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Posts Tagged ‘heart’ I turned this spinning top out of Automotive paint and Purple heart Here is the link to Sebastian’s Channel and website. Oregonburls Channel and website
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Related Reading: I turned this spinning top out of Automotive paint and Purple heart Here is the link to Sebastian’s Channel and website. Oregonburls Channel and website
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo

Herbie, the VW with heart, adds some international flair to his lovable personality! Upon entering a Paris-to-Monte Carlo road race, Herbie falls hood over wheels in love when he encounters a sleek, sporty, light blue Lancia. Also vying for Herbie’s attention is a gang of jewel thieves, who’ve ingeniously hidden a stolen gem in Herbie’s gas tank! Thus begins a madcap chase across the French countryside that only The Love Bug could create!
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Turned Christmas Ornament I turned a Christmas ornament out of Myrtle wood,Walnut and purple heart. These make great gifts and are fun to turn.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Wood Turning Purple Heart Pendant Purple Heart pendant turned on a lathe. This is fast project where you can add alot of creativity. I did the design on the lathe, but you could also carve a custome design or do some inlay with wire or other wood species. This project only takes about 15 or 20 minutes and is nice project for someone special.

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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools Names

Steven asks…

Anyone in the greater London know someone who needs a carpenter with 12 years experiance,very desperate.?

Hi,my name is Luis,i came to London from America for a better life for me and my family.My family are still in America,so i came out here alone to get settled with a job and home for them, before they they get here.I have been here for almost two weeks and still haven’t found a job,i have been to jobcentres,and agencies.I have emailed lots of different companies and had no responds from no one.I am getting very nervous cause my family was planning to be here in two months,and i’m nowhere near being ready for them.I need to work ASAP.I am legal to work in england, so please if anyone knows someone who needs a carpenter.I have seven years in building homes and six years flooring and have my own tools. I beg of anyone to help me please. My number is 07925349549 email

Dusty answers:

Try the job centre plus,
they will surely help u no matter what,
then u can surf the internet,
whenevr applying for a job please have ur resume ready,

and next time when asking a question, pls dont give out ur number or e-mail, its not against the law, but its not simply right.

Sharon asks…

Do you believe in god?

Write your own way of how god show of comunicating to you share it to me all of it?

This is the way i see the good and bad light or dark?
Why god give me spesial words i dont know ?
1. ( Dalarus Dalara ) turning the restless spirit in to flower
2. I have spoken to king death he looks just like us.
3. I have seen Jesus Christ 3x
1.The last supper
2.Telling that when the star passes by he is gone.
3. Picking up his carpenter tools
4. A voice in dreams that said his name was ( Tara ) stop then
in a second he said God.

And so on and on.
I want to see if you are realy spesial one?
My dreams gives me all that are not written in the bible?
I have a son that had die he is only 6mnd. so dont think sickness will go away do you think i donk think like you?

Everyday that we come home alive is a miracles and be happy for it.
Why when a person think they dont believe in god and god still feel that is nag within your heart?
In football arena why do people clap theyre hands?
This will adition of streanght to fight a game in strengt?
But if people react in a opesit-way you will feel down and even turn misrable for a life-time but it didnt mean you are to give up?
The claping hands will give a person the ditional power to fight in full strengt.
If you dont believe in heaven or hell i can tell you more of my dream story once i dream that i was a-wake but i feel that my spirit that should go and travel in the dream world but before my spirit walk away just by my bed my spirit so a dark shadow of a person or a dark being my spirit notice it this dark being it was just a meter away yet my spirit just look at it.
and my spirit had to go in a dream world
but my body that are sleeping feel like this dark shadow where bad so i try to say the words that i have learn in dreams to let a restless spirit go away i have to say it 3 or 5 times because this being dont want to go away but i so his shadow that this dark being o out this words was ( Dalarus Dalara ) but this words must come frome within you or it will not go away because your words must need strengt in your believe or it will never work.
So if you dont believe then you dont have to worry a thing because i can sence that the people ho dont believe are i-there rich or lownly?
When i was a child i so a ghost a ueropean woman she was healthy looking but will not say more because you see everyday in (church) that start with M.
In dreams i was in a place where soul are talking to each other but i feel there is a call so went out of the large open window no glass window ok outside it i can see only clouds i was to meet you know M. but i have to fly across to the othereside of the window and i lean on beside a stone mountain edge i dont have to look at M. because it is a code only heart must look and talk to one anothere.
M. said about my son and my heart start to cry and my tears comes out and i said dont you ever mention my son name?
What dose it mean when you are in heaven and yet you cry ?
once my stepfather said that he also dont believe in god yet i said if you dont believe why i can feel that the world need changes and that meens you have not lost your believe?

Dusty answers:

Yes and even more important, s/he believes in me!

Richard asks…

A few fun and easy riddles never hurt anyone…?

Hey guys, let’s see if you can come up with the correct answers to the following riddles:

1) How many times can 19 be subtracted from 190?

2) Name a carpenter‘s tool you can spell forward and backward the same way.

3) A doctor had a brother who went out West. But the man who went out West had no brother. How can this be?

4) The king’s fool offended him and was condemned to death. The king said: “You have been a good fool, so I will let you choose the manner of your death.” What manner of death did the fool choose?

5) What amount of money can be divided fifty-fifty between two persons, giving one person a hundred times more than the other?

Good luck!

Dusty answers:

1) once
3)doctor was female
4)old age

David asks…

should I turn my back on my son?

My son is 20 years old. He first got into trouble with marijuana when he was 16 and he got caught in school with a pipe and a bag. He was suspended from school for 2 months but because he has a slight learning disability in math he was allowed to go to a resource center to get his school work done. Approximately a year later he was arrested and spent the night in jail for having a bag and a pipe on him, and his girlfriend had just given birth to their son. He worked hard for a while paid off his attorney who in turn had the charges dropped, you know small fines for littering. He blew up the engine in his truck, the trucjk that his brother a Marine Corp Sargent bought for him. He then got caught stealing from his job and was fired. Right before he blew the engine up in his truck he tried to run his girlfriend over. Then he was brought in for questioning after he had a weekend with his son alone and he returned him with bruises on his ears. When he was 18 and had graduated my husband kicked him out of the house for stealing, using drugs at home and for yelling and screaming at myself or my husband if he was asked to take the trash out or mow the lawn, chores that he had been responsible for since he was around 10 or 12 years old. His older brother took him in, but was asked to leave when he left his bong and porn movies in the living room. Then one of his sisters took him in and his other sister gave him a car. He blew up the transmission in the car, stole from his sister and her young daughter, so he was asked to leave. We let him move back home because he had no place else to go and no job. He was pleasant and easy to get along with for about 2 or 3 months, then he started to hide again, become argumentative and refused to follow house rules, eg: if you don’t come home at night at least call and let me know, then he stole some of my husbands power tools out os the garage and pawned them, since my husband is a carpenter he notices when his tools are gone, myoldest daughter suggested we search pawn shops which we did and we found the tools and the name of the person who sold them, needless to say he was told to leave, he stayed at a friends house up the street and slept in his friends truck for the most part. Once again his older brother took pity on him and arranged for him to move in with a close friend of his, the only thing that was asked of him since he didn’t have a job was to find a job and don’t steal, you can ask if you need something but don’t steal. Well he stole over $80.00 from the young man who was trying to help him and was picked up by the cops and arrested for having a bag of weed and a pipe on him. Then his uncle (my brother) puts him up in an extended stay hotel and buys him groceries, while he’s staying there my daughter calls me and tells me when he was living with her he sexually molested my grandaughter. Do I want to believe this, no I don’t. Then he gets a job and his assistant manager feels sorry for him and takes him in, after living with her for about 6 months she notices some jewelry and old coins are missing she calls the cops, they pick him up at work, keep him in jail for 2 days and let him go. He insists he didn’t touch my grandaughter, he insists he is wronged by everyone and he’s in the position he’s in because of the way his family meaning myself, his sibblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, child, nieces and everyone who has ever cared about him and loves him, because of the way we do things, “not right”. He is only 20 and it breaks my heart that he has been able to cause so much damage in such a short time to so many people, including himself. He is one of 5 children, I just don’t understand how he just dosen’t get it. He is living with his current girlfriend, not working, he has a court date once a month and that damn judge keeps letting him go tells him to return the next month with money and some of his classes completed, even though his probation officer submitted to the courts to revoke his probation because he hasn’t showed up in his office since 09/2010 and it’s now 02/2011. I am so drained by this child, I just don’t know what to do. I never thought I could turn away from anyone, I don’t think of anyone as a hopeless case, but I’m starting to.

Dusty answers:

The best you can possibly do is be there for him. It seems like you are going though a very hard time. But your son also may be as well. He may be doing these things for many different reasons, my answer to you is to get your son some help. And to be there with him through it. I hope this helped and i’m sorry to hear about what you are going through. Good luck with everything!

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