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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Jenny asks…

Why didn’t Jesus shave his beard?

He was a carpenter. He’s experienced with tools.

Dusty answers:

“You shall not round off the hair on your temples or mar the edges of your beard.”

Mary asks…

Why didn’t Jesus shave his beard?

He was a carpenter. He’s experienced with tools.

Dusty answers:

Ever try to shave with a saw? Biblical people wore beards because razors were virtually non-existent.

Ruth asks…

Problem at work… what do I do?

I need advice on how to go about an issue at work. I am in a position that requires me to enforce policies on purchasing and obtaining equipment for a college; however, whenever I see somebody violating these policies and try to enforce them, my manager tells me to let it slide and we’ll get them next time. This has been happening at least once a week for the past 10 months. Not only do I feel that there is something odd about that, but it removes my incentive to work. Two weeks ago we lost all power, including to our security cameras. Conveniently, all the tools of two employees (a carpenter and a HVAC tech) came up missing, and they have ordered about two thousand dollars worth of tools to replace them. I suggested that they investigate what happened with those tools, but I was told that we can’t do that. There have also been numerous blatant violations, and whenever I went to report the incidents, my management told me they just didn’t know better, and to not worry about it. I know that they know better, considering I’ve gone over the policy multiple times with these people. When I moved up the chain of command, they just changed the policies. When I try to enforce these, the same excuses are given. So I feel as though I have no purpose at my job, and that every time I attempt to do my job, I am scolded. So anybody have any advice on what to do?

Dusty answers:

You have a few options.

1. Look the other way, and become like your co-workers. Be prepared to take the fall. You’re being set up.

2. Stand up for what you believe is the right thing to do, by bringing it to the attention of the President of the University

3. Find another job.

Lisa asks…

car??? van??? colege?

Ok im in a aprenticeship at the moment and im really struggleing for money to fund a car of van and i need 1 of them to carry tools in as am a carpenter, Im now really down, My grandad is dirty rich but wont help me out unless i pay back with intrest and the boss is starting to complain about picking me up, i do get on the bus as far as i can but i see where hes coming from, if anybody has any idears of what i can do it would really help.

Many thanks

Dusty answers:

You will just have to keep taking the bus. Hope your apprenticeship course includes learning English and spelling.

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