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Wood Plane Setup

Showing the minimum setup necessary for a plane to function at a working level. You can spend hundreds or even thousands trying to buy the tool that makes you an expert woodworker. There are dozens if not hundreds of sharpening plans that show a variety of methods to bring the edge of a tool to the perfect edge. I’m not going to attempt to pitch any method of sharpening. I will talk about the need for perfection. Before you buy into the concept that cost makes value consider what the end result of the process will be. For the controlled removal of wood few things have the versatility of the common plane. The goal is to hold the blade at a controlled angle to the wood and limit the depth that the blade can penetrate the surface. Set the blade for a heavy cut and it can tear off a millimeter at a time. With the blade set to barely show below the sole of the plane it can take off wispy thin .04 millimeter shavings. Does it take a liquid nitrogen quenched blade honed to 12000 grit on a diamond paste strop, held in a polished bronze plane body with rosewood trim to achieve the heights of cutting wood? Turn off the power tools, pull up a chair and learn how to really use the tools that built most of today’s world. Think green, live lean.
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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Robert asks…

Anyone know of a free website where you can make your own custom ringtones?

Im looking for a GOOD FREE website (with no BS) where i can load a portion of a real song into it and make my own ringtones. I need to increase the volume of my ringtones very loud because i run loud woodworking tools all day and i cant hear the phone ring. Ive payed for ringtones from Verizon in the past but they are useless because they arent loud enough. Ive tried doing this in Windows Movie Maker and some times it works. I import a song, cut it to length fade in fade out increase volume save it and send it to from email to my phone. However i keep having to send and resend the tones i make there because some times i get them too loud and they are distorted. It takes forever to get it exactly right. Now WMM is acting up on my computer and the tone sounds like crap no matter what volume it is. Anyone know of a site like this? Or if i can do it an easier way? I have Windows XP. Serious answers only please.

Denny answers:



step 1 upload a music file
step 2 select what part of the file you want as a ringtone
step 3 they text it straight inside a text message

totally FREE

William asks…

Unemployed father driving me nuts!?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me a polite way to tell my father his behaviour is bothering me – or perhaps I am out of line and should continue to keep my mouth shut as I have.

He has been off since the summer – he injured his left pinky – and his unemployment insurance has just run out. I am staying at home with my preschooler due to daycare problems, and I am doing all of the housework – I mean ALL. He does not even put his dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

My mother works hard and makes enough to support them both, but she often expresses her misery over having to be the sole breadwinner, especially with holiday season coming up. I thought my dad would have whipped into shape by now, but he seems really indifferent about getting back to work. When his old work calls, he doesn’t even answer the phone to take the shifts they are offering him.

He spends his days, almost all day, out in the garage with his woodworking tools. He drinks most of the day which is my biggest concern – he starts as early as 11 am and goes all day.

Should I tell him I am concerned, or stay out of it? He is driving me insane.

Denny answers:

Your dad has gotten use to not working and really content with your mom paying the bills talk to your mom about it instead of your dad

Carol asks…

Why do 8 black guys keep trying to break into my building?

tonight was the 6th or 7th attempt, sunday morning they broke into the empty commercial unit next to mine, ripped the security door off the hinges and kicked in the inner door. tonight they brought a 20 foot ladder and got on my roof, pulled open the skylight in my kitchen and ruined the screen trying to rip it out. luckily the noise woke me and they left when i turned the lights on and yelled at them. they were gone by the time cops got here again.

They seem to be getting more and more aggressive, police say the bad guys probably think im growing pot(which im not), they robbed a large grow across the street from me 6 months ago right before they started trying to get in here.

Theres nothing of value in here besides some woodworking tools and a computer, but they’re convinced its worth robbing, what can i do besides move? I dont particularly want to buy a gun and i dont think i can take on 8 armed men in a shoot out anyway, especially with shitty california 10 round magazines.
bruce why are you posting irrelevant bullshit on my qeustion? stop trolling nerd
@tommy my neighbor already has them on film trying to get into his building, got pictures of their license plate aswell and turned it over to the police. they said there wasnt much they could do.
if i blast these retards their friends are gunna come lookin for me, they seem somewhat organized i guess its my only option though, do you think ill get a response from them if i post in the “missed connections” section of craigslist?
@shine i am that hillbilly you saw on tv yesterday.

Denny answers:

Hmm, 6th or 7th attempt by 8 armed men I would had packed my car with whatever I could and moved to the next county or two by the 2nd attempt. As far as recommendations goes I would take a trip for two weeks and let everyone know it and have the cops stay at your place while on vacation in the hope they do get them or those 8 guys get it out of there system. But first I would run it by the cops and see what they say and then make arrangements for whatever you don’t want to take a walk on you either by the cops or the other ones.

Lizzie asks…

San Diego knife law question…?

So, I do woodwork on boats for a living and I want a freakishly stout work knife that can be a pry bar, chop through screws… that kind of stuff. I have to do a lot of picking, poking, cutting and prying when I go to look at potential jobs. Leathermans are okay, but break too easily.
I’ve done tons of research and this is what would be an excellent knife for doing the stuff that I wouldn’t dare do to my woodworking tools –
(look up the tests on youtube… quite an impressive blade)
I grew up in the sticks where everybody had a knife, most had guns, you didn’t have to lock the doors and people were polite.
San Diego is a different scenario entirely and I’m wondering if this knife would just be asking for a police beating.
I’m a utilitarian kind of guy and want a workhorse knife that won’t break like my other ones have. I tend to just carry one knife for EDC and work stuff just so I’m more proficient with it when I need it.
I like routine with my blades, not a fan of one for work and one for strolling.
So, I get home from work, shower, change clothes, clip on my Kershaw 0301 and take my dog for a walk through the park.
Is this illegal with this kind of knife?
Yes, I’ve tried to look it up but I’m not the best internet sleuth. I’m not too sure how to interpret what I’ve found (not much) about the local knife ordinances.

Denny answers:

That knife looks long as the blade doesn’t past the length of your hand when you hold it across your palm.

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