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VIUs Carpentry students are building homes in the community, getting invaluable hands-on experience outside the classroom. In the first year program, the students take a house from barren lot to lock up stage. Accompanying classroom time in the program is time in the community, working in all areas of home construction, so that students have the experience they need to work in the industry. For more information, check out the program’s web page at:

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BALCONY HOUSE Mesa Verde National Park

The impressive Mesa Verde National Park in the USA contains numerous centuries old Indian rock settlements including the remarkable Balcony House. The climb to Balcony House has always been an arduous task and within the entire area of the Mesa Verde, no other Indian pueblo settlement is as well preserved. The unique quality of its brickwork indicates the past presence of a highly developed community that probably lived here until the end of the 13th century. For several centuries, the 45 rooms of Balcony House remained unoccupied, and the families who had formerly inhabited them, the Anasazi Indians, left without a trace. The buildings have managed to survive due to the dry climate, the inaccessibility of their location and the nature of the materials used in their construction. In contrast to the earlier culture of the Basket Weavers, discoveries from the Late Pueblo epoch indicate that the Anasazi had a strong sense of community and were not afraid to make contact with neighboring tribes. The effect of these cultural exchanges is evident on the various images and patterns of their pottery. Protected by mighty rock walls in the midst of magnificent and untouched canyons, the remains of this fascinating Pueblo culture have managed to survive the passage of time.
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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Lizzie asks…

Where can I get some good quality woodworking tools at really good deals to try to start a small business.?

I worked funiture shop in the custom department. i since had to quit that job but I waould like to keep going with it. I don’t have a lot of money to work with so I need to find really good deals on good tools.

Dusty answers:

With a lot of carpenters not working, a lot of tools have been taken to pawn shops. In my area they are selling for 40 to 50 cents on the dollar. There are so many that some pawn shops are not taking in any now, they are overstocked. If you know tools try there and don’t forget bargain, bargain and bargain again.

Michael asks…

Is there a place where I can go to use woodworking tools?

So like, a gym but for carpenters?

I’m interested in making my own guitar but idon’t have the tools/nor can I afford them.

Any help would be appreciated. I live in Torotono, Ontario, if its important. I’m not looking for specific locations but what a place like this would be called, how much it costs, etc etc. If you do know a specific place though thats also awesome!



Dusty answers:

I never heard of a “community woodshop”, though schools, colleges and universities usually have a woodshop which can be used by students in the art departments. But they will only give you access if you are enrolled to take classes – which cost money. Though if you are already at a school/university check out if your institution has anything like that. Maybe they let you use the tools – often they look for shop monitors to do work study which in turn gets you experience and access, but you have to invest a good chunk of time.

Susan asks…

What tools are essential for woodworking?

I have drills, a miter saw, and circular saw; that’s it for my power tools. Aside from those tools, I have hammers, screw drivers, pliers, etc.

I have noticed that I am becoming very interested in woodworking and have done a few projects, but I want to continue to advance and perhaps someday be a furniture builder in my free time.

Which tools or power tools are absolutely essential to do your average woodworking project? Also, how can I learn more about these things? Is it just me, or is this the best past time ever?

Dusty answers:

It’s not just you, it is a great hobby ;-)

Essential tools are few, though it depends on what you’re wanting to do. Carving requires different tools than making bird houses. The style of furniture you like will also dictate to a degree what tools are needed. Stickley furniture can be made with (hand tools) a couple of good saws, a few planes, a drill with a few bits and a mortise chisel. Chippendale will require many more tools, including the above and several different size and style chisels, planes, steam bending apparatus and bending forms among a few others I’ve forgotten.
Power tools would be a similar situation with the more complicated pieces using more tools and bits or accessories for those tools.

You have the beginnings of a good tool set. The most important tool is safety glasses or goggles with power tools, then the table saw. It is one of the most versatile tools one can own for making straight cuts from ripping to crosscuts on to making some moldings like coves, chamfers, even making circular pieces. Beyond that I would add tools as needed depending on your choice of hand or power tool. There a usually several ways to accomplish a particular task so decide which is the safest most enjoyable for you and get the appropriate tools for the job.

I have a table saw, miter saw, drill press, jig saw, scroll saw, and a few drills and sanders but I prefer hand tools. I have about 200 planes (different profiles, sizes, etc…) chisels including gouges, straight, skewed, and V. Both rip and crosscut hand saws, miter saws, coping saws, bow and frame saws. Axes, hatchets, straight and curved adze’s. Brace and bits including screw driver bits, spoon, auger, gimlet, spoke pointer, and tenon cutters. Among many others that do not come to mind right away ;-)

Betty asks…

Where can I find a source for wood veneers, stamped tin ceilings, artistic columns, and woodworking tools?

I had a catalog a few years ago very thick and detailed that had all of this, but do not remember the name of the supplier.

Dusty answers:


I use them often!

Request a catalog to be shipped to you.

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