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Sharon asks…

What do you think i should do ? Car buying?

Might be a stupid question

Okay i’m looking at getting a new (used) car. I’m 19, an apprentice carpenter. At the moment i use a really crappy vw lupo which isnt big enough for all my tools and is a ridiculous car for a carpenter to use. I cant really buy a van because insurance would be too much. So i’m looking at getting a estate/wagon. I think i have two options,

Put up with my crappy car for a year while i save up for a really nice car


just get an old beat up one now

What would you do ?

Do you have any suggestions for decent wagons ?

Dusty answers:

I don’t know why carpenters and other construction workers think they need big cars and trucks. How are you going to pay for the fuel if your contractor wants you to drive 50 miles one way? I can fit all of my tools in the back of my 2-door coupe. While I’m getting 30mpg, everyone else is getting 16-20mpg. Your tools are 4′ level, Framing square, raingear, and a couple 3′ tool boxes. On top of that you will want to keep that sh1t concealed so it doesn’t get stolen.

I’ve seen poorer carpenters lose their job because they were driving a bucket that couldn’t make it to and from work. Obviously, your main concern needs to be reliability. I wouldn’t spend money on a car that would cost you even 1 day of work. If your Lupo can make it to and from work everyday until you save the money then I would hang onto it. You’re being employed because of your production level, reliability, and how well you fit in with the crew, not the car your drive.

Right now, I have a pickup and a commuter. I can fit all of my tools in my gas sipping commuter. The pickup does not see a lot of action. I get moved from job to job frequently. I’ve had 5 mile commutes and I’ve had 80 mile one way commutes.

It also depends on the weather you will be dealing with during the winter. If it’s always snowy and icy during the winter then you could look at a 4wd Subaru Outback or another 4wd vehicle that gets decent gas mileage such as a Ford Escape. I would do some research on these used cars because some of them are problematic. The Subaru Outbacks that were made from 98-2002 had problems with the headgaskets.

I would save the money, for sure. When you buy a car, do you plan to buy with cold cash or are you going to need a loan? If you need a loan then you should join a Credit Union. Before you go out and buy a car you would need to make sure your credit is cleaned up and you have a decent credit rating. Then you can get a pre-approved car loan from your Credit Union. When you walk onto a car lot with a pre-approved loan, it’s as good as having cash. The car dealers will still try to find you a loan because they get a cut if you apply for teh loan through them.

Whatever car you decide to buy, I would research it. MSN autos used to give very good details about cars. I was going to buy a Honda Accord V6 until I read that they have huge problems with the transmissions. You don’t want to buy a car that’s going to break down at 120k.

Mary asks…

What should I get my boyfriends parents for Christmas?

Yes, getting them presents is appropriate. We’ve been on Vacation together *as a family* and they will one day soon be my in-laws.

His Dad is a jokester type, funny guy full of laughter and puns. Hes a Master Carpenter, but im pretty sure he has all the tools in the world. I’m leaning towards a funny gift for him, but I’m not sure what.

His Mom is a Teacher for middle school students, mostly math and science. She doesn’t have many hobbies, other than reading, and her books come from the library. She is a very serious person.

They are both 60 years old.


Dusty answers:

For his mom I suggest getting her some school supplies and some books as I am sure she loves to read. Possibly those books with school activities or just books to read for fun.

For his dad is a bit more complicated. I would suggest maybe a prank book? (lol i know that was a lame idea) Maybe a bottle of wine? Or some tools

Maria asks…

My father is very ill and i don’t know how to feel about it…………………..?

it’s almost as if it’s just some random person. I feel bad for him, but not like most people would. he has done some good things for us(my 2 older brothers and i) but the bad outweighs the good by a mile. i the past he has said ugly things to us and believed (and repeated) ugly things that people have said about us without even finding out if they were true or not. i just last year started going to see him again after he said something out of the way to me. i only started to go back because i wanted my children to know their grandfather(he’s actually good to strangers and kids). Yesterday he went to my brothers house and gave him all of his tools except for 1 hammer. he’s been a carpenter almost all of his 75 years , so a move like that makes me think that his cancer has come back and whatever the Dr. said on wensday wasn’t good. am i bad because i feel indifferent about the whole thing?

Dusty answers:

I really hate to here of your father falling ill once again. Let me tell you just last week my father was told that he has cancer of the pancreas.It is a scary time for all involed but most of all the patient. I went to see my father just last year after 24 years, we had some bad issuses between us as well does my sister and brother does with him. I feel better that I went I can honestly say that I have no regrets. You feel how you feel and you can only do what you feel is best towards your dad. Always remember that you tried your very best towards him. May god bless you and your father, put your trust in him and he will lead the way. Good luck.

Donna asks…

it works for us do you think it will work on my kids and next generation?

My dad is greek and had a unique way of dicipline. whenever we did something wrong we had a family meeting after talking about it we decide about physical dicipline for instance my sister one time got spanked for 45 minutesfor coming late around 2 am when she was 16 , …and every single member of family should contribute ) mom or dad hit ,rest hold the person ) that way everyone saw the consequence of doing wrong,one at a time, in this discipline and spank or cane the “bad” person… but we all turn out to be ok people we are all college graduate, drug free EVEN my rebel sister.. my dad has different stick from different materials which call it “tame tool” that a carpenter made for him,( oak is the most painful one trust me I couldn’t seat for a week) is which was/still is my dad’s closet, and we had to go on top of table in frog position and they hit you or depends on your punishment, palm of our hands or sole of our feet

Dusty answers:

I think its a great way… I spank my kids all the time and they turn out to be fine…i mean discipline should be in a way that remember not in sissy way… Never tried stick but belt work fabulous

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