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Bosch combi crush trial – Andy’s Story Bosch asked 80 tradesmen to swap their treasured tools for the blue Bosch Professional 18v cordless combi drill. After two weeks they could keep the Bosch, if they crushed their old tool. 90% chose Bosch
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Bosch 12V Max Multi-X Carpenter Kit Review

This video is from the full review on at the link below. The full review has lots more details, photos along with the original quality video.

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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

John asks…

where was the woodworking tool the jigsaw invented at?

no the first jigsaw was invented in 1946 by a farmer

Dusty answers:


As per the site listed above, BOSCH, invented the handheld Jigsaw in 1947.


The first band saw was invented by William Newberry in 1807. Samuel Miller, 1777, created the first Circular saw. Tabatha Babbitt, a Shaker, and improved upon both by building the first sawmill Circular saw and the first (thin) Band saw that was used for fine cutting. She invented the separate spinning wheel heads that made this possible.

I collect old tools and I GUARANTEE that both sites, listed above, prove this answer correct.

Charles asks…

Do the Amish men have hobbies? Would it be frowned upon to do hand tool woodworking?

I ask partly because I’m curious as to how much of their daily lives are regulated by the church, and if they can conduct their personal business like everyone else as long as they abide by the rules of the ordnung.

Dusty answers:

Meh, they just secretly sneak off to the city night club whenever they feel like it. Men are sneaky, rules do not bind them.

Bacon be with you.

Carol asks…

Does anyone know why the frog on a plane (woodworking tool) is called a frog?

Just curious, learned about it today in a RISD ID studio class.


Dusty answers:

According to all my dictionaries and a quick on-line dictionary check, the origin of the term is unclear. Frog is also the term for part of a bow for stringed instruments (Violin etc.), an indentation in the face of a brick, the little spiky thingy in the bottom of a vase that holds the flowers in order, part of a railroad track intersection, and a part of a horses foot. It also describes a scratchy throat. Oh, and it is also an animal!

Lizzie asks…

anyone know of any woodworking hand tool sites?

I have an antique hand plane I’m trying to repair and need help.

Dusty answers:

Try Also try looking up Arts and Crafts style woodworking on google.

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