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How to make a junior-sized workbench for kids

Build an extremely sturdy, kid-sized workbench with your child, complete with a storage shelf for tools and supplies! Free illustrated online plans: Basic tools and materials available at Lowe’s. Skills kids learn: using a cordless drill to drive screws, sanding, finishing, clamping, cutting with a Japanese-style hand saw
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How to make a decoupage mirror

Build an easy mirror and decorate it with decoupaged fabric squares using basic tools and materials available at Lowe’s. (Free illustrated plans available at Skills kids learn: sawing, clamping, painting, gluing, decoupage, installing hanging hardware
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Part of the series of quick and easy things to make with a 2X4. And basic tools. Please rate, comment, and subscribe. The music is by Jason Shaw You Tube user/audionautix This guy has a awesome music selection and lets you use it free.

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How To Make A Homemade Knife

I show you how to make a really cool knife using some basic tools and materials you can find at your local hardware store. Available on ebay #220891073749, no reserve.

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Hey guys!! This is how to make your first basic tools!! Crafting table sword pick shovle and more!! Dont Forget to subscribe
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Basic Wood Pen Turning – Lathe Tools

The basic tools you need to start turning wooden pens on a lathe.
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Watch a basic tools overview for a wood lathe project in this free DIYwoodworking video from our home carpentry expert. Expert: Ben Ingham Contact: Bio: Ben Ingham is a retired educator and owner of The Hairy Potters custom stoneware studio. Filmmaker: kyle saylors

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Lizzie asks…

What would you consider the basic tools needed to do most simple woodworking projects?

I know I’m asking to hear alot of common sense stuff but I’m trying to make a list of stuff my mom needs to bring me on her next trip up here. You name it and I bet it’s something found in my dads garage out back. So, yeah, all suggestions are welcome. Thanx!

Dusty answers:

Off the top of our heads, here’s simple start-up tool kit:

- Tape measure
- Steel ruler
- Some type of square – such as a try-square or combination square
- Hand saws – if possible, one with a back, one without and a coping saw
- Drill and drill bits
- Hammer and nail-set
- Clamps – as many as possible
- Wood glue
- Rasps and files
- Wood chisels
- Bench plane and/or block plane
- A place to work – a sturdy bench with a vise is best, but fold-up sawhorses and a piece of plywood will do in a pinch.

This is assuming you won’t have access to expensive, heavy woodworking machinery. Still, you can make an endless variety of great stuff with just these few “basics”.

A woodworking book or two, and/or a little instruction to help you get started could make things much easier, if you don’t have a lot of experience.

Jenny asks…

Hand woodworking tools help ( no power tools )?

I’ve asked similar questions but hopfully this will help me. Here’s my list please fix or add tools to it…

bit and brace
carving knife
rip saw
crosscut saw
planes ( help on this one )
gouge chisels
mortise chisels
bench chisels
miter saw
rasps + files
coping saw
sharpening stone

Dusty answers:

Block Plane
Hand drill with wood cutting bits

That is all tools I can think of. You have a pretty good list.

George asks…

What is a Good Way to Get Started in Woodworking?

I am interested in woodworking, but don’t know how or where to get started. I would like to start with the very basics and work my way up. I am also interested in any good books on the subject, any tool lists for the beginning woodworker, any good online resources, etc.


Dusty answers:

I have a couple of ideas. First, check with the continuing education programs in your area. Many of them offer classes in carpentry and woodworking. Second, subscribe to “Fine Woodworking,” a great magazine that is published by Taunton Press. You can check their website for more info. The mag has articles on all types of projects. It is read by many craftsman that I know. Your Library may subscribe, or have other books of interest. Last, find a woodworkers’ supply store in your area. I use Rockler, in MA. Go in on a weekday, when they are not busy, and get one of the guys to adopt you. Stop in regularly, spend a little money each time, and build your shop and experience.

Paul asks…

If I were to put together a basic little shop just for personal use for woodworking what are…?

…the tools needed?
Can anyone list the basic power tools and any other specific tools needed to learn the basic woodworking experience? Would like to learn and have the space provided and ready to set up just need to know what to put in it.

Dusty answers:

If you buy a battery powered screwgun get a good one you will proably use it mose with craft and furniture projects. :)

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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools List

Jenny asks…

Need job advice!!!!?

My husband has been working for a man remodeling mobile homes for his mobile home park. He found the job in the newspaper and it stated he needed basic tools. He had all items needed to remodel homes such as hammers, squares, drills, saws, etc. However, the owner now has decided he would make a very long list (37 items) of tools that my husband. Some are far from “basic” like Sledge Hammers, wood chisel, broom and dust pan, metric meters (my husband is not an electrician), crescent wrenches and pipe wrenches (my husband is not a plumber). He is a carpenter and that is what he applied for. It would cost about $2500 to buy all the items on the list he does not have. We can’t afford it, and he wants him to sign a contract agreeing to have the items. If he doesn’t he will deduct his pay by $2.00 an hour! Is this legal? Can he be fired and his pay legally cut if he doesn’t sign it. The items are far from the basic tools he agreed to (he has worked for there for 6 months)
The employees know for a fact that the owner is low on money. It seems he is either trying to get people to quit or have a reason to fire them so he doesn’t have to lay them off and pay unemployment. And, if they stay without the tools (because noone has these tools on the list), he will have an excuse to pay them cheaper wages.

Dusty answers:

Well, those ‘additional’ tools you listed (sledgehammer etc) ARE basic tools, and I would certainly expect most folks to own them, if they were going to do any kind of work on homes, let alone mobile homes.
(Your husband is a ‘carpenter’ but doesnt own a chisel???)
Frankly I wouldnt work on any electrical WITHOUT a meter, whether it was required or not.

I also find it difficult to believe it would cost $2500 to finish out a tool set….

This sounds suspicously like there is more going on that just a list of basic tools required on the job.

Yes, one could be fired … For no reason at all, let alone for not having the tools required to do the job.
Yes, one could suffer a paycut… Again… With or without cause.
In many states, an employer CAN require a contract in order to continue working, or one that affects pay grade.

If financial difficulty is really what is driving this owner…. I’d have to ask myself…. How secure is my job anyway? Do I really want to work for someone who could be too broke to pay me next week?

I used to service new manufactured homes myself, and my list of tools is extensive. But I own many that would not be required as a ‘standard’ set of tools. Investing in my tools is something I did every month, because that was how I earned my living. Still, I’d be hard put to dig up $2500 in receipts for basic hand tools, hehehe.

It would be unreasonable for the owner to specify ‘Brands’ of tooling, but it is NOT unreasonable for a list of tools to be required. Anything more than that… You need to consult your states employment division, or a lawyer.

As I said, I used to service manufactured homes… Very similar to what your husband is doing now.. And I owned the business. My employees were required to have basic tools, and I provided the more expensive tools, and vehicle. I paid more, if they invested in, and provided those more expensive items themselves.

I would be very interested in seeing a list of those ‘required’ tools. I could perhaps offer some advice on which are actually ‘standard’ or not, etc. For this line of work.

Just as a side note… If a business has 15 or more employees (full time), there are certain Federal guidelines and standards they have to meet, including minimum wage, unemployment insurance, workers comp, etc. AND, even if fired, you could file a claim against the owner’s unemployment, which he would have to fight, and prove he had ‘just cause’ for the termination.

Feel free to email that list to me, if you want an independent comparison.

Good Luck

Additional info -
Ive replied to your email, and just to repeat some of it here…
“Brand name” should be left up to the tool purchaser.
Specifications like ‘titanium drill bits’ and ‘stainless steel scissors’ are also things I would use, but not specify as required by my employees. Drill bits and scissors? Yes… ‘titanium coating’, and ‘stainless steel’? No
As to the whole list of ‘power’ tools, saws, air compressor, hopper, pneumatic tools etc… Those go beyond a ‘basic’ hand tools list. I would expect them in a contractor, but not an employee. As a business owner and contractor, I provided those kinds of tools to my employees. Yes, they are needed in the work, but should not be something a ‘typical’ employee would be expected to have in their inventory.

There should also be a ‘reasonable’ time factor for any ‘existing’ employee to purchase any additional tools, before it affects their pay, job description, or employability.

My advice would be to take this list and contract to the employment office, and/or lawyer. And start job hunting, hehehe… Because if they are being this unreasonable, things are getting dire. Paychecks may end up being worthless pieces of paper, before you can get them to the bank.

Good Luck

Paul asks…

what should i give to him for valentines day?

well, he works as carpenter, he has all the tools and workwear, he works outside all the time..basically i am burning out of ideas of getting calentines day gift, he just had a birthday, and i got him the dvd player and couple cds, any ideas for me?? ps. dont tell me to give him sex becus that is already on the list!
he is very athletic, but dont watch sports at all, umm i kind of ask him what he wants and of course he say nothing..he loves news, he works alot, he is at his 40 but man he can do things like, he loves to club with me(he dance too!) what should i do???
sex is like regular meal for us and i thought to give him somethin else..but of course, sex is a bonus and it will

Dusty answers:

Got this off some website but forgot the link. Read the ideas here and see which of them applies to your personal situation based on your age, relationship and the length of time you have been together. Good Luck.

1. Hobbies. Collectible memorabilia: fanwear from his favorite sports team, movie scripts, or anything that adds to his collection

2. Toys. Electric scooter, remote-controlled cars and planes, XBox, Wii, PS3

3. Gadgets. Digital camera/camcorder, plasma television, MP3/DVD player

4. Sports. Tickets to a sporting event, autographed ball

5. Underwear. Silk boxers or a terrycloth robe

6. Camping. Swiss army knife, tent, compass

7. Office. Briefcase, Cross or Montblanc pen, PDA

8. Money. Nice leather wallet or money clip

9. Clothes. Collared shirt, cashmere scarf, wool jacket

10. Golf. Passes to a local golf course, new clubs, golf shoes

11. Adventure. Race car driving, bungee jumping, sky diving

12. Read. A subscription to his favorite magazine, a new book

13. Games. Dart board, pool table, foosball table

14. Drink. Home beer brewing kit, wine rack, imported beer or wine, flask, decanter

15. Smoke. Some of his favorite cigars, an antique pipe

16. Music. ITunes Gift certificate, old records, new CDs

17. Accessories. Timepiece, cufflinks, belt. Cologne

18. Shave. A Shaving kit complete with razor, brush and soap dish, electric razor

19. Sexy. Adult toys for couples, lingerie to surprise him with, candles and a bath

20. Shopping. Gift certificate or American Express giftcard

Nancy asks…

I need your help!!!Please!!!?

My dad is a carpenter and he has all the tools in the world and i dont know what to get him?!?!?!?!? If you could i need a list of ideas on gifts to get him?!?!?!! Thanks!

Dusty answers:

Change it up this time and get him a new shirt, a comb and brush set, something to wash the car, or maybe a pair of slippers for inside the house. If he likes to read get him a new book, or if he likes coffee get him a starbucks gift card.

Mandy asks…

quick easy crafts?

i want a weekend craft to do with my friend. i’d like something useful but not a five min task. i’d also like the equitment list to be made of household stuff bt my dad is a carpenter so i have acess to wood and tools please help out if you can.

Dusty answers:

You should do a google search to find ideas. Make a coat hook thing. Know what I mean? Not sure how handy you are with carving out the knobs & such but maybe you can ask your dad. Do some painting on it. Make it a really cool design. Or even do a fancy welcome sign. Or make a bunch of oranments for around the house. Good luck!

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