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How to Fix a Boat

This is Roy Frazer FIXING A BOAT! Now you know how to fix a boat. And knowledge is power!

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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Charles asks…

My step-dad just left us. How can I make my mom feel better?

He took all his stuff at 6am and hasn’t been back since. He took his boat, clothes, tools (he’s a carpenter) and hygiene stuff. We don’t know when he’ll be back or if he will be. I don’t even know how my mom is feeling. She seems fine but I think she’s faking because it must be hard having your husband leave you. How can I make her feel better?

Dusty answers:

Tell her the only love she needs if from her children.

George asks…

What to make of this religious bumper sticker?

A white Ford F-150 with a tool box in the bed and ladders on the side pulls in front of me at the light. I notice a bumper sticker that says, “My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter” and another one with a number to call to report bad driving. The light turns green and I switch lanes and pull up next to the truck. On the doors is painted, “Fishbein Construction”.

Dusty answers:

Maybe the boss put both stickers on there.

Mary asks…

Want to renovate an old cottage, where can I learn some pointers?

Hi, thinking of buying an old country cottage made of stone and wood that needs wall and floor renovation. I’m not bad with the tools, but was wondering are there any DIY books or videos to help me save a few bucks instead of calling in carpenters and masons?
Thanks for all references.

Dusty answers:

Believe it or not youtube have many self help vid’s that will give you good tips and you could sign up for some volunteer project around your town/city which involve what you need to know. A couple of days labor could be worth a life time of knowledge

Chris asks…

why can’t i save in the tools menu?

there is no save button . i can’t send e-mail so i’m trying to change port 25 to 587 i’ve spent alot of time trying to send e-mail but no go. its driving me crazy . please help i’m a carpenter not to good with computers thanks

Dusty answers:

Sounds like you are trying to setup MS Outlook or Outlook Express.
Contact your internet supplier. They will supply you, & guide you through, with IMAP or POP3 account settings.


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Laura asks…

What kind of tool do I need for woodworking?

I don’t know anything. That being said, I’m looking for a powered blade that I can use while doing woodwork. I need to be able to turn the blade while cutting. It’s not for anything intricate at all, and I don’t have much money.


Dusty answers:

The Dremel is a great tool that I use for all sorts of projects. It is very easy to control and can turn in just about any way you can turn your wrist.

It isn’t for sawing planks or thick boards (ie 2x4s) but it is great for sculpting anything or cutting thinner woods to specific shapes.

The review below is of one of the more expensive kits and the other link is to one of the kits on (about $90) but you can find kits for much less than that if that is out of your buget

Lizzie asks…

Is there much of a demand for wooden boat carpenters in Alaska?

I remember when I was up there years ago most of the boats were pretty utilitarian and metal.
Down here in the lower 48 there are quite a few ‘snob’ boats that wanted trick woodwork, somehow I found a niche in this market.
Is there much of a demand for trick boat woodwork up there?
Juneau more so than Anchorage? Ketchikan?
I’ve had it with the lower 48 and I’m wondering where my chances might be best.
I’m a jack of many trades, but it would be nice to put my woodworking tools to use up there.
Thanks for any suggestions.

Dusty answers:

The few wooden boats are older commercial fishing boats and some sailing craft, so you would likely be replacing planking,etc. Not sure if you could make a living at it. Some people take their boats to the shipyards at Port Townsend, WA in the winter for maintenance. Anchorage does not have a harbor–sea ice in winter. Seward, Homer have harbors. Also, Kodiak, Ketchikan, Juneau, Sitka.
As you know, with the economy, people aren’t putting money into custom work right now, whether it’s cabinetry, custom furniture or work for shipwrights. When housing picks up, you might be able to do some custom finish work. Your best bet might be to see if you can find a gig restoring a building or vessel that’s on the National Historic Register. Keep a portfolio of your past work to show prospective clients.

Chris asks…

what is the difference (in appearance) between a masonry drill bit and a woodworking drill bit.?

I am putting up a tool rack on a solid block wall. Have a variety of drill bits but don’t know whether they are for woodworking or for masonary. Its taking a long time to drill even 1 hole. Any advice would be appreciated – I am using a hammer type power drill.

Dusty answers:

The masonry bit has a harden cutting tip. The tip is bigger than the bit size itself. With a hammer drill and the correct bit you should have it done in no time.
Here is a link that has more details:

Hope this helps

William asks…

Has anyone ever made their own baby toys, or had them custom-made?

My SO is quite crafty, and we have a basement full of saws, sanders, and various woodworking tools.

I thought it would be a fun project to try and make some toys for our baby (6 mos.). Has anyone tried this, or have any info about it?

How would I know if the materials/paints were safe? Anything to specifically avoid using?

Dusty answers:


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