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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Ken asks…

Freezing a box of chocolates?

I just bought a box of tools-shaped chocolates for my carpenter dad. I think he’ll like them, but I’m hoping that they can last till I give them to him on Father’s Day. Should I freeze or refrigerate them or do you think it’s okay for me to leave them out? It’s still pretty cool inside my place, so I don’t think they’ll melt.
He won’t find them – I don’t live with my parents. He’ll get them when I go to their house for F’s Day. And it’s very cool in here, so i may just keep them out. Thanks to all! = ]

Dusty answers:

I am a former chef and have made many types of choclate fancies, and the seocnd lady and last gentleman are right, the chocolate can get with spots from the cocoa butter solids.

Chocolate melts at a bit above 100 d F, so fond a nice dark drawer or the back of your pantry or cupboard, they will last for a month or 2 and with Fathers day only a week away, they are fine left out, just keep them cool.

Nancy asks…

i need help with my geometry homework!?

so we have a worksheet with everyday sentences, but they’re missing a geometry word, but you can only use point, line, or plane.

i’m stuck on a few:

a carpenter‘s tool consisting of an adjustable blade for smoothing and leveling is called a ___.
a flat surface is also called a ___ surface.
the members of a baseball team who are chosen by the manager to start the game are in the ___. (but she said it’s not line up :/)
a long tapered stick is called a ___.
a meaningless or irrelevant comment is ___.

thank you for your time!

Dusty answers:

The last ones line, and i think the baseball one is point.

Jenny asks…

Help me find this movie!! I want it, badly!!!?

I remember this scene from this movie, see, and I forgot where I saw it. It showed this crazy and sick dentist guy, strapping this screaming girl down in a chair, pulling out all of her teeth (with a pair of pliers, which you would normally find in a carpenter‘s tool box), shaving off all of her hair, until she’s bald, taking a drill and drilling into the top of her head, sticking a device into the hole that scrambles her brain into a shake or pudding (sorta like a larger version of the in-the-shell egg scrambler, which they used to sell on T.V., by Ronco), sticking a clear glass tube into the hole, and sucking up & drinking her scrambled brains, like a bloody milk shake.

Dusty answers:

…you’re definitely talking about a scene from the oh-so bloody & gory, and dark-humored 1976 horror shocker, entitled “Bloodsucking Freaks”…..

David asks…

carpenters and remodelers? why why why?

this is for professional carpenters and remodelers. Why do so many of you tradesmen use silicon caulk? I am a painter with 26 years under my belt and I want to go into a rage when I find silicon applied by a pro when it is adjoining a paintable surface. SILICON IS NOT PAINTABLE AND PAINTABLE SILICON CAN NOT BE TOUCHED BY YOUR SKIN TO TOOL IT OUT (IT BECOMES UNPAINTABLE).You tradesmen would be saving money and get better results and painters would not go bezerk if you would start using caulks like Geo cel or some copolymers,they perform better.So my question is why do you use silicon?

Dusty answers:

I have heard that lament enough times now to know that it saves me money to use siliconized caulk when it it permissable.
It is paintable and holds a lot of the properties of silicone.

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