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Learn how to plane end grain with a power planer and get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on using tools for leveling, shaving and shaping wood in this free woodworking video. Expert: teacherjon Bio: Jon holds a Bachelors of Science in Education and Human Sciences degree, with an endorsement in Industrial Technology Education from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Filmmaker: Jon Olson
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Woodworking : How to Chip Carve

In order to chip carve in woodworking, an individual will need a chisel, a hammer and a piece of wood. Learn about tapping on a chisel with more pressure when going against the grain of wood with help from a woodworker and antique restorer in this free video on chip carving and woodworking….

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Old Ale – All Grain – Home Brewing

It’s the 29th of December and this will be the last brew day of 2007.
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