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Posts Tagged ‘bandsaw’ Three Band Saw cross cut sleds for woodworking. These easy to make crosscut sleds for the bandsaw are easy to make and yet highly accurate. The sleds allow the woodworker an excellent choice for working safely especially when working with small wood pieces. This can be a better option than cutting small pieces on the table saw. http The Apprentice and The Journeyman Learn more, Experience more!
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The new Laguna Drift Master fence system provides the utmost in control and adjustment for the band saw fence. The drift adjustment is accomplished quickly and easily through the quick-set wheel. This tool-free adjustment is quick and easy. Accurate and repeatable veneer cuts can now be performed with the microadjustment handle. See how this precision adjustment handle allows you to make repeated cuts using the outside edge of the blade. The Hi / Low fence system is easily changed within seconds and is extra long for additional support. To learn more about our products, please visit us at
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This is a reproduction of a sawbuck table at the Landis Valley Museum. I tried my best to use only hand tools, but there may have been the occasional slice of a bandsaw blade along the way. The wood is curly cherry, and the finish is shellac and wax. The cool features about this project are sliding, half blind, and through dovetails; tusk tenons; and lamb’s tongue profiles. You can find the links to the construction process here:

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Home made bandsaw (version 1) Showing off my home made bandsaw and what it can do. Its made all out of wood.

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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Sandra asks…

what are the best tools (let’s just say top ten) tools for any beginning carpenter to have?

Dusty answers:

smooth faced hammer
chisel set
cordless drill/driver
circular saw
narrow crown stapler

Ruth asks…

name five tools a carpenter would use?????

Dusty answers:

hand saw
screw drivers or screw gun
tape measure or laser measure
box cutters
tool belt

Robert asks…

What tools do you need to be a carpenter?

Dusty answers:

Only a chainsaw. And little tools buy later

Mary asks…

What tools did carpenters use in the 1800′s?

I have an assignment on the history and technology to do with bikes from the 1800′s until now.
I need to know what tools carpenters used before technology had advanced, and the materials that were used to build bikes over 100 years ago.
Thankyou :)

Dusty answers:

They had a hand saw. Drills. Handkerchiefs. Nails were expensive. If they tore down an old house they would save the nails for the new house. Bikes weren’t that popular in the 1800′s but harley davidson has been making motorcycles since 1903.

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