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Fiber Tool Kit TYPE 3

MX high quality fiber optic tool kit with different types of tools which is used during installation of fiber optic systems. It contains one fiber optic stripper, one Kevlar cutter, one Fiber crimping tool, cleaning materials etc. It has a high quality bag. It is an all in one bag used during installation and repairing of fiber optic systems. It is durable. Easy to find exact tool during operation. Easy to carry during traveling. Provide safety to all your tools. Easy to use. It is safe, secure and well established in the fiber industry. Product Link: What is Fiber Optics? Fiber optic cable in essence, is a hair-like glass conduit that carries virtually any type of signal from one point to another at light speed. In case you are wondering why light traveling through fiber optic cable does not actually travel at true light speed, it is because the glass that makes up fiber optic cable is denser than the vacuum of outer space where light can travel without disruption. Needless to say, a fiber optic light signal is still much faster and far superior to a copper based signal, which is why it has become so popular in the cable television, telecommunications and computer networking. Unlike copper based signals, fiber signals are not affected by external power sources or surges and there is no need for shielding or grounding. How are Fiber Optics used today? Today, practically every communication network contains fiber optics. In most cases, fiber optics are
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