

I can only guess the experience for boys was similar in home economics (cooking, sewing, budgeting and recycling)

Is it typical for schools to schedule kids for classes based on gender now? Sorry, but this seems a little @$$ backwards.

Dusty answers:

Where I am from, boys and girls are scheduled for both classes together.
I don’t think schools can make that determination based on sex. I mean that would really contradict a lot.

William asks…

Question for men about what to get a guy for chirstmas.?

My fiancee is a DIY type of person. He likes to create inventions, LOVES woodworking, and makes crafts. I want to get him some tools that would benefit TREMENDOUSLY in woodworking and regular DIY stuff. I don’t know where to begin, I am retarded when it comes to tools. I do not want to spend a ton but a reasonable amount I guess. What power tools and items do I need for him? He has literally NO tools…. i kid you not… just a pocket knife

Dusty answers:

I would suggest you head over to Home Depot, Lowes, or American Hardware. The maintenance guy at my job said that Dewalt has the best power tools while Black and Decker has the best hand tools. I hope this can help you at least somewhat.

John asks…

My 29 year old GF plays with Barbie dolls…I don’t care but my sister insists this is “weird”…opinions?

My GF and I have been together a year. We have a great relationship, a good sex life and though we’ve had our problems we always have worked thing out. We are both very happy and want to move in together soon.

My GF has a HUGE Barbie doll collection, several Barbie houses and about 100 dolls. She keeps them in an extra “toy” room in her house. She PLAYS with Barbies…no I don’t mean in a dirty way…she plays with them like a little kid. She makes clothing, furniture and houses for them, does their hair, takes photos and makes them look as lifelike as possible. My GF is also is blonde, slim, voluptuous and looks and dresses like a Barbie herself. I never asked her why, I long ago accepted this is what she likes. I have my hobbies, she has hers. I even loan her my woodworking tools and have helped her build some dollhouses. She sells them for hundreds of dollars, not a bad hobby if you ask me!

MY NOSY SISTER claims “A 29 year old woman who still plays with Barbie? No offense, that’s weird. Are you sure she didn’t have some childhood trauma?” THEN she went into a tirade saying my GF is “phony, shallow and obviously obsessed with her looks” and that her Barbie “addiction” must be a sign of some mental illness. My sister knows NOTHING about psychology, is opinionated and can’t come up with a a GOOD reason why Barbie collecting is bad other than, “It’s just NOT normal!” My sister is “worried” about me and thinks I should talk to my girlfriend to “make sure” everything is OK. Keep in mind too as far as I know, my GF has no mental problems, had a normal childhood and just likes dolls. She says her hobby is “fun and relaxing” and until now I never questioned her reasons. As far as her wanting to look like Barbie, she is gorgeous no matter what she wears so again I don’t care!

Does my sister have any valid point here? Should I casually ask my GF “What made you collect Barbies?” and see if there is anything I should know? Or should I just keep my mouth shut and be thankful I have found a smart, beautiful woman who loves me? I fail to see how Barbie is a problem or how it could possibly affect our relationship! Does anyone else think it’s “weird” for an adult woman to play with and want to look like Barbie? Why does my sister have such an issue with this?
She does sometimes appear to “go back into childhood” but she CAN control it….another good side is that kids ADORE her and if we ever had any of our own, she would be a great mom!
Oh yeah….forgot to mention…My sister is plus size, is NOT exactly the Barbie-type when it comes to looks and “might” have a little bit of confidence issues about this. Could this be part of her problem?

Dusty answers:

I am a Barbie collector. I’ve been collecting for ten years, and I am 27 years old. I have a Barbie room in my house full of dolls and houses, also. And I too do crafts for Barbies, including making furniture. It’s a great relaxing and fun hobby… Furthermore it’s harmless, and if it doesn’t hurt anyone including yourself, and gives you guys something to do together, a mutual hobby, then you need to ask yourself why it bothers your sister so much? It seems like she is putting quite a negative spin on something so innocent.

If you want to know why your girlfriend collects Barbies, then you should just ask her, she’s not going to get mad at you for asking. Despite what some feminists would say, Barbie is actually a very positive role model for you women.

Barbie has had over forty pets including cats and dogs, horses, a panda, a lion cub, and a zebra – she’s definitely an animal activist! She has owned a wide range of vehicles and carried a mortgage on a dreamhouse independently! She also holds a pilot’s license, and operates commercial airliners, can drive everything from racecars, corvettes and R.V.s. Barbie’s careers are designed to show that women can take on a variety of roles in life, and the doll has been sold with a wide range of titles including Miss Astronaut Barbie, Doctor Barbie, Nascar Barbie, Olympic Barbie, Army Barbie, Presidential Candidate Barbie, Dentist Barbie, Veterenarian, Paleantologist Barbie and of course Rock Star and Fashion Model. Barbie has represented 56 nationalities, proving she is the most culturally diverse toy of all time… Oh and did I mention, she did it all while looking her best!

Barbie’s body type is completely unrealistic, I will admit, but in 1959 they weren’t exactly going for realism in a toy, they were going for something that looks aesthetically pleasing and is easy to play with… If Barbie were a real girl, she would be 5’6″ with a 38″ bust, 18″ waist, and 33″ hips. It’s a play thing, a toy that doesn’t hurt anyone unless they have neglectful parents who failed to explain the difference between fantasy and reality, toys and real life.

I hope your sister opens her eyes and stops projecting her negativity on your girlfriend and her harmless hobby. If I were you I wouldn’t give it another second of thought, just enjoy your hot girlfriend!

Lisa asks…

Whats the name of this product?

My kids B-day is tomarrow and he has seen this product on tv and i cant find it. It is a woodworking thing but it doesnt have real tools or wood..but it cuts like wood and he can build things with it..I cant for the life of me remember what it was called..can some one help me? What the name of this product and is it only “as seen on tv”?

Dusty answers:

Was it this?? I think I’ve seen a commercial for it.

“Black & Decker Junior Power Tool Workbench”

Here’s a pic:

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