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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Robert asks…

Can someone give me an idea for a project?

I have 2 “1 x 4 x 5′s” and 1 “1 x 4 x 3″ and other various pieces of scrap wood. I’m just learning woodworking and I’m trying to get started without spending a lot. I have a circular saw, a jig saw, drill, hammer and other tools. Thanks for the help.

Denny answers:

You might start by making a simple tote box to carry your tools in. Use the wood to make a rectagular frame and carrying handle.


Carol asks…

San Diego knife law question…?

So, I do woodwork on boats for a living and I want a freakishly stout work knife that can be a pry bar, chop through screws… that kind of stuff. I have to do a lot of picking, poking, cutting and prying when I go to look at potential jobs. Leathermans are okay, but break too easily.
I’ve done tons of research and this is what would be an excellent knife for doing the stuff that I wouldn’t dare do to my woodworking tools –
(look up the tests on youtube… quite an impressive blade)
I grew up in the sticks where everybody had a knife, most had guns, you didn’t have to lock the doors and people were polite.
San Diego is a different scenario entirely and I’m wondering if this knife would just be asking for a police beating.
I’m a utilitarian kind of guy and want a workhorse knife that won’t break like my other ones have. I tend to just carry one knife for EDC and work stuff just so I’m more proficient with it when I need it.
I like routine with my blades, not a fan of one for work and one for strolling.
So, I get home from work, shower, change clothes, clip on my Kershaw 0301 and take my dog for a walk through the park.
Is this illegal with this kind of knife?
Yes, I’ve tried to look it up but I’m not the best internet sleuth. I’m not too sure how to interpret what I’ve found (not much) about the local knife ordinances.

Denny answers:

Simple…… Carry a picture of the knives you would like to carry…… Or draw one……..walk into the nearest police headquarters and talk to the desk sergeant or several police officers…. Record their name and badge numbers …..and keep a brief diary of the event in a notebook…. Then follow whatever they suggest…

Police have to enforce the law…. So they must be familiar with the law….talking to several officers will preclude ONE being a dud….recording it will prove you were trying to comply with the law….if you are ever taken to court it will prove to the judge you are a law abiding citizen who was trying to obey the laws

They say “ignorance of the law is no excuse”….. But when you go out of your way to find out the law and obey it… reasonable judge will ever punish you

There are many places that will make a knife specifically designed by you to do the kind of work you want done….. Jim Bowie made his own knife why not you

Donald asks…

In a spot of hot water over Home Surgury practice. Advice?

Here’s the situation…I practice Home Surgury on low income seniors and people with no health insurance. I do this out of my garage mainly, although will make house visits. My operating instruments are basic woodworking tools, X-acto knives and a Makita cordless drill. I’ve had pretty good luck… simple procedures like appendectomies, tooth extractions, simple amputations and goiter removals…and would like to branch into knee replacements and gastric bypasses after reading up on a few techniques . Business is good, with only a handful of complications and complaints. While performing a routine gallbladder snip and stitch, I believe the battery from my cordless drill became disengaged and slipped into my patient. I can’t find it anywhere (luckily they come with two batteries). I haven’t said anything to the patient, but now he complains of pain and swelling, the swelling is in the exact shape of the battery. Should I risk a lawsuit, not really being a doctor? Or keep quiet?

Denny answers:


Surely you noticed that once the battery fell off, you no longer had power for your drill.

Plus, even a ham-handed garage surgeon knows that you don’t drill a gallbladder! That operation clearly calls for the X-acto, twist ties, and some super glue.

You’re not spending enough time on the computer researching technique, darling.

But seriously, the battery would cause death within a day or so, not pain & swelling. So your battery is somewhere on the garage floor, not inside the patient. To prevent this in the future, switch to laproscopic surgery – you just need some flexible tubing and a webcam and you’re set.

Linda asks…

noises giving my goosebumps?

Some noises give me horrible goosebumps and make my whole body feel weird. The noises are usually things scratching together like a saw grating metal or someone rubbing their hand or nails across those holographic things with the grooves. I can’t stand it. I recently had a demo in class with a lot of metal and woodworking tools/machinery which made my nerves tingle. Is there any way I can control it? I want to work with those materials in the future but just thinking about the noise chills my nerves a little.

Denny answers:

Sometimes certain noises will make people cringe, like nails on a chalkboard. For me, it’s the sound of styrafoam rubbing together. Ahh! Lol. Sometimes it can give you goosebumps, or make your chest hurt. Desensitation might work for you. If you are calm and slowly exposed to the noises, sometimes you will gain a sort of resistance to them. If that does not work for you, you can try to block out the sound by imagining something else. This is a problem that is common and often takes time to get over. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. I’m not sure there really is a solution, but getting used to or avoiding the noise.

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