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Joe, owner of Joe’s Bucket-O-Rust had a chisel with a smashed handle socket. Through the Old Tools list Joe was able to reach me with a request to repair his chisel. I taped the process, and here it is.

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Woodworking : How to Chip Carve

In order to chip carve in woodworking, an individual will need a chisel, a hammer and a piece of wood. Learn about tapping on a chisel with more pressure when going against the grain of wood with help from a woodworker and antique restorer in this free video on chip carving and woodworking….

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Skew Chisel Basics Bob Ham Skew Chisel A few Skew chiisel basics. In this video I use the skew chisel and the Easy Wood Tool.

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Carpenters’ tools a Plane , chisel and sumitubo. He is a gooooog guy.(storekeeper)

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Types of Carpenter Tools for Do It Yourself Projects

Market is full of different kinds of carpenter tools thus making it difficult to select the best out of all. In order to make even a simple wooden table you need set of tools like you need them for measuring, sawing, planning, boring, checking, sharpening, joining, framing and many other such purposes. But buy the one having high quality. While buying the carpenter tools you will have to decide if you are looking for woodworking hand tool or power driven tools.

Types of Carpenter Tools for Do It Yourself Projects
Chisel is a hand tool that is used for cutting and carving of wood. You can have the bevel edge chisel, firmer and paring chisel. While buying this check for the blade and gripping of handle.

Saw is one of the primary tools required for every and any kind of wood work. You can purchase either hand saw, power driven or both. But the hand saw are cheaper and solve the purpose. In the category of hand saws you will find the rip saw, cross cut, panel, bow saw, coping, pull, keyhole, veneer, rod and back saw. The blade of the saw is made from easy to sharpen steel that is coated with Teflon to prevent rusting.

Screwdriver is used either for fixing or removing the screws from a wooden article. It can have wooden or plastic handle but must be non slippery. Plastic handle of the screwdriver is made up of plastic that is heat and fire resistant. Depending upon the kind of screw there are different kinds of screwdrivers such as cabinet, standard, square drive, star, clutch head, nut driver, offset etc. Also some of these have magnetic tip that makes the tightening or losing of small screws very easy.

You cannot do without hammers if you are doing any kind of wood work. Hammer can be curved claw hammer, straight claw, ball pen, finishing hammer, hand drilling, brick, carpenter’s hammer, drywall, soft-face hammer and more. Good quality hammer is strong and durable. It has well formed claw points and secure handle. While buying hammer check out the balance, depth of hardening, eye, claw and grip.

Measuring Tools
Combination square, tape square, try square, level and carpenter square are few of the measuring carpentry tools that are available in the market.

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