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The Firepit Bench

This video shows the journey of building a firepit bench using only hand tools.

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Using Hand Tools on wrought iron fences such as a hand rule, a square, two kinds of carpenter squares, a grinder, a portable band saw, a jigsaw and different kinds of clamps in this free construction video. Expert: Terry Leafty Bio: Terry Leafty is a welder at BC welding in Camp Verde, Arizona specializing in fabrication and construction. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Wooden blades for wind generator

Just received the latest hugh’s piggot’s book on wind turbine building, and in the evenings I just thought to try and make somme blades and understand the different tools needed and create a true airfoil, I have made wooden blades before, but know I finally understand the concept fully, I am very happy with them it took me maybe 3 evenings 2 to 3 hours at a time and just using hand tools, keeping the dust down, I am a carpenter and joiner so I could of used power tools and maybe do the whole thing in 3 to 4 hours, but I wanted to know how long and the effort involved with just hand tools,(easy), just make sure they are sharp and take your time, it’s rather relaxing, the tools I used was just a hand saw, square, little spokeshave (definattely need this one), calipers, little hand plane, and tape measure,cheerio, hope you enjoy and visit my

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Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, Inc, which designs, manufactures and sells a wide variety of woodworking hand planes and tools, held 2 days of interactive demonstrations in the Building Construction Technology’s area during January 2009. This demonstration, presented by woodworking instructor Paul Sellers shows how to make dovetail joints by only using hand tools.

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This is a reproduction of a sawbuck table at the Landis Valley Museum. I tried my best to use only hand tools, but there may have been the occasional slice of a bandsaw blade along the way. The wood is curly cherry, and the finish is shellac and wax. The cool features about this project are sliding, half blind, and through dovetails; tusk tenons; and lamb’s tongue profiles. You can find the links to the construction process here:

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Hand Tools Aid To Make The Planet A More Better Place

The world would be a different place today without the invention of hand tools. Starting as far back as the cave days humans have been using and making utensils to live and survive in their environment. Even the simple wooden tool was an important element for everyday life back then.

These days woodworking tools have become a necessity for many things. A carpenter cuts and fits various pieces together while using small devices that are specially made for fastening and shaping the work. In the absence of these instruments, certain things could never be built at the exact dimensions and shapes. Truly, these are a testament to humanity’s creativity.

The sheer number of woodworking tools that can be purchased today is overwhelming. There are hammers, files, and machines that can clean the wood. One of the most popular types of hand devices is a screwdriver. This is because everything is held together by screws today. It is the most purchased fastening device in the world for this reason. Everything imaginable requires a screw or screws to be useful.

Some of the hand utensils are exclusively made for manual operation while others are powered by compressed air or electricity. Power tools also come in every imaginable type. The most impressive ones come with the capability of performing several tasks. A battery operated screw gun is one example this. It can drive screws, drill holes, and sink lag bolts into just about any type of material. The better ones will also have an impact feature for driving tough bolts or chipping concrete.

Without the different types of power tools that have been invented throughout the years many tasks would be difficult to perform. Some of them are highly specialized and designed to perform just one specific task while others are made for more general use. A circular saw is only limited in what it can cut by the type of blade that is installed. However, a joiner is designed to do one thing and that is all it does.

Types of instruments will certainly not be limited to just a few categories. For example, garden tools also come in a variety of sizes and shapes too. Like the versions mentioned above, a few of them will be very generalized. Others will have specific uses and this is all that they can do. Garden tools powered by electrical motors are typically designed for one job. A garden tiller turns over the dirt, However, that is all it will do. On the other hand, human powered utensils can serve a variety of purposes.

Purchasing tools today has become very easy thanks to the Internet. Many high quality websites specialize in selling them. Specific sites will sell items just for carpenters or just gardeners. Others will sell a tool for everyone and everything. The best thing about buying them online is the price. Since the overhead at an online shop is lower, they pass the savings on to their customers.

In summary, owning hand tools will make any job go smoother. Purchasing them online is much cheaper. Anyone that needs to shop for tools should investigate online tool shops to save money.

Wow, these are some awesome power tools. If you’re searching for tools, we got hand tools and much more – what can you say? We are a tool store!


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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Mark asks…

Woodworking tools: hand plane?

I’m looking to get into woodworking and was trying to gather the necessary tools. I’m interested in small projects like boxes, etc. and would like to use hand tools mainly. I’m a little confused about hand planes just because of the sheer variety. Being on a limited budget, I’d like to know if there is one type of hand plane that would be adequate and versatile enough to work on most small projects. Thank you

Denny answers:

Welcome to the world of woodworking. I started this as a hobby several years ago, and have found for most things when starting off I needed two planes: a mid-length smoothing plane and a small block plane. The block plane is useful for taking sharp edges off of the wood, and can be used with one hand. It’s also handy for make small plane cuts across the end grain.

The combination I have ended up using the most is a Stanley Bailey 1-12-004 smoothing plane and a Stanley 1-12-220 block plane. I’ve given you links below for these, just using one of several online suppliers in the UK. It’s one I haven’t used and I have no connection with them, it’s just to illustrate the planes.

I also have a little Stanley RB5 block plane: it’s nowhere near as sturdy as a proper block plane, but it is useful if you need to go right in to a corner on something, as the blade can be set right along one edge.

Laura asks…

Woodworkers, what was your latest creation, which tools did you use, and which power tools do you own?

Also do you have access to a woodworking shop or area, which tools do you use, how long have you been into woodworking and why do you enjoy it?

Denny answers:

I made a pair of cedar swing seats. My garage and back yard are my “woodworking shops”.

I used the Ryobi cordless circular saw, trimmer router, finish sander, and impact driver; B&D table saw; Hitachi miter saw; bench drill press, and Braun coffee maker.

I love working with materials: metals, plastics, and wood. What I love about wood is its “personality”. Each species has its own look and mechanical properties. But then, so do metals and plastics. Metalworking was my first love.

Lisa asks…

Tools to add to my shop?

i want to add a few more tools to my shop, i have a scrollsaw, tablesaw, miter saw, planer (the hand electric kind), dremel, circular saw, bench grinder, jigsaw, router table, compressor, a couple cordless drills, corded drill, and a few nail guns, i wanna start woodworking some more these are my commonly used tools and i try to work with what i have to make things. anything i should add? i only want a couple more.

Denny answers:

Sounds like you’re off to a great start – I am kind of envious.

You should get a drill press, at the very least a bench top size, and start investing in all sizes of forstner bits, there are things you just can’t do with a hand-held drill. A biscuit jointer will be handy. A pocket-screw jig will be useful, too. I would get a spindle sander if possible, and a hand-held belt sander at the very least. Also a random-orbital sander or palm sander.

Something that no one else thinks about is a good quality, high capacity shop vac. Best if it can attach to your table saw; you would not believe how much BAD dust particle board creates when run through a tablesaw, especially with a coat of melamine on it.

Be sure to stock up on hand tools, like chisels, clamps, squares, straight-edges, etc.

Have fun!

Steven asks…

What are some small, easy woodworking projects for someone in Middle School?

Ok so what would be an easy, small project for someone in a woodworking class. I’ve made a couple of small projects like cutting boards and footstools. Some other students in that class have made stuff like boxes and things to hang jackets (I don’t know what that’s called). Well anyways I want to do some thing different and interesting. We are only allowed to use saws and well other stuff like hammers and straight edges (Hand tools). So i can’t cut out holes or designs in the boards. I want something easy and has to be 18″ or less. Could someone help me with some ideas.
Thank you! :)

Denny answers:

Try asking your parents or other family what you can make that they can use like shelves, magazine racks, mail holder, etc. Something useful is always best. Game boards such as checkers, chess, or even chinese checkers are also good beginner items.
You can also try a internet search for “easy woodworking projects”. You’ll find a lot of ideas to get you started.

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“Cpl. Schellenberg was first inspired to try his hand at crafting a working wooden model of the C7 after he heard a similar story about a soldier serving in Afghanistan. This soldier had apparently decided to carve a rifle out of a piece of wood he had found, using nothing but hand tools. The Reservist has a lot of respect for that unnamed soldier. ‘That takes talent,’ he said. “It was very challenging to make a C7 that can be completely broken down like a real one. Even the accessories—like the blank firing attachment and the hand guards—were almost completely hand carved.”
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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How to make Wood Shingles using hand tools Make wood shingles. Use traditional hand tools to make oak shingles. The craft of making roof shingles. For more videos visit http For more woodlands information visit

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Ken asks…

What kind of tool is this?

It has two pieces, is made of cast iron, is painted black, and has spots of rust. I do not know if it is missing parts or not. It came in a toolbox from a garage sale from a man who used to make keys, although his abundance of woodworking tools tells me he worked in other areas as well. Provided below is a link to some pictures of the tool on Flickr:

Unknown Tool

I have added two pictures to Flickr that show the length of the tool, and opposite it is a handle for a metal file. The tool (or handle, I am unsure), is roughly 7 inches in length. I originally thought it was a frame in which to hold files and raps; however, the tool is loose and can be split into two parts, and the opening mouth is not adjustable. Again, I do not know if there are parts missing.

Dusty answers:

In the UK we know it as a Fisherman’s Creel or iron basket.

Michael asks…

Woodworking question: Using a jointer. I know I would be better served with a planer, but….?

Here is my situation:

I have about 300sqft of oak flooring. It was pulled up from an existing home (victim of imminent domain). Therefore, it has a varnish or urethane coating. I am trying to shave off a 1/16″ or so to get rid of the existing finish.

The planks of hardwood flooring are the standard 2″ wide and vary in length from 2 ft up to 14 ft.

I know a planer would be a perfect tool to shave the wood. However, I don’t have one, nor do I want to spend $300+ on one for this one project. I am able to borrow a jointer from someone to help me along.

Any tips, advice, pointers?

Anyone have experience using a jointer?

Dusty answers:

If you are planning on reinstalling the timber as a floor, then leave the varnish on, reinstall the floor (maybe a rebating plane – hand or power can remove the varnish from the tongues and grooves) then have it sanded and polished after it is installed.
If you machine it now then install it, you are still going to need to sand it to take out any proud edges and you don’t want to take off too much timber.
If you just want to have some nice timber to use ‘some day’ then maybe a coarse grit belt sander across the grain then a fine one along it will work (you also need time with this option), although this could cause rounding on the edges…
Or maybe bite the bullet and buy a thicknesser/bench planer… Or look into hiring one? A thicknesser would be a better option if you are going to reuse it as a floor, this will give you a precise thickness across your pack of timber, a power planer may leave little grooves (as a result of only having 2 blades) and will need to be sanded after.

Linda asks…

Cabinet refinishing book recomendation?

I want to refinish my cabinets my self. I have little to no woodworking experience. I am an experienced electrician though, so i have no problems with basic hand tools or tasks.

What is a good book series to use. One with diagrams and step-by-step instructions is appreciated.

Dusty answers:

If you have a Lowe’s or Home Depot near by…they have hundreds of How To Books.

Daniel asks…

cabinet refinishing book recomendation?

I want to refinish my cabinets my self. I have little to no woodworking experience. I am an experienced electrician though, so i have no problems with basic hand tools or tasks.

What is a good book series to use. One with diagrams and step-by-step instructions is appreciated.

Dusty answers:

I agree with the contractor above about the process and that there are literally thousands of books to choose from. But, I really think the Sunset books are about the most useful because they provide materials lists, diagrams and photographs, troubleshooting when problems ocurr and are very detail oriented. You find them near the front of the store in both Lowes and Home Depot.

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