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In this episode of Let’s Get Down and Dirty, Frank Fontana shows what tools and materials you would need to build your own cigar box, coffee table. He then brings on his general carpenter, Robert North from HGTV’s Design to Sell to help complete the build. For plans to this project, visit cat:woodworking
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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools Names

Carol asks…

What is the name of the tool that you use to smooth the edges of wood when you are building things like tables?

I am trying to buy my dad something to help him build things out of wood. He want to build some furniture, but he don’t have the tools to do it. I saw on hgtv, a carpenter was building a table, and he used a power tool to smooth the edges of the wood so that the baby wouldn’t scratch herself against it. Anybody know what it’s called? Or a good brand?

Dusty answers:

Belt sander, Palm sander or a detail sander.
Router is a aggressive wood forming tool for creating decorative edges.

Sharon asks…

Origins of Brand Names… (HW help)?

Answers for the following would be appreciated:

What is the name of a line of cosmetics named after a river in England along which Shakespeare’s home was located?

What is a paper cup with a name that is slang for the “Old South” ?

What is a baking soda named after a part of the body and a carpenter‘s tool?

What’s a line of frozen products named after its founder, whose name refers to part of a birds anatomy?

Whats a zipper named for a birds claw?

Whats a laundry detergent with a name that refers to the rising and falling of the ocean surface?

Thanks =]

Dusty answers:

3)Arm and Hammer
4)Birdseye frozen foods

James asks…

carpenters tool that has the same name as a body part?

just homewrk frum health klass

Dusty answers:


inner ear – - -hammer

John asks…

Replacing windows in older brick home?

I’m replacing all the windows in my home with vinyl, double hung, tilt out windows. There are so very many different brands and I would like to buy the right ones. I want to buy the quality windows without paying for a lot of name in the product. Is there a big difference in the lower end units as compared to the upper end windows? I’m looking at Atrium 4700, Vision 2000, and ReliaBilt. What do you think? I’m not a carpenter but I want to do these myself. I have the tools and the time since I’ve retired. I was an electrician all my life.

Dusty answers:

There are differences between the good brands and the cheap ones, but even the cheap ones are better than the counter hung sashes in the older homes.

I personally wouldn’t put double hung windows in. No one ever opened the top sash any way, but still it would make the improvement more valuable.

If it was a rental, I’d do it cheap. If it was my house, I’d purchase better ones, though price doesn’t indicate quality all the time.

If you search around, you can usually get them built to fit and installed for around $250 a window or less. I mean, retirement is for boating and playing golf, not installing windows. LOL

Good Luck

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