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Sheet Breakdown

Test of breaking down sheet goods on the EZ-One. For ripping more than 48″ you need to use the UEG (Universal Edge Guide) and this is a link to an animation of a prototype of the tool (sorry, don’t have an animation of the current tool). Check Dik Harrison’s Blog (, the EurekaZone Site (http and EurekaZone Forum ( for more information.

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9 Responses to “Sheet Breakdown”

  1. Joshawanao says:

    My hero. 

  2. meonetallguy says:

    Been a Carpenter for over 30 years! Ripped plywood, MDF sheets using sawhorses and my Skill Wormdrive. Sometimes I would clamp on straightedge if the cut needed to be “dead” on as in cabinet bodies, other times just snapped a line. Gimmicky stuff trying to make up for lack of skills!

  3. Joshawanao says:

    lol, Would you rather pay a contractor that showed up with some saw horses or one that showed up with some professional equipment? Would you rather have a less than perfect cut or a damn near perfect cut?

  4. wilfried vanhees says:

    nice animation yet useless

  5. Dik Harrison says:

    The EZ-One is only useful for rips of 48″ or less. For longer rips the best tool is the UEG (Universal Edge Guide). Unfortunately I don’t have an animation of the current version, there is now a link to an animation of one of the prototypes in the above description.

  6. cplxrh says:

    What about riping for length??

  7. meonetallguy says:

    Seriously.. that contraption is needed to cut a sheet of plywood/MDF? What about two sawhorses and a circular saw? Not sexy enough?

  8. Dik Harrison says:

    I have recently obtained Regular Polygon’s Keyframe Animation plug-in for SketchUp and wanted to try it out on some areas that had given me problems in the past. The raising and lowering of the bridge had been all but impossible to get to look smooth, but with Keyframe Animation it is fairly simple. I also played around with the format, resolution, and frame count settings to get a look that I’m more satisfied with.

  9. JB Marker says:

    Excellent video production, but what is the point and what is the test?

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