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Woodworking in America-HD

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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Jenny asks…

why should i support a military that doesnt fight for america?

The service men volunteer to fight for bush not america. The military is being used like tool, Like a carpenter uses a hammer. It wasnt nor is necessary for them to be getting killed in Iraq right now.
you couldnt pay me to enlist and fight for bush
I dont care what you think naples. Your thoughts are completely ineffectual in the scheme of things.

Dusty answers:

Soldiers obey orders before they complain. They fight wars but only complain when they are already veterans or disabled. That is the mark of soldiers.

Nancy asks…

How can I find a stud in a wall?

I am a 21 year old girl… so if you answer this… please understand that I have no tools except a hammer and some nails. And I have no experience with this… so I may not understand the carpenter “lingo” lol. I have a small bar area where I want to hang some stuff… the stuff isnt too heavy. The space is only about 1 foot wide… I dont even know if there would be any studs in it. Would it be ok to hang my stuff without finding the studs… since it isnt that heavy?

But if I do need to find the studs… then I need my original question answered… how do i find studs in the walls???

thanks for your help!

Dusty answers:

If you have an electric razor simply hold it to the wall and slide it along the area your looking at. If you hear a change in pitch…there is a stud! Hope that helps! ^_^

However, since the item IS light you probably dont need to find a stud…but this kinda depends on the wall…if its paneling…find the stud, other wise you are fine just mounting the item wherever you please.

Chris asks…

Will my electrical items work if i emigrate?

I am in the process of moving to Australia and i need to know if its worth taking my household electrical items with me.
I am currently in the UK and the voltage here is 240v. Is it the same in Australia and would i just have to change the plugs over. It would be helpful to know as I am a carpenter and I do not want to have to sell all of my tools just to buy them again over there.

Dusty answers:

Your appliances will all work. All you will need is a very inexpensive ($10 – $15) and easy to get plug adaptor.

Daniel asks…

What tools would Jesus have in His toolbox that would not be found in a modern day carpenters toolbox?

Dusty answers:

A portable drill.

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