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Sheet Breakdown

Test of breaking down sheet goods on the EZ-One. For ripping more than 48″ you need to use the UEG (Universal Edge Guide) and this is a link to an animation of a prototype of the tool (sorry, don’t have an animation of the current tool). Check Dik Harrison’s Blog (, the EurekaZone Site (http and EurekaZone Forum ( for more information.

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Buy this set from LEGO! LEGO Pieces: 1332 Photos: 1866 @ 24fps My homage to the iconic VW Camper & exploring what’s possible in animation using exclusively free open source/embedded Windows 7 tools and a sub macro light box featured on Tools: DIY Light Tent Nikon D3100 DSLR Windows Live Movie Maker Music: The Grateful Dead American Beauty “Truckin’”

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– — New DVD series — 3 discs with 5 hours of video. You can get it at (that’s dot org NOT dot com) This clip has a lot of animation, but the DVDs in this boxed set are almost all live-action, not animation. Check out the other clips that I have on YouTube. I also teach hands-on courses, and I make log home tools–like a scriber that you have to see to believe! It’s all on my website Robert W. Chambers © 2010 All Rights Reserved
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