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Woodpeckers newest Box Clamp the M2

Introducing Woodpeckers newest Box Clamp, the M2. This new molded design makes it well suited for assembling cabinets, drawers, shelves or virtually any size box from 1/4″ to 1″ in thickness or pieces of different thicknesses up to 1/4″ in difference.

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Click this LINK ►►► Have you ever wondered how you can get instant access to HUNDREDS of PLANS for OUTDOOR FURNITURE as well as plans for thousands of other woodworking projects? If so, you are about to find out! An experienced woodworker named Ted McGrath has put together a set of woodworking project plans that I think you should take a look at. If you want to make woodworking projects quickly and easily then listen carefully. Just click on this link ►►► and you will be brought straight to Ted’s website where he explains what you will be able to download straight to your computer. The package contains 16000 woodworking plans, which includes hundreds of plans for OUTDOOR FURNITURE and exclusive bonuses. Click this link to be brought straight there ►►► How to Build a Picnic Table and How to Build a Planter Box [Part 1 of 3] This video is the first in a three part series where Les and Avian, two very experienced woodworking teachers, show you how to make an outdoor hexagonal picnic table and also a planter box to match. The outdoor picnic is a very common sight in gardens all around the world. They come in many different shapes and styles but they are a very practical and can be made very stylish and really set your patio right off. Of all the different styles, the hexagonal picnic table is one of the most challenging to build. It is not impossible though when you have experienced woodworking teachers demonstrating the correct strategy and

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Tricked out woodworking box truck

A very lean & efficient woodworkers box truck

Small Tool Box For Pick-Up Truck Bed

I built this to carry small tools or stuff I buy at the store to protect the items from the rain. It is small but I wanted to be able to take it out of the truck in case I needed to carry large items. I did not want a hinged cover because on a nice sunny day I could carry taller items such as groceries,etc. Also if I have a small job to do for someone I can throw the tools in this box rather than letting them slide all over the truck bed loose.
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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Robert asks…

Where can I find the best easy woodworking projects?

I have some experience but am short on ideas and some skills with my tools. I’m looking for really high quality project plans that are easy to follow.

Dusty answers:

I know there are up to 14000 plans for all levels, beginner to advanced byJohn Metz, who is a very skilled woodworker. I believe these are probably the best quality you will get.

Nancy asks…

Woodworking – What is the name for this woodworking tool?

About 2 years ago I remember seeing this tool in my fathers garage for sawing wood. The best I can describe it is that you slid the wood into it and it had different angled slits in it that guided the saw through the wood for you at different angles. I drew a picture to illustrate what I think it looks like here: but I just dont know the name for it. I was thinking that this woodworking tool will work for cutting angles in ceiling molding for my bedroom. That is the whole reason I am wondering the name so I can purchase one to cut the ceiling molding. I know your supposed to use a miter saw but I don’t have money for one right now and I need to replace the molding very soon. Do you think that this will work? By the way I’m new to woodworking but have been working for my grandfather painting and renovating apartments for about 3 years. Please help me figure out the name for this. Thanks

Dusty answers:

It is Called a MITRE BOX The Saw used with this wood workers tool is call a BACK SAW. Today most of these hand tools have been replaced with a power version. The older style made by people like Stanley in their prime. Most really precision angle cuts are done with a table sander.
Http:// The English version maybe know as either a MITRE or MITER Box.

Helen asks…

Where can I get the best quality chisels for woodworking?

I am an apprentice cabinetmaker and it is time for me to purchase my own set of chisels. I want to invest in the best because these tools will be with me for the rest of my career.

Dusty answers:

Any good hardware sells them.

Donald asks…

is there a tool that would be a minature lathe to do woodworking projects?

I create small shadow boxes. I would like to make small items to go with them. I do make bottles and vases from whittling wood.

Dusty answers:

There is a kids’ toy that functions as a small lathe, but at least one company that has lots of “real” micro” tools for model makers and miniaturists, etc., is MicroMark so you might want to check their site:

Similar or used tools like that may be found on e-bay, etc. Too.

Diane B.

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Woodworking-23…Let’s Build a Jewelry Box…Part 6…Joinery

The Apprentice and The Journeyman provides a look at making a wedged tenon joint for a jewelry box handle in this woodworking video. ; We continue in Part 6 of this fine woodworking project at the drill press table by drilling a mortise in the lid of Koa wood veneer box. The mortise will receive the tenon of the handle. The joinery is prepared at the woodworking bench as the wedged tenon is press-fit using the woodworking vise. visit…The Apprentice and The ………………Learn more, Experience more!