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How to survive in Minecraft! In the first episode we will look at how to tell the time of day. Basic crafting and making your first shelter! Make sure that you subscribe for more: In this episode you will learn: -How to tell the time of day -Basic crafting skills (tools) -How to make your first shelter Minecraft Wiki: Music credits: Jason Shaw @
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5 Responses to “Surviving in Minecraft – Ep.1 – Getting through the first night”

  1. MrBloxDJ says:

    owned muder trucker

  2. MinecraftManiac191 says:

    That’s why it’s a tutorial series. And also with around 10,000 people purchasing the game every day, I don’t think we “all” know how to play Minecraft.

  3. Blaze herman says:

    We know how to play minecraft shut up

  4. MinecraftManiac191 says:

    Thanks, would you mind subscribing as it really helps the channel :) I have many more videos ready to be uploaded :D

  5. SamRobbo131 says:

    Awesome =D

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