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Sandy asks…

Is there a way to attach crittertrail tubes to a 10 gallon tank?

My rat lives in a tiny 10 gallon tank and I know she is not happy, especially since my idiot ex boyfriend lost her sister in the woods. I however am not allowed to get another one so I figured more space and interesting toys would make her happy. So is there a way that if I got another tank I could run crittertrail tubes (or the big ferret ones when she gets bigger) through the tank to another (I am willing to cut holes through the glass or screen top, but how? I know I could find the right tools my dads a carpenter I’m sure he could help.

Dusty answers:

I’m not sure if you can attach the tubes onto a tank, but you could use a tank topper if your rat doesn’t have enough room. Here’s an example of a tank topper:

Donna asks…

Who does this for boredom? What is your method?

Travels somewhere ?

Travels really far if really, really bored?

Throws an an expensive and wild party?

Drinks a licorice gin fizz and slides down the banister?

Plays pop the balloons with Fido?

Spies on the Great Lakes squirrel population?

Reads a good detective or spy novel?

Makes a Crackerjack-Black Walnut Sundae?

Puts a cranberry, a green olive and a cherry in the cat’s dish at the regular time to see what happens?

Finally decides to start hang gliding or sky diving lessons?

Gone fishing or turkey hunting?

Collects all the scrap wood pieces, tools and gorilla or carpenter‘s glue and sees what can be done?

Does a watercolor of the fire hydrant and the bush out front, including the pothole in the road?

Wonders if there is something forgotten which needs to be remembered — now! ?

What is YOUR method?

Dusty answers:

Only those cheap ones that u mentioned. We couldnt afford some of these…
Also….sleeeeep! We have this uncanny ability

Mandy asks…

r YOU a TAX expert? help me, a lost student?

Finch Construction Company provides its employees who are carpenters w/all the required tools. However, the company believes that this has led to some employees not taking care of the tools and to the mysterious disappearance of some of the tools. the Company is considering requiring all of its employees to provide their own tools. Employee’s salaries would be increased by $1,500 to compensate for their addt’l costs.

Write a letter to Finch’s managment explaining the tax consequences of this plan to the carpenters.

Dusty answers:

There would be no tax consequences, because the employees who get the 1500 increase in salary would be able to save receipts for those tools and deduct the 1500 back off their salary as “work related expenses.” Therefore it would not affect their income tax.

The only way it could affect it is if they don’t save receipts, or don’t buy 1500 worth of tools that year. It is just more hassle to the carpenters to do it this way, but doesn’t affect them financially.

Carol asks…

Can I get some help of what to get for my geometry homework?

Ok I have a scavenger Hunt for ENRICHED Geometry and I would like to know what Can I use for these 6 items? I only need 3 but some are kinda hard of what to use.

1. A cooking utensil that has 2 hemispheres.
2. A cylindrical storage container containing a hexagonal Prism.
3. An object that has a Rotational symmetry but no reflectional symmetry.
4. a carpenters measuring tool with English units, or Metric Units.(not both)
5. an abacus or slide rule. (No clue what these are)
6. an object with reflectional symmetry from a Non-European culture.

Thanks if you guys can help.

Dusty answers:

SI (metric) prefixes:

k (kilo) = x1000 = e3
M (Mega) = x1000000 = e6
G (Giga) = x1000000000 = e9
T (Tera) = x1000000000000 = e12
P (Peta) = x1000000000000000 = e15
E (Exa) = x1000000000000000000 = e18
Z (Zetta) = x1000000000000000000000 = e21

d (deci) = /10 = e-1
c (cent) = /100 = e-2
m (milli) = /1000 = e-3
µ (micro) = /1000000 = e-6
n (nano) = /1000000000 = e-9
p (pico) = /1000000000000 = e-12
f (femto) = /1000000000000000 = e-15…

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