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Drawing/Coloring Lia and Mimi (childish style)

Photo: sophie– —–Message to my lovely viewers :D —– Thank you for your ongoing support, Sorry if I don’t reply to your comments and messages but I read all of them. There were few points that I would like to express in response to some of the questions: 1- Why do you mostly draw faces in YouTube? Simply, the answer is, I like it. The paper you see in this video is my only chance to draw whatever I feel like. Unlike my manga, I’m bounded by the storyline, and by the quality of work and style itself. What I do in my spare time for YouTube is what I really enjoy doing. 2- When is your Manga released? I’m honored to have fans before publishing my manga, that’s what keeps me working even harder to bring up my manga to the top publishing companies out there. I will finish my manga by Feb 7, 2013 I will post the first chapter of my manga soon in Youtube! I hope you understand that, I’m just like you, striving to improve my skills. Whatever I do, will not make me superior over any of you because in the end, we are all making our same wish come true, which is becoming a manga/Comic creators! Thank you for reading So This drawing will be sent to my contest winner. Results are ready, I’m working on the video. Sorry it took some time. ( it’ really hard working on vacations, if you’re not home T_T) Hope you like this one :) FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Music : “windswept by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons

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This work bench was designed by a seasoned finish carpenter and home builder who saw a need and addressed it. This work bench is field tested and works. Beauty, Simplicity, Functionality describe this unique answer to an age old problem. It is amazing to me the attention my work bench is getting. This unit is the basic idea fleshed out in a functional design a carpenter can build in his shop. I have many improvements and details, I will be adding to the design. The main upgrade I am working on is a design to make this unit mass produceable and shipable. I would be interested in getting feed back from those who think this might be a good tool to bring to the market. Designer/Builder Ron Paulk Plans available at
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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Laura asks…

What tools do carpenters use to make cabinets, floors, and roofs?

Dusty answers:

Well for roofs and floors (i am going to assume you are a talking about framing) you’ll need:

Tape measure
Saws (both power and hand)

nail guns
utility knife
cats paw
and large nail set

As far as cabinets:
everything above plus
Table saw
mitre saw
face frame system
etc. . . .

Lets put it this way, I have over $30K invested in my operation (plus the truck)

David asks…

What are the main 3 tools?

What are the main 3 tools every carpenter should have?
out of 8 answers:

Hammer is 1 of the 3

You just maybe surprised what the other 2 is.
I will give the correct answer when resolved and why.
(hint) think humor!

Dusty answers:


Chris asks…

from where can i purchase carpenter router in mumbai?

I am retd and interested in craftsmanship. It does need some facility like routers and carpenter‘s tools. I wish to know from where can I purchase these tools in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai? Even used one ir second also will do for me. Dr. natvar

Dusty answers:


Hitachi has a Bombay Office and sells routers. Please get the address from Website above.

Lizzie asks…

what is that triangle shape tool a carpenter uses . it is some kind of square and how on earth does it work?

this tool is a triangle tool that has measurements in inches and centimeters and they say you can find the pitch of a roof with it and many other extroidinary things .how do you use this tool.
I really appreciate everyonesperfect answer, however it seems I didn’t describe it right. It’s not a steel square or rafter square. This is a small triangle used sometimes like a combination square.

Dusty answers:

It is called carpenter’s square, also known as a steel, framing, or rafter square.
It used to be the case that carpenters didn’t know much mathematics beyond the ability to read a tape measure and do simple computations.
To draw small circles they may have used a compass but for larger circles they may have used their carpenter’s square

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Getting Started With Woodworking Tools

Getting Started With Woodworking Tools

If you’ve officially gotten bitten by the woodworking bug, you’ll soon be in the market for some woodworking tools.

But what kind of woodworking tools and how many?

The answer to this will depend largely on things such as your budget, your style of woodworking, and the type of wood you’ll be working with.

Where you live and the space that you have available in which to work can also affect the style of woodworking that you ultimately go with. For example you may simply not have enough available space to have all the latest or biggest power tools, or you may live in an environment where the noise from power woodworking tools may be prohibited. If this is the case, your style may be one of strictly working with hand woodworking tools.

If you are like most of us woodworkers, over time you’ll accumulate a variety of woodworking tools. You’ll have the large and powerful to the hand tools you bought when you were first starting out in woodworking.

The style of furniture that you are wanting to build is also an influencing factor when it comes to choosing the right tools for you. One style of furniture will more than likely require few different types of tools over another style. This is why it’s always a good idea to get yourself a good set of plans for the type of project you’re considering.

As you would probably guess, the amount of woodshop and woodworking tools you can own is limited only by your ability to be able to afford them.

Creating beautiful pieces through woodworking isn’t always about having the best and latest tools at your disposal. When you don’t have every tool available to help you overcome problems that arise, this can be a good thing as it will serve to develop not only your skills but your creative mindset as well.

Keep in mind that there are just about as many ways to accomplish something in woodworking as there are tools on the market. In fact, most of the time when you think you’re up against a limitation caused by your lack of tools… it’s your imagination and self skills that will come up with a workable solution if you just re-think the situation.

But, when the time comes and you begin thinking seriously about acquiring some additional woodworking tools, don’t be so quick as to rush out and get the latest shiny new object. Take the time to look over some reviews from one of the professional woodworking magazines that are available and see how the various models have been graded out by the people who have actually used the tools.

Since you’re here, why not get started! From bookcase plans to pool deck plans and projects, stop by for a visit and discover over 1,000 woodworking plans and projects and our basic woodworking beginners workshop.


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