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sharpening a cabinet scraper

How to sharpen a cabinet scraper and keep it in top condition with the least amount of effort, Visit for more in-depth info about sharpening woodworking tools

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20 Responses to “sharpening a cabinet scraper”

  1. labrat7357 says:

    G’day Doug
    This is the best explanation of how to prepare a scraper that I have seen on utube. It is slightly different but better than the way I was shown. Laying the stone on the bench apron to square the edge, so simple and obvious now I have seen it, why was I not doing it this way before. I will be checking out your other presentations hoping they are as good.
    Thanks for a very helpful video, keep em coming.

  2. dougchart says:

    Your very welcome
    Glad that helps

  3. colinml2 says:

    I was taught a different method twenty years ago. Your method is faster and creates a better burr. Thanks.

  4. leozadarguide says:

    great video and a site, too.hope you will make some more

  5. dougchart says:

    The pulling method is common in the scandanavian countries in particular and has nothing to do with finished surfaces where a scraper would seldom, if ever, be used.

  6. boddumblues says:

    I think the pulling motion is intended for laquered surfaces or very light work.

  7. ChrisWoodWorks says:

    I just found this and wished to thank you so much for posting. I’ve been struggling with trying to sharpen my scraper and now I can.

  8. sarelle500gr says:

    I’m a luthier and found your videos very nice, you sure are a master woodworker

  9. Manicwensday1 says:

    Great video thanks

  10. Archtops says:

    Very clear instructions! Thank you for taking the time to teach us this method of keeping the cabinet scraper in top form. A Very important lesson.
    Best regards,
    Pelican Guitars

  11. ralfsnart says:

    Awesome video. Journeyman Carpenter 20 years now and that is the best instructional video I have seen!


  12. jallenmorris1 says:

    Great video! I love that you go beyond just sharpening it, but to also using it, and you admit that using a scraper can be tricky at first, but it’s worth it. I’m headed to my shop to see for myself! Thanks for the video!

  13. dougchart says:

    Thanks, there’s more on my website with more on the scraper in a day or so

  14. SubinfiniteHelix says:

    This is an excellent video, and you are a very good teacher! Thank you for sharing this technique; I’ll try it in the shop tomorrow!

  15. BazCabinetMaker says:

    Spot on mate! Just as I was taught nearly 40 years ago.I certainly recommend this method.
    I’ve watched a few cabinet making videos on YouTube and most are rubbish. This is excellent.

  16. Asterixarcher says:

    You sound like sean connery.

  17. dougchart says:

    This is the method I was shown by my father who served his time in Edinburgh Scotland in the 1930′s – 1940′s. The essential thing is the minimal work done for max results. This is a part of the essential mind set of the craftsman . I have much more to add to my site and plan to add a lot more soon. Thanks for your input
    Best wishes
    Dougal Charteris

  18. dougchart says:

    Thanks , glad this helps. This vid is a snippet from a 4.5hr seires I did in the mid 90′s
    More to come.

  19. newbiefromnewbie says:

    Thanks for the video. Nicely explained.

    The burr on the side of the tool is almost as pleasing as the burr in your Scottish accent. Remonds me of family and friends back home in Canada.

  20. riley449 says:

    Excellent video. Thank you so much for sharing this technique. It beats my old technique hands down. Have you any plans for more videos? I hope so.


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