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Wood Plane Setup

Showing the minimum setup necessary for a plane to function at a working level. You can spend hundreds or even thousands trying to buy the tool that makes you an expert woodworker. There are dozens if not hundreds of sharpening plans that show a variety of methods to bring the edge of a tool to the perfect edge. I’m not going to attempt to pitch any method of sharpening. I will talk about the need for perfection. Before you buy into the concept that cost makes value consider what the end result of the process will be. For the controlled removal of wood few things have the versatility of the common plane. The goal is to hold the blade at a controlled angle to the wood and limit the depth that the blade can penetrate the surface. Set the blade for a heavy cut and it can tear off a millimeter at a time. With the blade set to barely show below the sole of the plane it can take off wispy thin .04 millimeter shavings. Does it take a liquid nitrogen quenched blade honed to 12000 grit on a diamond paste strop, held in a polished bronze plane body with rosewood trim to achieve the heights of cutting wood? Turn off the power tools, pull up a chair and learn how to really use the tools that built most of today’s world. Think green, live lean.
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How to Build a Bookcase : Inserting Kick Plates on a Bookcase

A kick plate is a thin strip of trimming that is fitted onto the edge of a board. Learn how to insert a kick plate into a bookcase from a woodworker in this free home carpentry video. Expert: Michael McGeary Bio: Michael is a musician, artist, and woodworker in Austin, TX. He has been designing and building furniture for 25 years. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

How To Sharpen an Axe by Wranglertar

If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed but skill will bring success. Ecclesiastes 10:10 Tools for a Lifetime Axes are handy tools for chopping down trees, splitting firewood, hand hewing wood for building, camping purposes, and much more. Axes are no doubt useful tools, but a when an ax is dull it isn’t very effective, and work is much harder than it needs to be. Everyone who uses an ax should know how to sharpen and properly care for it. Proper sharpening will lessen the time it takes to chop wood, and proper lubrication and care will help protect the metal blade. An ax handle often breaks after repeated use, so it’s also helpful to also know how to replace the handle should it break. Knowing how to sharpen, care for, and store an ax will help it last for many years. How to Properly Sharpen an Ax A brand-new ax right from the store isn’t usually as sharp as it should be, so even if it’s new, you should sharpen it before the first use. To properly sharpen the blade of an ax you’ll require a vise and a medium-grade mill file. Although it seems a power grinder would make sharpening easier, never use a power grinder. A power grinder can damage the blade. A mill file will allow for better control while you sharpen the blade. To sharpen the blade, begin by clamping the head of the ax with the edge facing up into a strong vise. Make sure the vise is securely clamped around the head of the blade. Place the medium-grade mill file flat against the
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Stanley No. 60-1/2 Low Angle Block Plane Read review As a carpenter and sometimes woodworker I have a half dozen specialty panes and related power planing tools in my shop. More often than not, when I need to perform a planing operation, I reach for my block plane. Block planes are the most popular hand plane sold as well as most useful. I have two: a Stanley No. 9- 1/2 block plane [left] and my vintage Stanley No. 220 block plane [right] in photo below. A low angle block plane is small enough for one handed finishing or fitting and is useful in almost any planing operation. One big plus for a carpenter is that this handy tool is small enough to fit in my tool belt! A sharp, properly adjusted block plane can take super thin shavings off a piece of wood being scribed to fit, adjust trim miters, chamfer an edge, fit a door, trim end grain or remove mill marks leaving the woods edge as smooth as glass. Because block planes do so much for finish carpentry, it’s the number one hand plane on the job site, as well as in small wood shops and homeowners toolboxes. Stanley Tool Company recently sent me a No. 60-1/2 Low angle block plane to test and evaluate. Photo below. QUALITY STEEL: When I told a contractor friend of mine that I was evaluating a Stanley hand plane he asked me to inquire about the blade quality and hardness. In my research on this tool I found out that the blade is made from “A2 tool steel.” A2 steel is an air hardening tool steel capable of being
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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Sandra asks…

Why can’t I sharpen a K-Bar knife?

I’ve been around woodworking tools a long time and am a very good sharpener. But I can’t seem to manage to get a K-Bar sharp. Why is that? What’s wrong with me? What am I missing here?
I know how to sharpen knives and tools. I am very good at it; lots of experience with different kinds of steel. But the K-Bar is different. I realize it is not surgical steel, not designed to keep a razor edge. But It resists my efforts.

Denny answers:

I don,t know how sharp you want it but a k bar is a survival-work knife. They,re not designed to be a razer. Use a small file to get a rough edge and finish it up with a wet stone.

Richard asks…

was the woodworking jigsaw tool ever patented?

Denny answers:

Yes, several with different variants on prior work. Here are a few:

Patent D523311 was issued to Black and Decker in 2006.

Patent D282625 was issued to Skil in 1986.

Patent D404274 was issued to Ryobi in 1999.

You can search on these and others at

Jenny asks…

Woodworking Plans For Making Home Windows?

I have an old home that needs new windows. I’d like to reuse the current old, poured glass into the newer windows. Are there any plans on the internet that shows step by step on how to build your own windows? We can’t afford to buy new windows and building windows would be good experience for me. I know what tools I will need. I just need some plans to look at. Thanks for your help!

Denny answers:

If you have the existing windows, you can just copy the various pieces to make a new window.

The biggest challenges with making windows is finding really good straight grained wood with no warp, twist, cupping or knots. Next is assembling the various pieces so the window is flat and square.

If you take on this job, be sure and use a water proof glue.

Linda asks…

What to get my dad for a birthday present?

My dad’s 50th birthday is in a couple weeks and I’m totally stumped about what to buy him for a present.
Some interests are.. hockey, bands he likes are Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Billy Joel, Blue Rodeo, he likes wine and beer, woodworking, quirky tools, etc.

Denny answers:

Buy him a record…or a record player if he doesn’t have one. Or take him out to eat at his favorite place.

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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Betty asks…

Where can I find a woodworking shop near Alexandria, VA?

I want to build some furniture, but my townhouse doesn’t have a garage and I don’t have some of the more advanced tools like bench- or miter- saws. Is there somewhere in the Alexandria, VA, area I can rent a “bay” to complete some furniture projects?

Dusty answers:

Send me a message. I have a buddy down that way who does that. I’ll email him and ask where he works out of.


Richard asks…

What’s a good beginner drill? Woodworking book?

I’m getting my husband all of the tools he will need to begin woodworking and a book about it for Christmas. He’s a handy guy and he’s wanted start woodworking for a while and we finally moved into a home with ample room for it. I was wondering, what’s a good drill set under $100 that I can get him to kick start a hobby in woodworking? Also, can anyone recommend a good book that will help him get started?

Dusty answers:

== please visit the Sears Store tool department for your drill and a set of bits ….. I have been using Sears brand tools for years and most of them are still good … B-Noble is good for books … AND when you purchase the bits .. Buy the metal drilling bits — they stay sharper and last longer than the normal wood bits [[ makes them cost less ]] ===== Basic Woodworking for a book and many plans for home projects are found using the search boxes/online … Like “”" free plans to build a workbench”"” —- a good garage size wooden woekbench can be built for about $50.00 — suggest that your hubby research workbench plans and make a bench that will fit well in the garage ,,,,,,,,,,

David asks…

What’s the best method to replace dry rot wood?

The front fascia board on my home, where the rain gutters attach, has some soft, dry rot areas that I need to replace prior to installing new gutters. Can I just cut out the bad areas and splice in some new lengths of wood or is there a better method?

I have construction and woodworking skills/tools, so ability isn’t an issue. I just want to make sure I do it properly.

Dusty answers:

First, you must understand that there is no such thing as dry rot. Wood does not rot if it is dry – not no way, not no how, not ever. It rotted because it got wet, somehow, sometime.

Repairing the damage is pretty easy, I do a lot of that particular repair and I’ll offer a couple of things that might make your repair last longer.
1) I would recommend replacing the full length of any boards
2) Do not use finger jointed boards for the repair. I have replaced hundreds of those boards that were just a few years old. Buy solid wood boards – Select grade is best if you plan to paint, but you can get away with a lower grade if you seal the knots.
3) Sand the boards lightly just to roughen the surface a bit – get rid of the “mill gloss”. Prime ALL surfaces with a high quality, oil primer. My own preference is Fresh Start by Benjamin Moore. I do mean all surfaces – front, back, edges and ends.
4) Apply two coats of high quality paint – avoid paints from big box stores, especially Behr. I don’t care what their advertising says, Behr paint is one of the worst I have ever come across. Go to a locally owned paint store and ask some questions about what makes a quality paint.

While you’re up there, take a look at the drip edge on the roof. Does the bottom side of it slope downward – that is below a level line? If so, that’s probably the source of the water that caused the rot. Use pliers or a seaming tool to squeeze the drip edge so the lower surface slopes upward from the edge toward the ridgepole of the building.

Ruth asks…

I like woodworking but have no money?

So I can’t buy all the fancy tools, or even the wood that I want. Just thought I’d vent my frustrations. If you have any ideas on the subject let me know.

Dusty answers:

I will not tell that it does not cost money to do woodworking, but I can maybe tell you some guidelines to help get you started. I get a lot of my wood FREE: as I go looking for wood from places like Dumpsters in back of Lowe’s, Home Depot, remodeling work sites.(now I do not always get real good wood, but enough to make projects out of it.) As I made small projects, I sold a few (friends,neighbors) the money went to buy a cheap tool (from Flea Markets) and went from there. There are tons of free patterns on the net and I look at junk mail books and get ideas from them. It has been most enjoyable seeing that others like what I have made.

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Mark asks…

Should I have hired a carpenter to install interior doors?

I hired a handyman to install five interior doors in existing door frames. The old doors were no longer available. These are just hollow, primed six-panel pressed woodgrain doors from HD.

The doors needed to be trimmed for width and length. Although he said he had a power planer, it looks like he used it for the side of just one door – that one was trimmed evenly. All the other trimming must have been done with his oscillating multitool. Those doors show saw marks/gouges and the cuts are uneven – if I hold a straightedge along the cuts, there are 1/16 to 1/8 and even 1/4 inch gaps; one door bottom looks concave, another looks convex, another is just wavy. I think enough material may have been removed that there isn’t room left to fix them, if that’s even possible.

I loaned him my router and jig to mortise the hinges. For two doors, the bottom hinge mortise didn’t line up with the existing mortise in the door frame, so he chiseled one door frame mortise to make it longer, the other both longer and wider.

I trusted him to have the tools and skills to do the work when he accepted the job. I didn’t look over his shoulder every minute. I didn’t see these problems until I set up one of the doors for what I thought would be light sanding, then painting.

What do you think I should do? I can’t do a lot of fixing myself due to a sore shoulder. To me, it looks like the doors are ruined. How would one fix a wavy, gouged cut?

Was it too much to expect a handyman to trim a door evenly, and leave it ready for light sanding and paint?

Dusty answers:

It is not too much to expect. He should have done a better job. Maybe you could get some kind of metal edge trim to cover the errors at the bottom edge.

When trimming doors, which are usually covered with a veneer that splinters easily, you should use a saw guide, which is like a rip fence that you clamp across the face of the door and use that to guide the saw. In addition, once you know where the saw kerf will land, you score the face of the door just ABOVE the cut using a sharp utility knife, such that as the saw pulls up the wood fibers, they break at the cut, and not above it. Just a light score ~1/32″ is adequate. That produces a very clean edge that can be easily stained if any light colored wood shows between the score and the cut. Typically 1/16 th of an inch or less, depending on the skills and the accuracy of the saw, etc.

David asks…

I want to find juicy plans 4 carpenter projects?

I work as a union carpenter, and often make job built projects out of dementional lumber and plywood. I like to add to my repretrar any fast, solid and highly resourcefull designs or techniques. for a job built; door or window box out (buck) saw horse, blueprint stand, dog house, electrician box, benches, coffee table, miter box, templeate developments, storage bins coat rack, tool box, marksing guage, cumpus, party tray. also any techniques for radius, ellispes, gussets, push sticks, knot tying, rigging, books and especially sign language. I know this is a very broad subject and there are many things out there but if you know of spacifics that have help you please let know.

Dusty answers:

Go to google, type in ,”woodworking”

Richard asks…

What’s the best tool to cut round corners or semi circles with wood?

I’m new to this carpentering thing but I’m gonna give it a shot. My main concern is cutting round or circular end or edges. I heard of a jigsaw knife but is there something better? Also do you just paint wood or do you have to put a finish on it first? All comments will help thanks everyone.

Dusty answers:

Not entirely sure what you are asking ,

to round the square corners of a flat piece of wood looking down at it – jig saw, or sander

the actual edge top and bottom -router or sander

paint wood indoors or outdoors good practice to prime first then paint, exterior more important to prime, indoors not so much, priming helps help keep no. Of coats down, Kilz primer or similar , water based

Maria asks…

Do you think the butler SAW the carpenters tool?

Dusty answers:

I wood think so

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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Mandy asks…

What gear/tools would robinson crusoe have had?

What tools from eating to woodworking would someone of this era have had available? Thanks

Dusty answers:

Part of the WIKI “Robinson Crusoe” (1719 novel) article gives this overview of what the character had and utilized =

Crusoe is shipwrecked in a storm about forty miles out to sea on an island (which he calls the Island of Despair) near the mouth of the Orinoco river on September 30, 1659. His companions all die. Having overcome his despair, he fetches arms, tools and other supplies from the ship before it breaks apart and sinks. He proceeds to build a fenced-in habitation near a cave which he excavates himself. He keeps a calendar by making marks in a wooden cross built by himself, hunts, grows corn and rice, dries grapes to make raisins for the winter months, learns to make pottery, raises goats, etc., using tools created from stone and wood which he harvests on the island and adopts a small parrot. He reads the Bible and becomes religious, thanking God for his fate in which nothing is missing but human society.

Paul asks…

What are the most nessessary power tools for small/medium wood projects?

I am getting a work bench and some power tools for Christmas, and was wondering what were the most necessary for intermediate woodworking. Thanks

Dusty answers:

A peg board is also handy to hang those clamps! Wood boring bits up to an inch diameter are handy, countersink bit, various sized phillips, robertson and flat edge screwdrivers. Palm sander.

Susan asks…

What tools are essential to wood-working? and can be found relatively cheaply.?

I want to get into woodworking and haven’t done any since high school. I don’t have too many tools and simply need to know what is a must to get started. I’d like to build shelves, chests, and the like. What tools would you recommend as essentials?
Cheaply is perhaps the wrong word. I mean “best bang for the buck”. What will get the job done, essentially.

Dusty answers:

It depends on if you want power or hand craft, judging by your statement i would say handcraft as it is so much cheaper the best kit to have to name a few from each section
SAWS Hand saw, Fret Saw and Dovetail Saw

PLANES Block plane, Smoothing plane and try plane.

HAMMER & MALLET Pin Hammer, Beach Hammer, wooden handled claw hammer and ball-pien hammer.

CHISELS bevel edge chisel, firmer chisel, carver handel. Really need alot of different size chisels when woodworking to cover all angles

CLAMPS sash clamps, vice, g clamps and also speed clamps.

And the normal gear like drill, wood drill bits,screwdrivers. Levels.

Its alot but if you buy good quality tools they will last years instead of months
hope this helps happy building

William asks…

How can i make money off of woodworking type crafts will my new power tools?

My dad and i are getting a new workbench along with several power tools, these tools are a band saw, disk sander and buffer, drill press and a sander/grinder. so, what craft can i make that will cost me $5 or less and i can sell for a bit more. please keep in mind i am a beginer, so dont recomend a purple heart dining table or anything….. also, i have your basic arey of hand tools, hammer, sand paper, screw drivers, ect. Thanks XD

Dusty answers:

Garden signs. Super easy, a stake and a piece of wood that can be just about any shape you want. Rectangle, arrow shaped, birdhouse shaped, lolly pop shape, whatever comes to mind. But you’ll have to get creative with painting them and clever sayings. There are books you can buy with ideas though.
You can also do bird houses or take the garden sign into the house with various plaques in various shapes, critters, etc. There are books on those and I’m sure other ideas.
Here is a site to get you started with ideas! Free wood work patterns!

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Carol asks…

Are you ready for some afternoon”Gunsmoke” trivia…?

1. Excited about a new born baby in Dodge, Festus used his carpentry tools to make a _______?
2. What was Doc’s last name?
3. The series was set in the 18??’s?
4. What was the name of the main street in town?
5. What was the name of the hotel?
6. Which two individuals appeared in every year of the series?
7. What was the name of Festus’ mule?
8. Festus was named after a person in the Bible. In what book of the Bible did this person appear?
9. In “Matt’s Love Story,” who was the GUEST STAR that week who caused Matt to have amnesia, which, by the way, led to a love affair, NEVER to be forgotten by me?!?
10.Was there ever an episode called, “Kitty’s Love Affair”?

Dusty answers:

1) rocking mule
2) Adams
3) 1870′s
4) Front Street
5) Dodge House
6) James Arness and Milburn Stone
7) Ruth 8) Book of Acts
9) Michael Learned
10) Yes – She was infatuated with a gunfighter named Will Stambridge who asked Kitty to marry him.

And for the bonus question from the previous answerer…Festus’s last name was Haggen.

Michael asks…

Tips on cutting straighter with a jigsaw?

I’m just getting into carpentry and I love it and while I build up my tool collection I’m gonna have to work with what I have. So far what I have been Doing is cutting most things a little longer then neccasery then power sanding to fit even. Any tips are appreciated.

Dusty answers:

The jigsaw has a metal plate you slide across the wood as you cut it, right? If you clamp a straight edged piece of wood onto the thing you want to cut, you can press the edge of the metal plate against the straight edge when you cut so your cut doesn’t wander around. Also, it makes a big difference if you match the right style blade on your saw to the material and purpose of your cut. A deep blade with large teeth to cut thicker wood where a rough cut is okay. A thinner shallower blade with fine teeth for precise cuts or cutting laminate or plastic. And a metal cutting blade for metal.

Good luck! Get a circular saw next. :)

Helen asks…

To what degree do you think this person should be responsible?

I moved out of state for 4 years. We stored some things in my mother-in-laws garage. She was fine with it. No problem. We arranged it neatly and took stock of all that was there. After about 2 years she called and asked if she could let a relative have our kitchen stuff to set up their first apt. Sure. That was fine. Help out those who help you.
When we returned home and began to get back our stuff, we noticed alot missing. Okay, fine. But… I had nearly $2,000.00 in auto and carpentry tools that were gone. Some of I had most of my life. When I asked what happened to my tools, she just shrugged her shoulders and pretended to have no idea. I’m pretty sure she had nothing to do with it, but I’m also all but certain she knows who did.
Shouldn’t she feel at least I have the right to know which one of my dear in laws took my tools?
I’ll bet if $2,000.00 of her stuff came up missing from her home, there would be a police report and a file on her home owners insurance.
I know this is a long question but my wife and I argue about this everyday. She don’t want to say anything to mom because she probably doesn’t want to know who it is that took my tools. I just want my stuff back or at least the chance to face the thief.
Oh, man, if I could just find out who took them… that would go a long way towards chilling out this issue.
Mostly aggravating was just the total lack of concern she expressed. Shrug the shoulders, turn up the hands, and tilt the head to the side as if to say…
“Not my fault, not my stuff, not my problem.”
This stuff was “stolen” out of her garage. So why no police report? Why no outrage? Not even a look of surprise.
And yes… I am gonna have to get over this, but damn, it really pisses me off!!

Dusty answers:

You left expensive items unsecured. If blame is going to go anywhere it should start with you.

As for insurance, you could talk about it if she had known your tools were there.

I think you have to man up and let this go.

James asks…

Ready for some “GUNSMOKE” questions? Saddle up, pardner.?

1. Excited about a new born baby in Dodge, Festus used his carpentry tools to make a _______?
2. What three members of “The MaryTyler Moore Show”were guests, at different times, on Gunsmoke???
4. What was the name of the main street in town?
5. What YA member loves Dillon more than Kitty?
6. Which two individuals appeared in every year of the series?
7. What was the name of Festus’ mule?
8. Festus was named after a person in the Bible. In what book of the Bible did this person appear?
9. In “Matt’s Love Story,” who was the GUEST STAR that week who caused Matt to have amnesia, which, by the way, led to a love affair, NEVER to be forgotten by me?!?
10. One of the stars of”Deliverance” was once a GUEST STAR . What is his name?

Dusty answers:

1. A rocking mule
2. Ed asner, Gavin Mcleod, Cloris Leachman
4. Front Street

5. Sunshine(heart)Mattbaby
6. Milburn Stone as Doctor Galen (Doc) Adams and James Arness as Matt Dillon
7. Ruth
8. Acts, Chap 25
9. Michael Learned as Mike Yardner
10. Jon Voight

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