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Square Check for Tape Measures

Learn more: This simple accessory prevents your tape measure from slipping off the corner while measuring diagonals. The 90° inside corner securely straddles any outside corner, and rotates 360° to accomodate any rectangular object. It attaches easily to your tape with a single, powerful rare earth magnet. Use it while assembling drawers for a perfectly square batch. Also great for cases, frames and more. Slot for tape hook measures 1-1/8″ wide. Made of durable plastic.
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Intro to SawGear

Don’t Measure, Don’t Mark – Just Cut. Carpenters – check out the latest tool innovation to hit the construction industry! Voted by JLC Magazine as one of the Most Innovative Products of 2010. Portable, Job-site Rugged and Accurate to 1/128″; the SawGear cuts down job completion times up to 35%!

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How To Re-Charge Your Cars A/C System

Please buy me a cup of coffee at; Jeff Williams from shows you how to check and charge your vehicles A/C system with after market tools that you can find at any parts house.
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I designed these shelves to hold all my tools but still have most of the floor space free. For pictures of the the van check out my Facebook:

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Don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe! All the information about the modifications I use will be below, so be sure to check it out. I really hope you guys enjoy this series! Enjoy. Like my Facebook page! Join my Steam group! Follow me on Twitter! Check out my blog! (It has a tutorial on how to install TLD too.) My main channel with RTS content! I get all of my mods here: Here’s the names of all the modifications I use thus far: Climates of Tamriel, ApachiiHair, Skyrim Monster Mod, Alternate Start – Live Another Life, Birds, Brawl Bugs, Camping Kit Northern Ranger, Cerwiden Companion, Deadly Dragons, Faster Vanilla Horses, Frostfall, Guard Dialogue Overhaul, Better Follower Improvements, Horses For Followers, Lawrens RNG Guards, Midas Magic, Oblivious Horses, Realistic Lighting, Dynamic Snow, Remove Ambient Interior Fog, Run For Your Lives, Blades Faction Fix, WATER, GET WET, Wearable Lantern, Winter is Coming, Ultimate Follower Overhaul, Unlimited Bookshelves, Spouse To Custom Home, TK Clutter, The Dance of Death, hothtrooper44 armor compilation, improved combat sounds, enhanced blood, elvenwood, sneak tools, populated cities, Path of Shadows, immersive patrols, immersive brigands, immersive travelers, immersive werewolves, riverwood redux, riverwood redux expanded, sit anywhere, towns and cities enhanced, crossbow basic collection, immersive HUD.

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For more stuff like this, check out my blog! A How-to-make video I made showing the process of building a micro wood-lathe with a sewing machine motor. It uses the foot treadle that came with the sewing machine as the on/off speed adjustment. This lathe is direct drive, so it’s very precise. Happy making! -Calvin
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Minecraft: xbox360 Huge Town

Alot of new buildings. Come join server! Server has: A mansion pixal art Twin towers light house pirate ship sky fortress Pyramid Bridges And much more so check it out

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How to do your own manicure at home

This is a free way to do your manicure at home and save some money. This is the best way to do it because you are by yourself and you can relax after a hard days work. Please check out other videos of mine at Thanks for watching!

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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Ruth asks…

has anyone ever built their own woodstrip canoe?

I was thinking about buying a canoe, then i saw some plans at Barnes and noble to build your own woodstrip canoe or birchbark canoe.I was wondering if anyone has ever done this and how much would it cost and if it was actually a good looking boat that works. I already have a bunch of woodworking tools so if you could tell me how much only the wood itself would cost or is it just cheaper to buy one?

Dusty answers:

I can’t tell you specifically about building a “canoe”. I have done a few but so long ago, I couldn’t help you with costs…

But I have built dozens and dozens of boats and even building one now… And my feeling about boat building is this:

Can you save money? Yes, you can save alot – if you really want a top quality boat.
Can you buy cheaper – Yes, if you are satisfied with a cheap boat.

But if you really want a “sharp looking – head turning – top quality custom-made boat… Yes, you can build it for alot less than you can buy… And of course, the bigger the boat, the more you are going to save, because most of what you save is labor…
What you really gain in building your own… Is a “better” boat then you can buy… And that is really the whole purpose of doing it yourself.

You need to check out this link:

They are really great people and they have canoe plans to build – as well as most any other type boat you can think of to build.
I am suggesting you visit their site only because they have a really good and very informative “website” – whether you buy anything from them or not… Their website is worth the trip just to see the beautiful boats they and their customers have built.

They have current up to date estimates on time and materials to build their boats… And they offer “study plans” with full Bill of Materials…

At their site, you can also see the different build processes with progressive build photos… Plus they have the largest customer base and largest “customer” photos, links, and forums as I have ever seen…
If nothing else… Their site will keep you enthusiastic over your project…

Happy and Safe Boating…
I don’t know about the plans you saw at Barnes & Noble… But let me just mention, If you buy the book… Who do you call when you run into trouble? The Author? The Publisher? Or Barnes & Noble? (Just something you should think about… )

David asks…

what is the name of a woodworking tool?

3 letters

Dusty answers:

Adz (sometimes spelled with an e)

Donna asks…

What is the need some have to give un-asked for advise?

There are very brilliant people in here, you (some) are very smart.

I woodwork, my garage is filled with woodworking tools & machines $30k invested. I also have a neighbor who have a small box of hand tools and can’t drive a nail straight…yet this doesn’t stop him from walking into my garage and giving me advise on everything I do. I usually ask him a few questions (over his head) and he say’s he’ll teach me later. My wife has an uncle that ask me very personal finanical questions (most I say I don’t know) and then procedes to give my money advise BTW, he’s a barber.
Point is: why do so many people insist on giving advise to things they don’t have a clue about. As a rule I never give advise unless I am asked…and then if I don’t know (often) I point them to someone who does know (seems simple to me). It seems to be difficult for some to say “I don’t know”, …what is this?

Dusty answers:

Sometimes it stems from a need to show off knowledge.

Sometimes it’s because you want to be of help to a particular person and you want them to care about you.

Sometimes it feels good sharing something that can be of help and there is no other motive.

Sometimes people advise because they don’t know what else to say or do when they see someone struggling and they don’t feel comfortable just standing there.

Sometimes people want something done their way so they tell another person how to do it so it gets done to their liking.

And finally…

Why do people give advice? I think it’s human nature to want to put your “two bits” worth in. Whether you know something or not, we all like to be listened to and we all like our input to be considered. We want to make a difference in the world…or at least to some people…

Steven asks…

Anyone have any gift ideas for a boyfriend?

He is:

mechanical engineer

Cars (he owns an Audi RS4 and Jeep Cherokee)
DIY home improvement

i”m sure there are plenty of woodworking tools he needs, but I want to get him something special, ya know?

Dusty answers:

How about a good leather tool belt. He can model it for you nude, and it comes in handy with woodworking.

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