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Charles asks…

Why would my boyfriend hide baby-wipes, a hand-held massager, whiskey, and a Field and Stream magazine?

My boyfriend spends hours after work in the backyard shed. Tonight I went out there and found the above items out on the counter. There is mostly tools, diving gear, manly stuff out there, but the “massager” and baby-wipes we usually keep in the bedroom. The Field and Stream magazine had pictures of fishermen in it. What should I think? What should I do? He’s a 41 year old carpenter who is very masculine and wants sex with me every day, sometimes 2 or three times a day. But I have a really weird feeling about what I found.
By the way, I am a female. I don’t know why they put a picture of a guy next to my question. So if he is looking at fishermen, then he has gay fantasies? Is he putting the vibrator up his backside? He’s never looking at other guys, usually he checks out every chick that walks by, but maybe he’s hiding his gay needs deep down inside.
By the way, I am a female. I don’t know why they put a picture of a guy next to my question. So if he is looking at fishermen, then he has gay fantasies? Is he putting the vibrator up his backside? He’s never looking at other guys, usually he checks out every chick that walks by, but maybe he’s hiding his gay needs deep down inside.

Denny answers:

He has some serious sexual fantasy going on. What the heck, join in already.

Paul asks…

finance problems with the tax man and the bank. what do you do?

my brother is a self-employed carpenter and has very little work at the moment. The bank, Lloyds TSB are charging him £300 per month for being over his overdraft limit (he’s about £600-700 overdrawn) and he also has a tax bill to pay. He has told the tax office that he has changed address and they still keep sending letters to my parents house. They asked him to pay £400 per month but he explained to them that he has no work and could only give them £100 per month, they keep sending letters saying he hasn’t payed the “agreed” £400. The last letter was to say they will be sending the bailiffs in as he hasn’t kept up with the “agreement”. He doesn’t own a car, he rents a room, and apart from his tools and the clothes on his back, doesn’t have anything for the bailiffs to take. What can he do?

Denny answers:

Two options. Can he get an agreed bank loan to clear debts? This would be cheaper than the rate with his overdraft, and would probably be less than the interest HMRC would charge on his tax bill.
Otherwise write to HMRC Recovery Section (from where he is getting threatening letters) showing new address. Explain the position as regards work, and summarise his income/expenditure. Tell them he has no assets. Tools of work can’t be taken for distraint. Make an amended offer. Do this by letter, then there’s no argument as to what was said over the phone. HMRC do have the option not to accept his time to pay, and could either take him to County Court or make him bankrupt. It would probably be in HMRC’s interest to accept a revised offer. They probably wouldn’t get any more from a County Court judgement, and if they made him bankrupt, they would get even less. If they do take legal proceedings, the interest charge doesn’t increase after that date, otherwise interest continues to accrue until he settles the debt.

Maria asks…

dorms vs commuting to college?

hello everyone, i’m 22 years old and will be going to college for the first time this spring semester. i just moved back into my parents’ house because of unemployment, the commute from there to campus would only be about 9 miles.

this was my original plan, but all of my friends keep bugging me about how i’ll be missing out on the whole “college experience” and how dorm life is some of the best years of their lives.the way i see it i’m not missing much. i’m 4 years older than most freshmen and the allure of freedom and being on your own is long gone. besides, i don’t have the patience to deal with a bunch of rowdy drunk 18 year olds.

second, there’s the matter of work. i’m a carpenter/concrete finisher by trade, i know i wont make 80 hours a week like normal plus 12 credit hours of schooling, but as long as my grades don’t suffer i plan on working as much as i can. there’s no way i’m leaving $2k worth of tools in the trunk of a car in a busy university parking lot, i’d stash them at my parents place which defeats the whole purpose of living in the dorms.

do you think i’m missing out? if not what do you think is a good way to break the news to my friends?
thanks :)

Denny answers:

It sounds like you’re a lot more mature and wise than your friends. So what if you miss out on dorm life. Dorms are training-wheels for kids to get their first significant experience living independently. You already have that experience, and with the economic environment, it sounds like you know that the real world is a lot less about partying but about working, saving, and making plans to improve your future. That’s why most adult reentry students have higher GPAs and are better students than the teenagers fresh out of high school. You’re lucky that you have parents that will allow you to save a tremendous amount of money by commuting to school. Sure, you’re missing out on dorms. Adults can live with that decision without much of a second thought. We all have to miss out on some things to do other things. You are also missing out on spending more time in your trade to make more money in the next several years – and that’s a good decision if you use the school to improve your career, like perhaps by studying business, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, business law, strategic planning, computer business software, and other topics that might let you build your own business as a contractor, if that’s the path you choose. Sometimes you just need to focus on the path you think is best, even if that means other paths are closed off to you, since you need to make the decision at the fork on the road as you come to it. If you want a way to confirm your choice, just look at the price of dorms. They are usually tremendously expensive, have little or no privacy, and sometimes have addition restrictions like mandatory meal plans. See if the campus has an adult-reentry office, as they often have special study areas and events for adults.

Donald asks…

How do I tell my girlfriend?

That her dog, Buggles, is better at oral sex than she is and I prefer Buggles to her?

This sounds kind of gross and I guess it really is, but that’s the way things work out.

I’m a Carpenter, I was working a gig where I received a slight injury to my penis, which was scary enough for any guy working with power tools, but we were fortunate enough that it wasn’t too severe, just a slight cut along the shaft.
My girl has a strong belief in homeopathic/natural cures and she suggested honey as a means to help the cut heal faster as honey is anti-bacterial so it fights infection and promotes faster healing.
So, I coated my penis with honey and put a light gauze wrap on it and went to sleep.

All I faintly remember was having a sex dream where I was getting the best bj I’d ever had, I woke up when I had one of the most powerful orgasms in my life, to my complete shock and disgust was Buggles between my legs licking me like a lolly pop, she’d obviously smelt and been attracted to the honey on my penis, which she’d licked off and kept going.

I’m sorta disgusted with myself that I’d enjoyed it so much, before I saw what had caused it, but now I can’t help myself, when my girl’s not around I get the honey out, slather myself up and let Buggles blow the bugle.
For a Boxer, she gives the best bj I’ve ever had in my life, she so outdoes what my girlfriend does when giving me head that there is nothing I can use to compare it, I’ve become addicted in a sick way, I wont even let my girlfriend suck on me anymore and she’s confused, she doesn’t know why I wont let her and I’m embarrassed to have to tell her that “Honey, Buggles gives better blow jobs than you and so I’m making a switch…”

What do I do about this?

Denny answers:

She’ll be relieved to have that task marked off her list…

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