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In this episode of Let’s Get Down and Dirty, Frank Fontana shows what tools and materials you would need to build your own cigar box, coffee table. He then brings on his general carpenter, Robert North from HGTV’s Design to Sell to help complete the build. For plans to this project, visit cat:woodworking
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Your Questions About Carpentry Tools

Ruth asks…

What was that old carpentry tool called?

When I was young, my family moved into a house with a small wood shop in the basement. There was this one thing that loosely resembled a large metal hammer with a tripod base. The top “head” was thin and completely flat and was adjustable by sliding it up and down. I believe my father told me once it was used to steady wood… any idea what I am talking about?

Dusty answers:

I believe that is called a “Shaving Horse”. This is used to hold a piece of wood steady while using a draw knife to shave the wood.

Daniel asks…

Do you think that when Jesus comes back he’ll bring his Carpentry tools with him? Do you think he might knock

me up a few bookshelves and a coffee table if I convert?

Dusty answers:

I could do with a nice table myself.

I wonder what his rates are?

Mandy asks…

What is the correct definition in carpentry for the tool belt?

For ebay and google purposes the belt that holds all the tools and powertools you always see carpenters wearing? 10 points to first correct answer given. Thank you.
sorry not definition, i meant terminology?

Dusty answers:

“Tool Belt” would seem to be the correct terminology.

Laura asks…

Where can i sell my second hand professional tools?

I have recently retired and i’m looking to sell my old tools, but they are all professional tools (primarily joinery/carpentry) that are worth alot more than the average ones on ebay, anyone know of a cash generator type place where someone who knows about them will give me a more realistic valuation and selling price?

many thanks

Dusty answers:

Ask the local lumber supply store if you can put up a notice of what you have to sell. (Not the Home Depot/Lowe’s stores)
Do the same at the local 711, as many contractors get their morning coffee in those.
Try and click on the local site near where you live.
Do not accept checks. Repeat.
Look up the price for an almost exact replacement on the manufacturer’s website. Truly evaluate the condition of your tools. Excellent to fair.
It is unlikely you would get more than 20-30% of the discounted original value. (Everything is discounted today.)
Take pictures of the tools with a digital camera and upload them on
Be sure to clean them up before taking pictures.
Good luck. I am sure there is someone out there who would just love to have a great set of pro tools.
Enjoy your retirement.
Have you thought of passing on your professional skills to some kids or adults in a community general education program? I’d take that class!

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