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Hand Tools Aid To Make The Planet A More Better Place

The world would be a different place today without the invention of hand tools. Starting as far back as the cave days humans have been using and making utensils to live and survive in their environment. Even the simple wooden tool was an important element for everyday life back then.

These days woodworking tools have become a necessity for many things. A carpenter cuts and fits various pieces together while using small devices that are specially made for fastening and shaping the work. In the absence of these instruments, certain things could never be built at the exact dimensions and shapes. Truly, these are a testament to humanity’s creativity.

The sheer number of woodworking tools that can be purchased today is overwhelming. There are hammers, files, and machines that can clean the wood. One of the most popular types of hand devices is a screwdriver. This is because everything is held together by screws today. It is the most purchased fastening device in the world for this reason. Everything imaginable requires a screw or screws to be useful.

Some of the hand utensils are exclusively made for manual operation while others are powered by compressed air or electricity. Power tools also come in every imaginable type. The most impressive ones come with the capability of performing several tasks. A battery operated screw gun is one example this. It can drive screws, drill holes, and sink lag bolts into just about any type of material. The better ones will also have an impact feature for driving tough bolts or chipping concrete.

Without the different types of power tools that have been invented throughout the years many tasks would be difficult to perform. Some of them are highly specialized and designed to perform just one specific task while others are made for more general use. A circular saw is only limited in what it can cut by the type of blade that is installed. However, a joiner is designed to do one thing and that is all it does.

Types of instruments will certainly not be limited to just a few categories. For example, garden tools also come in a variety of sizes and shapes too. Like the versions mentioned above, a few of them will be very generalized. Others will have specific uses and this is all that they can do. Garden tools powered by electrical motors are typically designed for one job. A garden tiller turns over the dirt, However, that is all it will do. On the other hand, human powered utensils can serve a variety of purposes.

Purchasing tools today has become very easy thanks to the Internet. Many high quality websites specialize in selling them. Specific sites will sell items just for carpenters or just gardeners. Others will sell a tool for everyone and everything. The best thing about buying them online is the price. Since the overhead at an online shop is lower, they pass the savings on to their customers.

In summary, owning hand tools will make any job go smoother. Purchasing them online is much cheaper. Anyone that needs to shop for tools should investigate online tool shops to save money.

Wow, these are some awesome power tools. If you’re searching for tools, we got hand tools and much more – what can you say? We are a tool store!


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Your Questions About Wood Crafting Tools

Betty asks…

how to – furniture business?

I’m 22 and my parents building has a big empty space, recently moved out.

i was thinking if i would be starting a furniture business since i have a lot of design ideas.
( designing and making the furniture ) and a bit of buy and sell furniture..

this is my first business, so i everything is pretty much new to me.
i want to start small.. and move up little by little.
home and office furnitures..

so.. i was thinking

1. what labor / work force would i need.
of course i would need some big guys who can lift stuffs.. some carpenters..
but how about the wood crafting part.. what do you call the one that could carve designs ?.

2. what materials i would be needing
different kinds of wood.. some glue.. and other basic woodcraft tools.

hope you guys could help me.
3. suppliers i should get..
wood supplier.. and what else.. hmmm.

Dusty answers:

My advice: Never attempt to start any business that you do not fully understand.

Mary asks…

Leather, Wood, & Metal Crating Businesses?

I’m thinking about opening a little shop of one, or all three, of these types of businesses…would leather-crafting be the quickest and least expensive of the three to get started-up (as far as purchases tools and materials, etc.), please?

Thanks in advance…
Thank you “Top Dog” – and yes, my question should have said Leather, Wood, & Metal “CRAFTING” Businesses?

Thank you again for your valuable insight!

Dusty answers:

The exact type of things you want to make will determine what tools, or machines, you will need and that will dictate how much money will be needed for outfitting your shop. I really enjoy metalworking but I don’t have the room or money for the necessary equipment. Most of he guys in my family are woodworkers and they have thousands of dollars worth of tools to work with. I have been a leatherworker for over thirty years and know you can outfit a small shop for less than a thousand dollars if you are willing to bypass power tools and do hand work. To start off get the tools you will NEED and later buy the tools you WANT. I tell all of my leathercrafting students to make their leatherwork pay for the next tool they want.

One more thing about a small shop; whatever you are making, produce a quality product. Most of your advertising will be word of mouth and one customer complaining about a poorly made item will tell five times as many people about it as will the happy customer that likes what they bought.

Good luck and have FUN!
The head “Dog” at HotDog

Sandra asks…

What is the name of the Tool Woodworkers use to make the wood look like pages when making a wooden book?

I’m taking woodworking to create crafts and am trying to carve a book. I saw this tool in a magazine once and I believe it looked like a miniature rake that drags across the wood to carve out the grooves for the pages. Need help. I know I can use a V-tool to carve one line out at a time, but I was looking for a quicker way to carve the pages as I am making a set of 5 books out of wood. Thanks

Dusty answers:

You want a set of slitter blade,s
it can mount on a saw , and cut multiple slots at one time
or use 1 blade on a dremmel,

Lizzie asks…

Is this an antique wool yarn winder or spinning tool?

Here’s an eBay photo of a wooden craft tool that resembles the one I purchased locally over the weekend:

The person who sold it to me had no idea what it was used for. It’s identical to the longer of the two wooden tools in the photo. Mine has a wonderful patina on the ends of the wood. I’m longing to know what it was used for, its approximate age, and other interesting tidbits. Any ideas?

Yes, the eBay photo does mention it’s a yarn winder, but I’m seeking confirmation of this. Is “winder” the correct word for this tool? Would it have been mostly used for wool yarn? Any idea how old these tools might be? Mine looks more worn than the one in the photo. Thank you!

Dusty answers:

Think weaving loom spool.
And industrial at that. The metal ends are to prevent the friction from wearing out the spools too quickly as the high speeds at which industrial looms operate would cause much wear to unprotected wood. There may be a spindle shaft that would run through the centre of the spool, or it may have been trapped within the shuttle and simply spun in bushings or bearings and been held in by clips.
Doesn’t really matter what it was used for in the past, It’s what you repurpose it for in the present that dictates WHAT is is for now. Enjoy your new…. Whatever you wish it to be.


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