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Santa Ynez


Download barn plans and blueprints
15 Barn Plans, blueprints, ebook and videos on buliding

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20 Responses to “Santa Ynez”

  1. william says:

    looking for post and beam barn plans… building a 24×36 barn with loft no gambrel roof. have spent hours on sites looking with no results.

  2. jobjarjack says:

    Try you local saw mill

  3. bradnick2000 says:

    I have a small garage that needs new doors and would like to build a set of swinging barn doors. Tried to find some online but kept finding plans for full barns, closest I got was a set of dutch doors.

  4. northernlamb says:


  5. EyeCandii00 says:

    were building a barn in my backyard and we have like 7 or 8 acres, i need to know some sites i can go to to find a nice barn floor plan with a nice tack room too. thanks :)

  6. jareyn2002 says:

    36′ x 36′ Gable Style Barn Plans

    Nine 18″ x 24″ Sheets, with details of Typical Elevations, Specifications/Details, Post Locations, Roof Framing, Floor Plan, Loft Framing, and much more.

    With a flexible floor plan and plenty of space for up to six horses, this 36′ x 36′ Gable style pole barn satisfies the needs of both horse and human alike. The plans for this barn include a large hayloft, and allow for maximum flexibility in the arrangement of stalls, tack room, wash rack, dutch doors, etc. How about four stalls, a tack room, and a wash rack? Maybe five stalls and a tack room. If you would like your barn to have maximum efficiency for daily chores, how about a 12′ x 12′ feed and blanket storage area? The possibilities are all based upon each area being 12′ x 12′ in size, with any arrangement of the interior spaces that you prefer. These barn plans are very versatile.

  7. gotweim says:

    Looking for building plans for a pole barn that is 32 x 32. Bought a used, disassembled pole barn and need to submit building plans to get a permit. Thanks for your help.

  8. WilliamB says:

    Absolutely free

  9. EricaS says:

    We may be buying a piece of property and we’re going to have to put up a barn for my 2 horses anyways. I always thought it would be SO FUN to attach a loft apartment to it! Does anyone live in one? Do you LOVE it or HATE it? Anyone know of any good plan/kits for a horse barn with living quarters?
    There is only a tiny house on the property so we’re going to hve to build a house anyways.

  10. ThomasK says:

    Another family in my city had a pole barn for the animals (completely enclosed, sheet iron walls, roof and doors) that was quite large. They built a mother-in-law house in one corner of the barn.

    I recommend that you START with the apartment/house plans as though it would be freestanding and not dependent on the barn at all. Go visit and measure loft apartments. Then build the barn over it.

  11. ever1wolf says:

    May sound silly but I pulled up this link for you

  12. h1257 says:

    I only want two stalls with tack room and hay stoarge.
    i want a mix between metal and wood.

  13. MandiD says:

    I went out and bought a professional miter saw just for them and I can’t find plans for them anywhere. I keep running into metal ones but I like the look of real mitered wood, I have a few sent to me from back in Ohio from the neighbors barn siding and would love to replicate them as much as I could. Any help is really appreciated!!! Thanks

  14. sojournsoul says:

    I searched because I know there are lots of websites with free woodworking plans, but I couldn’t find anything. I guess the next best thing to do is search “wooden barn star” and then click IMAGES. That will bring up as many pictures as you will find of wooden barn stars.

    The ones that are not flat look difficult to build. For a flat one, I would draw the design and then cut the lines with a jig saw (or circular saw). With a jig saw, you can hit the line perfectly if you take your time and have a good area to work on with good lighting.

  15. bearczar says:

    here is a start its a free plan site look to see if they have links to barns.
    some times its as cheep to buy a pre-built one and have it dropped off you should shop around just remember your time building one is worth what you make at work so figure that in the cost if you don’t build alot even a kit can take some time and if you are handy enough to build one on your own from raw materials you shouldn’t need a plan…not a insult just trying to let you know a pre-built one is a good choice for most people,the materials alone cost close to a pre-built one

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