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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Donald asks…

I just started sewing whats the best tool to mark straight lines?

I know a sewing class would help but only one place has one and I literally have no body to watch my baby so Im flying solo. I have a carpenters square,yard stick, measuring tape, and a hem measureing thingy….what else is available??

Dusty answers:

Absolutely you need a see thru quilters ruler AND a rotary cutter with a rotary mat!!

I quilt and would love to answer any of your questions, I’m NOT a pro but quilting is my hobby, just email me, I’d love to help if I can!

Nancy asks…

if a person makes wardrobes out of wood, would it be correct to ask him?

to make a doll house? i assume less thick wood.

or is it different because a doll house requires more detail and tools would be different?

how different is d skill of a carpenter would be to that of a craftsman … i dont really know so please enlighten me……..all i know is i will paint it
WOW sooo nice! how do u make those pink stairs though? pieces of wood stuck 2gethjer? prob not, probably carved out……..but is it something a carpenter can do? i will ask him later but wish to know asap

Dusty answers:

If this person knows how to build a wardrobe he probably has the skills to build a doll house. It is not difficult to build. Go ahead and ask. He may not have the time, but it never hurts to try. There are many free doll house plans on the internet.

Are you looking for a victorian or just a nice little house? Here is a link.


Joseph asks…

You VS Jesus in the battledome. What weapon do you choose?

I mean Jesus was a carpenter so god knows what tools he is using…

Dusty answers:

A shotgun. Those zombies can be really persistent unless you get in a good head shot.

David asks…

What movie is this? ,?

The movie where this guy is a motivational speaker and he wrote a book. He’s played by the person who plays two face in batman the dark night. In the movie he meets a girl who puts clues behind art frames in a hotel. His wife dies in an accident. And he buys a carpenter a bunch of tools, that’s all I remember.Thanks

Dusty answers:

“Love Happens”

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Lisa asks…

Can a gold wedding band that has been cut off a finger be repaired?

My husband had his ring cut off in the emergency room after an accident with woodworking tools.His finger is fine.Several years have passed. The ring has a clean cut. Can it be repaired? If so, what might it cost?

Dusty answers:

Yes it most likely can be repaired and resized if needed as long as there isn’t a lot of ornate setting/desing on th top and sides. Cost will vary depending on cost of gold, jewlery charges etc.

Glad his finger is fine!!

Helen asks…

How do I inscribe someone’s name nicely into a block of wood?

I want to etch or sculpture someone’s name into a block of wood. I don’t want to spend money on special woodworking tools. I already have some Swiss army knives, etc. Is there some trick to engraving or etching a name into wood?

Dusty answers:

Yeah, there is some wood burning tool that you can carve shapes and words into it, but I don’t know what it is called. We use it in Technology sometimes. Even though I hate to say it, you could probably find it at Walmart. You can find anything there. (unfortunately) It shouldn’t cost too much. Maybe 30 bucks. Then again, it depends on how good it is.

Well, I hope everything works out. I hope you find what you are looking for.


Betty asks…

Help with tools for Father’s Day?

He is starting to build the deck of his house soon, and I was thinking of giving him woodworking tools for Father’s Day.

Which tools would help him that are maybe not so common? Please include a few.

I have a preference of IRWIN Tools, so please include mostly these.

Dusty answers:

The two tools I found most useful in doing my deck were a power handsaw and an 18 volt battery operated electric drill. These are both expensive. Other less expensive tools necessary are a T-square and level – you should be able to get help selecting any of these at a local hardware store.

John asks…

What should I do in order to protect carpet from a woodworking project?

How to keep the carpet from getting sawdust ingrained into it. How to keep the carpet from getting ripped up by power tools. I thought about putting down a large sheet of plastic, but I don’t know how resistant to wear and tear that would be.

Dusty answers:

First lay the plastic down to cover the entire carpet. Then lay a sheet of plywood down (or more than one if needed). This should do well to protect the carpet. Good luck.

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Mary asks…

Something for a beautiful Thursday morning. What do you think?

victim of life

Behold the sight of my very own Golgotha,
The gallows enlightenend by a Full Hunters Moon.
Too proud of his art, the smug little carpenter,
his newest creation, Just a tool for my doom,

Sunrise I greet you, your warmth and your light,
So warm and so tender, you were never the night.
In tears I see you, The very last time to be.
But I sure have enjoyed most of my wonderful life,

A sinner , a fool , or just a common beggar,
Or just a victim, a victime of life.
It is no fun, to burn in hells fire,
But I sure have enjoyed my wonderful life.

Please stay here with me, stay by my side
It is just I, your precious child.
Cover my bed with all of your tears,
And I will save you from all of your fears.
Guitar God. Right on the money. I belive in God but have problems with the messengers. Having being raped and abused by a priest has that efeect on you. Thanks for reading closely.
I love the last two lines. They sum it all up perfectly I think

Dusty answers:

Some nice word choices here.

(psst…shouldn’t you getting married…you may need to get off the computer…lol)

Lisa asks…

When will people understand that a college degree is like giving a person a hammer?

it does not make him a carpenter it only gives them a tool to begin to learn to ACCOMPLISH

Dusty answers:

Very true. But I would add, they don’t give degrees away, and attaining one takes hard work and effort. So, people earning college degrees have accomplished something by achieving the degree. It also speaks to their work ethic, which is why a lot of college grads succeed when they start their careers.

William asks…

ten points for an easy question?

add a letter to each word to make another word example-pawn make prawn

add a letter to bony to make a word meaing hard black wood

for the bonus questions(ull get 3thumbs up for every1 hu gets an answer thats right)

when writing the word ”even”it should be wirtten in front of and next to the word or phrase it modifies.rewrite the sentences using ”even to give the meaing described in brackets

1.James could not beat dan at tennis(James as well as others could not beat dan)

2.Mary could not beat Jane at tennis(jane is weak,but Mary is weaker)
Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

add a letter to lane to make a word meaing carpenters tool

add a letter to fat to make a word meaning something that is true

Dusty answers:

Word meaning hard black wood – ebony

James as well as others could not even beat Dan

Jane is weak but Mary is even weaker.

Carpenters tool – plane
something that is true – fact

Thomas asks…

C’mon, c’mon…there’s work to be done. Grab your gloves and your hat. Did you bring your pad and pencil?

Does a carpenter go to work without his tools?
- Giatrakis, 1989

Dusty answers:

Alas! Are the shovel ready jobs finally here!

Huzzah… I brought my pencil! Gimme somethin’ to write on, man!

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Mark asks…

What can I get my new bf for Xmas?

We’ve only been together a couple of months now and I have absolutely NO IDEA what he wants for Xmas. I asked him, but he could not come up with anything (although he’s been talking about a gift that he’s going to be getting for me, something that he “knows I will appreciate”).

Anyhow, a bit more about him: he likes big toys – e.g., motorbikes, sleds, expensive tools, etc. – and he really has nothing of sentimental value around his place (he says he never keeps anything because it clutters the place up). He works as a welder, he likes doing carpentry, and he has no family anymore (except for an estranged father that he hasn’t seen in ten years). He doesn’t have any pets right now (his dog was hit by a car a few months back and he still can’t stand the thought of getting another animal), and I don’t really know any of his friends well enough to ask them what he would like (although it sounds to me like they’re stressing over what to get him as well). He doesn’t like sweets, he never watches a movie twice, he doesn’t wear jewelry, and he’s been out on his own for many years now (so there’s nothing he needs for around the house).

What the heck can I get him?

Dusty answers:

Here are my suggestions:
1) A gift card for a tool store so he can buy new tools.
2) A new tool box or tool belt.
3) Homemade coupons for massages from you, a home cooked dinner from you, etc.
4) Nice smelling men’s bath shower gels.
5) A t-shirt.

Sharon asks…

How to make an indent in wood?

I’m making a bed as my room is too small for a double and two people in a single to making me lose sleep !

I already have a design, measurements a wood source and i have borrowed some tools.

But I am completely stuck about how I am going to make an indent in the wood, the reason I need the indent is because I plan to have removable legs so the extension can slide on top of the other without any protrusions. The only simple way I thought I would make this so, would be detachable legs, with an indent in the frame to allow a fixture for the legs. The indent needs to be about 1 cm – 2 cm and square to allow for the shape of the legs.

I have read books on carpentry but none have shown me how I could do this, any help is appreciated !

Many thanks


Dusty answers:

Go to the library and get the book called Collins Complete Wood Workers Manual by Albert Jackson and David Day ISBN 0-00-414005-2. This book will give you all the design and wood working information that you will require.Go do it Lewis

Lisa asks…

Is my tutor being a hard ass to me?

I’m doing a Carpentry course at my college and my tutor has been giving me some grief….well I think. Today I completed a wooden frame for a assessment and finished an hour before the dead line…there was a small bit of damage which I had done to it using power tools and a I asked the day before it this was ok and he replied with “yeah that is fine don’t worry about it” so I carried on with the frame and spent 3 hours today making it look nice by using a plainer and sanding it down…when he walked past and picked the frame up and said “I’m not accepting that” so I offered to do it again and he said I didn’t have time and would be failing the Unit and assessment. I was also a hour late today for the first time in six months….when I walked in to the workshop….he took me to one side and said if you are late next week I will flip a coin and if it lands on heads then I’m gonna kick you off the course…I took this as a joke,even though he wasn’t laughing or smiling… I was leaving the workshop he said to me “don’t forget our little arrangement” he was referring to kicking me off the course if I was late again as stated. It’s worth mentioning that I have 100% attendance and have never been in trouble in the classroom for miss behaving….he was also telling us how another boy in his other set has 55% attendance and this boy is still in his class!!?? how should I approach this? he is also ex British Royal Marines and is a real hard ass who runs his class with military precision..he looks like he has killed a few people in his life. I thank you in advance. How shall I deal with this?

Dusty answers:

Maybe he thinks you have potential and is testing you. I would bust my a$$

Mary asks…

I’m planing to….?

i’m planning to build a small 15′ chined hull wooden run-about does anyone have any advice on how to compose the keel….. should i go with a laminated keel or a single solid member …. i plan to use the boat on both fresh and salt water in the puget sound area i also intend to do some small time crab fishing in the puget sound area also are there any special tools i need besides the carpenters basics (circular saw, reciprocating saw, power drill, clamps, table saw)? i have experiance in carpentry and boating but not boat building

Dusty answers:

Boatbuilding requires a person that likes to have his/her spirit crushed.
Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!
I’m no great teacher/explainer, but you should find some people who are more than happy to walk you through the process on one of these forums.
Go with the laminated keel.
Also, get a low angle adjustable mouth block plane (1 1/2″ wide, they can do more than a 2″ wide one can), a mallet, chisels, definitely need some scrapers (burnished = sharp) and probably a rabbit plane (among other things).
Most important! Know how to sharpen (razor sharp!), and always keep your tools SHARP!
This in itself will save you tons of grief.

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Richard asks…

Are pesticides causing my joint pain?

I had an exterminator try to kill carpenter ants in the forest next to my house because they were spying on me. A year later, I took some rocks out of the forest and used them to create formations and sculptures. I also threw a bunch in a pile, some of them may have been prehistorical tools. I now have pain in my thumb joint.

Dusty answers:

Jesus, man, the carpenter ants were trying to build you a lucky cricket cage. No wonder your joint hurts! Which joint is it… And don’t be funny or risque or an angry troll without a girlfriend will report you and probably try to shoot me.

Dodging bullets! Great exercise!

Hey, quit grinning! This is serious business, boy! This is the Internet, man! Get hip! Get angry!! Get groovy!

You’re as daft as Judy Teen… And that’s a good thing. Thank you for helping me laugh!

Betty asks…

I am thinking about joining trades?

I want to join the trades, maybe carpenter or plumber?
but i don’t know a whole lot about tools and stuff.
should i be worried? or will the apprenticeship program help me become more knowledgeable about everything? or is there some kind of courses i could take before i join the apprenticeship?

Dusty answers:

Go to MIT

Lisa asks…

If a person makes wardrobes out of wood, would it be correct to ask him?

to make a doll house? i assume less thick wood.

or is it different because a doll house requires more detail and tools would be different?

how different is d skill of a carpenter would be to that of a craftsman … i dont really know so please enlighten me……..all i know is i will paint it

Dusty answers:

Yes … He would be capable …. But if you can find a retired furniture maker , you will get the best dolls house ever …… There are plenty of old craftsmen with time and skills , you wont be dissapointed

Mary asks…

Wanting to buy a laser level for DIY projects – what to buy? Please help.?

So here’s the thing,
I need to level my floor, and I also just need an excuse to buy a really cool tool. I’ve always wanted a laser level, and am looking for some advice on what to purchase.

I am looking for something that automatically self levels, will project a line 360 degrees, and has the potential to have a device read the level *like receiver* I would like to keep the budget under 600CAD.

Any carpenters out there have some suggestions?

Dusty answers:

you need a rotary head lazer,

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Robert asks…

My carpenter as asked me to get a tool for him to use, I need help figuring out what it is?

He’s Amish, and I can’t call him to get clarification on this (and I won’t be seeing him again for a few days). Here is what is on the note he gave me: 1″ Concave Shaper Cutter with Carbide Tip and 1/2″ Mandrel. He’s renovating our stair case and I think it’s for molding.?

Okay, so I’ve researched as best I can, and found this web page at

If someone would be kind enough to look at that page and tell me which cutter is the proper one, I’d be so grateful. I’m wondering if it’s the one that is $95.48 or the one below it. I don’t know which part of the cutter is supposed to be 1″, and how to tell if the mandrel is 1/2″ (really I don’t know for sure what a mandrel is).

If anyone could help me figure this out I’d really appreciate it.
Oh my goodness! For those answerers who are upset that my carpenter has asked me to “buy his tools” for him or “he can’t be good if he doesn’t have the proper tools“……we are more than homeowner/carpenter…we are friends, have been for years. He has one of these cutters already, but it is dull. I offered – okay – offered to go to town and pick one of these up for him. It’s an hour to a town big enough to have a decent hardware store WITH A CAR, imagine how long it would be with a horse and buggy. Also, he gave me $150 of his own money to buy this. Alright? Is everybody happy now? These details weren’t necessary in order to answer the question, but I am providing them now in answer to the hateful comments about a good, Christian man who has done much much more for my husband and me than what a trip to town to pick up a tool could possibly pay back.

To those of you who actually answered, I do thank you.

Dusty answers:

He wants the bullnose, I think. The first link below is very close to the exact cutter he wants.

Note, you will NOT find this sort of stuff at Home Depot or Lowe’s – they cater to the DIY’er and standard construction, which a shaper is not. This tends to be a specialty store item

One problem, shapers seem to come with .75″ and 1.25″ bores. And no arbor to neck them down. If he wants to use a 1/2″ router or the smaller Jet shaper, get Amana, CMT, or Bosch (yes, like the spark plugs) router bits. EXCELLENT TOOLS. You can find a 1″ bullnose with a 1/2″ shank (third reference). There are plenty of other sources.

Carbide quality DOES vary. Sears sells carbide tools. Used one once, and never again. High Speed Steel (HSS) would have been better.

The man sounds honest – I’ve been in his situation. The Amish community has an impeccable reputation. Work with him, and he will work with you (my best guess). Check with him before you buy!

Good Luck!

James asks…

Are the Holy Grail, Shroud of Turin and Holy Prepuce the only artifacts that survived from Jesus’ time?

Jesus was a carpenter, didn’t He leave a tool box with “Jesus wuz Here” scratched in the side or something?

Dusty answers:

Aptly you got the first answer from the exposing TROLL!

Paul asks…

Choose the proper apostrophe usage for the word in parentheses?

1. (Lori) dresses are much too short.
A. Loris
B. Lori’s
C. Loris’
D. Loris’s

2.There are so many (childrens) games to choose from at Wal-Mart.
A. childrens
B. children’s
C. childrens’
D. childrens’s

3.My dog likes to sleep in the (cats) baskets.
A. cats
B. cat’s
C. cats’
D. cats’s

4.The (carpenters) tools were stolen from his truck.
A. carpenters
B. carpenter‘s
C. carpenters’
D. carpenters’s

5.All of the (students) lost their notebooks on the bus.
A. students
B. student’s
C. students’
D. students’s

Dusty answers:

B. C. B. B. A.

Susan asks…

How about an experiment on the efficacy of prayer?

Here’s what I need: It’s an experiment I could easily set up. I need a few boards, a few nails, some carpenter tools, a carpenter (preferably atheist), five hundred ‘christians’ and five hundred folding chairs. So, we put equal sized piles of boards and nails and tools in front of the ‘christians’ and in front of the carpenter and give them two hours. The ‘christians’ pray for the two hours. The carpenter uses his two hands and spends two hours building a doghouse. Notice that no matter how hard the ‘christians’ pray, the boards and nails in front of the ‘christians’ never move.

Dusty answers:

Long-Awaited Medical Study Questions the Power of Prayer

By BENEDICT CAREY Published: March 31, 2006

Prayers offered by strangers had no effect on the recovery of people who were undergoing heart surgery, a large and long-awaited study has found.

And patients who knew they were being prayed for had a higher rate of post-operative complications like abnormal heart rhythms, perhaps because of the expectations the prayers created, the researchers suggested.

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David asks…

how do i find photos of furniture dishes other items made in the 1930′s to 1960′s?

i have 3 secretaries, dining room table, hall tree, cabinets, small end other tables, (all wood, some hand made ). i also have old tools, some hand made, hand made carpenter boxes and many items i haven’t a clue what they are. is there a website that may be able to help?

Dusty answers:

Give eBay a try: go on there and search your items with keywords like “vintage hall tree” “1930′s hand tools”…and so on. You’d be surprised how much old stuff & oddities turn up there daily and you have a pretty good chance of finding either precisely what you have or something fairly close.

Mary asks…

If Jesus was a carpenter…?

Why was he weak? Back then, carpenters had to be strong, because they had no power tools, so how come he was weak?

Does that look like a strong man to you?
Who said he was weak? Jesus walked everywhere he went, sometimes 30 miles. Don’t assume things, read the Bible.


Walking 30 miles… Not that hard. Also, how do you know he walked 30 miles? Just because a BOOK said so?

Dusty answers:

The people who wrote the fiction of ‘jesus’ weren’t good fiction writers.

Lizzie asks…

I want to build a natural material outdoor privacy screen,maybe grapevine or tree branches. Any ideas or tips?

5 to 7 feet wide, approx 10 feet tall on treated posts in concrete. Want some wind to go through. Will be at the end of my porch in the shade most of the day. Might plant a flowering vine under it. Something simple with only basic tools (power drill, hammer, staple gun). Send photos if possible. I’m not a carpenter. My only talent is sewing and quilting! LOL! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

Dusty answers:

What about using bamboo fencing? It is incredibly sturdy, and relatively inexpensive.

Chris asks…

How do I make a can crusher? HELP! :) ?

Okay, you canadians, in grade eight you probably did this project.

You have to make a can crusher! :( I need help! My father does NOT have a saw, nor any other high tech tools. He is a manager not a carpenter, so basically…I’m on my own.

I need help on how to make one. I am only 14 and I am not going to pay 40 dollars for materials.

I really need help, PLEASE

Dusty answers:

Hi..not Canadian, but hope this helps. :) As far as not having a saw..if you purchase the wood at a home improvement store or a lumber yard, sometimes they will cut the wood to specifications.

Things You’ll Need:
2 x 4 inch board
Strap hinge kit
Jar lids
Two 1-inch screws
Screen door handle

Step 1
Cut the 2 x 4 board into two pieces that are 16 inches long.

Step 2
Attach the hinge to the ends of the two boards with the screws included in the hinge kit. You want to two boards to fold inward until they are stacked flat on top of each other.

Step 3
Use the two 1-inch screws attach the two jar lids to the inside ends of the 2 x 4 on the opposite end of the hinge. The jars should be directly on top each other when the two 2 x 4s are folded on top of each other. Make sure that the two jar tops that are slightly larger in size than the average can.

Step 4
Attach the door handle to the board that is going to form the top of the can crusher. Attach it at the end opposite of the hinge, above the jar lid.

Step 5
Place a can in the jar lid of the bottom board of the can crusher. Using the door handle, bring the top board down on top of the can. The two jar lids will keep the can in place as you use the door handle and force to crush the can flat.

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Ruth asks…

Notched Axe & Hatchet Heads?

At the hardware store I noticed that many axes “labeled” for carpentry and framing have triangular cuts or notches in the underside of their heads, as opposed to larger camper and fire axes looking normal and lacking any cuts.

Whats the reason for this? It doesn’t appear to be a difference in size, but if its a feature in some specialty tools, what does it do?

Dusty answers:

Not possitive on exact ‘notch’ but:
On farm, we always added a ‘wedged’ angled piece into hole with new handle. When this wedged was pounded into hole with new handle, it prevented axle head to ‘slip’ off during use. However, we pounded the wedge into the top of axle head’s hole.

Nancy asks…

Need help on building stuff?

I went to high school at a vocational school and took carpentry and now I want to start using my skills and start to build different things out of wood so that I can try and sell them to make some money. Now I have only a skill saw and a power dill and hammer that is it so if anyone knows what I can build with only these tools that is simple and quick and that I can sell for some fast money please let me know.

Dusty answers:

Well, for starters, your tool inventory might just have to be expanded a little. What I mean is this…You will find that you’ll tend to be a lot more creative if you had such tools as a table saw, chop/miter saw, a router w/some bits, air nail gun or guns & an air compressor…I know this sounds like a vast mountain of machinery, but trust me, you’ll be amazed how much more you’ll end up broadening your horizons & your skilll level with these items.
I, myself, happen to be what is called an Architectural Mill-worker”. What this is is a fine finish carpenter and/or master woodworker by trade. Believe it or not, I started my career in my high school wood shop, in the tenth grade. By the time I was a senior, I had generated the school wood shop into pretty much my place of business. What I mean is that a lot of the other students in all the 6 periods of class each day just kind of hung out. The teacher was lucky to get even a simple cutting board out of them.
Well, that all soon changed… I incorporated the help from about 80% of each periods’ students paying them for their efforts, along the while the teacher was grading them as well…What , in the beginning, was soon to be a dropped elective from the school board, turned out to be an amazing & unforgettable experience for me.
After graduating, I continued on volunteering my time & extra materials to this same wood shop for the next twenty four years until its demise a couple of years ago. This was very devastating for me…but I did have to look on the bright side. I helped keep a “God-Given” passion of mine alive for a very long period of time with endless memories along side it.
The moral of me explaining all of this to you, & I hope you do take this to heart, is that if you set your mind in the right direction, you’ll discover an endless supply of talent & a demand for your services…With whatever you end up doing in your life, always remember one thing…You have to this better than anyone else…Don’t worry…this is very possible because I can see that you’re eager & heading in the right direction….
Now, a simple, inexpensive, but lucrative project to build would be the thing that I had mentioned earlier, a cutting board. I don’t know if you have any cabinet makers in your town, but if you do, pay them a visit & ask them if they have any scrap “Hardwood” lumber strips available…Chances are, they will…You then, in turn, glue up these strips creating many different colors/ species & sizes of these cutting boards….A very important sales pitch would be that most everyone these days ,upon having their kitchens remodeled, tend to have granite counter tops installed…mainly for their exquisite natural beauty…However, something that is highly not recommended is for one to cut their edibles on this granite. You see, what this will do is possibly cause expensive repairs & possible surface re-polishing of their granite tops. To top it off, their cutlery will definitely be in need of a regular sharpening more frequently than if they were to be cutting onto a natural hardwood surface…The cutting board….It’s just a thought
Well, I hope that I was able to help your promising future in some way….Also, keep in mind that if you do decide to manufacture these cutting boards that when one is completed, you will have to drench it in vegetable oil…This not only makes it look more like a masterpiecee but it also protects the wood, making it less likely to absorb any possible bacterias that inhibit the foods cut on them…
I tell you what I’m going to do for you…I’m going to sort through my tool collection to see & separate some of the tools that are in abundance. If you are willing to accept what I find, you’re more than welcome to have them…Let me see what I can come up with & we’ll go from there…Please take all of what I just presented to you for what it’s worth & most importantly, always pursue your dreams…Learn from your mistakes & become the master woodworker that you’re destined to be…You’ll do just fine….Take care & try to learn something new everyday of your life…..Respectfully, Steve Hughes…
P.S.- If you are interested in the possible tools I have to offer “For Free” then you can contact me @

Robert asks…

Teen business idea help?!?!?

hi! im thinking of starting a business over the summer. Im extremely good with tools and have alot of experience with carpentry. Im 16 and was thinking maybe like a yard service/ fixing things/building w/e. More smaller jobs. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated! thanks! :)

Dusty answers:

It’s not a bad idea…why work for someone else, making them like $200 a day while you only get paid $50, right??

I mean, the economy is tough right now, and there’s lots of things to think about like insurance and stuff like that…

But at 16, I would just do it under-the-table. Just take a few small jobs from local people that don’t really run the risk of you destroying their home or anything like that. Think about advertising on Craigslist, saying you’re a handyman who’s looking for some small jobs.

The economy is bad so it might be tough, but if you do a good job and don’t charge too much, word should get around, ya know?

Good luck, and good thinking!

Mark asks…

Jesus was a liberal. So why do Conservatives use Christianity to promote their political beliefs?

Jeusus didn’t settle down and get a job. Carpentry is not a walk around without tools kind of job. You ever hear about Jesus making furniture or doing cabinets? No, you do not.

He didn’t get married.

He told the power structure (Herod) to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

He told the military industrial complex ( Pontius Pilate) to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

He told the Religious (Pharisees) leaders to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

He told the Bankers (Money Changer)s to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

The power structure sent the Secret Police to kill Jesus cousin, because they thought he was subversive.

His main woman he hung out with was a prostitute.

He hung out with working class people.

He basically said God loved the poor and all rich people where going to Hell.

REPEAT: He said the rich people WERE GOING TO HELL. “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven.”




“New American Standard Bible (©1995)
Peter, turning around, saw the disciple whom Jesus loved following them; the one who also had leaned back on His bosom at the supper and said, “Lord, who is the one who betrays You?”


Dusty answers:

I’m a Conservative and not a Christian. Conservatism is a political ideology, not a religious one. Besides I highly doubt Jesus would take any political position.

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Linda asks…

What is this woodworking tool called?

You put it in a woodworking vice, it is a flat piece of wood with a block on each end (One end has the block on top, one end has the block on the bottom.) It is used along with a saw.
This may not make sense, it’s hard to explain in words, but you put this thing in the vice and then you put another piece of wood on it (So the tool holds it in place while you saw it.)
So if you understand any of this, what is this called?
Thank you!

Dusty answers:

Hi Jesse,

I am in my 60′s and when I was at school it was one of the first things I made and we used to cut pieces of wood with a tenon saw and I googled “saw squares” under Images and a few different derivations and saw one being used but it had no name.

You don;t have to put it in a vice and can lean it against the edge of a bench

These days I use a combination drop and draw saw but it doesn’t have the fine accuracy of a hand say and I use Japanese draw saws with fine teeth and you drag the saw rather than push for the cut.

Good luck and regards

Mike D


Sandy asks…

i’m trying to find good ways to use power tools?

I have a lot of power tools and i like woodcrafting. i basically have all tools that cut but i want to get into woodworking and i don’t know of any videos online that really explain how to use tools well. most of them are people at home and the video isn’t proffessional. other than that i’m going to go to the library and find a book and see where that gets me but good professional videos are usually better. any tips?

Dusty answers:

You can take some tool use at home depot , check the class schedules, also the AGC has classes you can take , thats association of general contractors . The best tip I can give you is to know where your hands are all the time and eye and ear protection, also never leave tools out or plugged in due to the curiosity of young ones. Safety is always the first issue . Try the construction trades and tool use, The best tip is to read your safety guide that comes with each tool you have purchased.

Ken asks…

kids and woodworking tool safety?

I manage a shop for kids aged between 10-17 and am curious what the opinions on tool use are.

My typical rule is to gauge child reaction to hand tools and slowly work up on various power tools such as scroll saws, drill presses, lathes, orbital sanders, jig saws, cordless drills, and with older children chop/miter saws. While I understand the value in starting kids with hand tools speed is a large factor when you only get 1-3 hrs to build a project. Especially one that a child can use and feel incredibly accomplished on. and who can argue using a coping is faster or gives a nicer cut then a jigsaw ever will.

are there any sites you might recommend for easier or safer tools to handle that would be faster then hand tools.

Dusty answers:

One good idia for safety.KEEP BOTH HANDS ON THE TOOL u are using i think it applys in most cases.

Lizzie asks…

Moving from US to Australia. Can I run my shop equipment?

In a short period of time, I will be moving from the US to Australia. Since I do not expect to live there indefinitely, I would prefer to use some of my electrical items from here. Specifically,I have some woodworking tools (bandsaw, drill press, bench grinder ) that run on 120V. I know that our system is 120V and 60 Hz. The Australian system is 240 and 50 Hz. Can I purchase some converters/inverters that will allow me to safely use my tools while I am there?

Dusty answers:

It’s going to cost you more than they’re worth to ship them over and ship them back. But if you did, the best thing to do would be to buy a portable generator while you’re in USA, then all you need is gasoline and oil over there. Don’t forget to take along extension cords too.
The best thing I found was to pick up stuff at garage sales over there. That way you don’t have to worry about conversion and you can sell the stuff there before you leave.
Whatever we have here, they have over there geared to their power supply.
If the stuff you take over needs repairs it could cost you a fortune.
I was going to do the same thing but when I searched the Internet I found it was better to leave my stuff here.
Garage Sales, Pawn Shops, Flea Markets, Auctions and there are New and Used Tool shops over there.

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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Nancy asks…

How do Carpenters Keep Projects Level Over Roughly 100 Feet?

Over the past few decades, what techniques have carpenters used to keep homes and other buildings level over say 50 to 100 feet?

Would it be correct to assume that bubble levels can lead a project to be off by several inches over 50 or so feet?

(I realize that new lazer tools have dramatically increased accuracy in recent years.)

Dusty answers:

A simple water level can establish level over enormous distances. The only factor is the length of hose you use.

Jenny asks…

carpenters? best tool to get framing nails out of a 2 X 4?

have to separate two 2 X 4′s that are nailed together with 3″ framing nails, i have a lot to remove, i have a short cat’s paw, what’s better?

Dusty answers:

If you want to reuse 2×4′s and they are heavily nailed, you will have to use a good sharp cats paw. A crowbar will just destroy them

Charles asks…



Dusty answers:

Aside from SHOUTING at us. You have left a few things out . Are you Mexican? Are you American? What is the nature an purpose of your vist. If the airline takes you , they are responsible for the cost of returning you.
If and when you get to Cancun you will have some Splanin to do. You can Not do anything renumerable while in Mexico on a Tourist Permit if you are a foreigner.
If you get a red light and your luggage searched you will have even more Splanin to do.
Never listen to that Jim guy!!

Carol asks…

can a school take a professional’s tools away?

like a plumber’s wrench, a carpenter‘s saw, or a electrician’s knife. Anything that could be a “weapon”

Dusty answers:

Yes,we are expected to have the common sense not to bring weapons to school.regardless,if they are professional or not.
One of my peers was expelled from my community college,for bringing a big knife-it was for cutting a cake we brought for a potluck,for class.our instructor warned us not to bring knives and to precut things,but she did not heed his warning.he didnt turn her in,someone else saw it ,and reported her to campus police.

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