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Project converting my 16′ cargo trailer into a tool shop, setup with welder, plasma cutter, air compressor, drill press and grinder etc, it’s all powerd with a 1967 Kohler 5000 Watt Power plant. A practice project building a 17′ gate.
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Your Questions About Carpentry Tools

Michael asks…

What Tools Should I Buy?

I’m 17 work for my Grandfather’s fencing company. It would help if i bought my own power tools and drills so I dont have to borrow them off co workers. I plan on going to college for carpentry in British Columbia after Highschool and hopefull run my own Carpentry/Contracting? company one day. I’m gonna build a little house for myself on my huge property in a forest. I love to build things. Tools are expensive but i could really use them. Should i buy them now and start building stuff that I would love to do but have less money or wait until i get rate into my career?

Dusty answers:

With age come experience and wisdom. In your question you say you are working for your grandfathers company. That right there is your greatest source of wisdom.

I would look to the tools your co workers carry with them on a daily basis and make note of them.

A good tool belt is a must, but you may find out that what type of tool belt you want will depend upon the job you are going to be doing.

Sit down and make a list of the tools you think are most important and then list them by priority. Try to buy one tool a week (pay check) or so. Save up for the more expensive tools.

But before you go and buy a single tool, ask your grandfather to look over your list and ask him for his advice. The tools you may think are import and he may disagree and may have other suggestions. Ask him why, and tell him you are asking so you will have a better understanding not just because you are questioning him. This will also go a long way for you to earn some respect from your grandfather. Respect is earned it is not deserved.

Mary asks…

what to do with all my tool’s, i have a lot of tools and want to make some money using them ?

I had an obsession with tools growing up and now i have like 30 k in tools and want to use them to make money, but don’t know how to get started this is what i have.

6000-psi pressure washer
3800-watt generator
Tree chipper
Table saw with dado
Miter saw
Router with almost every tip out there
Router table
1000 set ratchet set
Wire feed welder
mig welder
Setaline torch
Plasma cuter
Pipe benders
3 drills
Drill press
Spray guns
Almost every hand tool out there like wire cutters and drivers
19 high power cords
8 hooligan lights
3 led tripod lights
80 gal air compressor
30 set air compressor tool kit
40 set power tool set
All of these tools are in my garage and I don’t get to use them as much
As I want to, and I don’t make money from them I also know how to use all of them and they are not brands that are cheep I have craftsmen to Makita, snap on and dwelt I’m broke and want to make some money
But don’t really know were to get started, I have worked in carpentry, construction and automobile fields if that helps on any thing. Can any one give me an idea?

Dusty answers:

It seems to me that you’ve spent a hell of a lot of money on this stuff. Presumably, it’s taken at least a year or 2 to accumulate everything. So my guess is if you haven’t had any “revelations” after all this time, your best bet would be to sell it to someone who can put it to good use and invest the money in the stock market. It’ll be rebounding any day now and you’ could make a fortune without leaving your computer desk.
If you’re really determined to be self-employed and don’t have a preference for what you do then choose something that requires the most expensive equipment, because you’ll have less competition. The less competition you have, the easier it is to demand higher prices for what you do.Good luck.

Lizzie asks…

Air Nailers and Tools – What is Right for Me?

Hi. I want to buy the right tools for the job. I have a bad habit of buying cheap and regretting it or buying part and then having to go back to the store 12 times. I could really use some help and recommendations on the features I needs in these tools.

I want to purchase an air compressor and some nailers. I ruled out the cordless due to cost and some future automotive ideas that will require a compressor (but I digress). The jobs I have in mind include:
Building wine racks
Re-attaching millwork – removed to run wires behind it, etc.
Adding trim or nailing weather strips to door frames

Basically, I need it for handyman and minor carpentry projects not major construction. I want decent speed, but mainly the ability to do things right – nice clean work as opposed to hammer divets, screw heads to be covered, etc.

Can you help by telling me what features I should look for and recommend a minimum set of requirements? Brands to avoid would also be helpful.

Thanks in advance

Dusty answers:

Hello Obiwando,
I am a contractor, and over the years have purchased many tools.

If you need to purchase a compressor, then go for one that has a high PSI , about 150 should be good, and also one that has a control, to allow for adjustments. The small pancake type of compressors are fine for running trim guns and nailers, but if you plan on having enough power later for auto work, they generally will not be good enough.

Generally Speaking most trim and nail guns will work fine between 80 to 100 psi. I try to run a compressor as little as often. The small ones, run the guns fine, but they will kick on more often due to the smaller tank. I do not like having to wait for pressure to build up, to use the guns, if I am using them a lot, so the larger compressor takes care of that for me.

I like the compressors from Sears they have ones on wheels, made by craftsman, and are excellent value.
As regards to trim and nail guns, the bostich range is hard to beat, they are light, have a depth control , and do not mar the work.
You should purchase a trim gun that has a 33 degree angle on the nail holder , this allows you to get right in the corners, and also allows for toe nailing wood. It’s a very handy feature. These guns are known as angled trim guns.You will also need to ensure you purchase the right type of nails for these guns, I.E. Angled and not straight finish type nails.

As regards to a hose, they now sell slim line hoses, that are very soft and flexible, these hoses are more expensive than regular, but they work great.

I trust this information shall be of benefit to you, and good luck with your projects.

Although I personally use the paslode cordless range these days, I was using the compressor and bostich range for years without any problems. If a nail does get jambed, they are easy to remove with the quick release catch on top of the gun. I have tried porter cable guns, but they are heavy, and when you are using them all the time, they can tire you sooner.

Paul M

Helen asks…

Can I hook up any tools to this compressor?

For christmas my wife got me a craftsman pancake compressor. it is rated at 2.7scfm@40psi, 1.7scfm@90psi and a 125psi shutoff. It is a 3/4hp 4 gallon compressor. Anyway, will I be able to hook a framing gun up to this? what about any other tools? I mainly need it to check pool lines for leaks and filling tires (and summer pool toys), but I would like to also have one I can hook a nail gun up to to do minor carpentry. Please let me know if this will work for a framing nailer? Thank you

Dusty answers:

Do not plan on going into the contracting business with this compressor, but it will do just fine with most nail guns, sanders, grinders, etc. That require air…it will cycle on and off quite a bit, but who cares….it will do the job. Happy holidays

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