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Woodworking projects like “How to Make Decorative Wood Veneer Sheets” on the band saw are fun to make. It is also simple when the woodworker understands the techniques to create the wood project. Band saw techniques that are shown in this online video project allow the woodworker a “work safe” environment. Learn how to use a parquetry woodworking technique. Hardwood “diamonds” are cut using the 60 degree band saw sled. The diamonds are then arranged to form beautiful geometric designs. In this woodworking video the laminated wood segments of 3/4″ diamonds are sliced into hardwood veneers of 3/32″ thickness. Six veneer sheets are obtained using a band saw slicing technique developed by The Apprentice and The Journeyman. Be smart, work safe, and learn how to make designs in wood for decorative wood veneer sheets! Watch more woodworking videos on YouTube… Subscribe to the YouTube Channel: Learn more, Experience more! Bob Simmons
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