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Rock the Wok With Chef Jet Tila

Chef Jet Tila holds The Guinness World Record for largest stir-fry at 4010 pounds. Now, Jet shows us how to easily make the scaled-down version at home. Chef/owner of the Charleston Restaurant in Santa Monica, Jet’s got the expert stir-fry tips including what kind of wok to use, how to properly slice your chicken and the steps to make a delicious marinade. You’ll be rockin’ your wok and making the perfect stir-fry in no time! Questions for Jet? Let us know! Subscribe to behind-the-scenes interviews with a new culinary master each week: Find out what else Tasted has in store for you: 7 Questions in the Kitchen highlights popular chefs and food experts answering questions in their very own kitchen. We get culinary masters to talk about their passions, from a special cuisine to their favorite gadgets, and then show you the tricks of the trade. Watch and discover new, never-before-aired information about all the chefs you should know, and learn how their professional knowledge applies to you at home. Check out more episodes of 7 Questions:

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25 Responses to “Rock the Wok With Chef Jet Tila”

  1. Monarchtron says:

    Pretty much Kung Pao Chicken

  2. Rhonda Broughton says:

    Love it! I only had 1/2 of that, now I’ve got the whole story.

  3. DeDerpDeDerp says:

    woah 0:10

  4. Kyle Durie says:

    I’m surprised at the little amount of views these videos get :[
    They are extremely useful!

  5. Jet Tila says:

    Mise en Place

  6. Jet Tila says:

    Pretty tough…make sure to get a flat bottom wok and get that oil to smoke point before you start cooking!

  7. Mooshubeef says:

    No shoutout to UMass for the record? :(

  8. VictoriasBeautyTips says:

    I’ve been making mine all wrong this whole time…

  9. KDUBIN90 says:

    Delicious. Thanks Jet, hope to see more of you here on tasted.

  10. ServerTakeover says:

    LOL when he said dutch oven I thought he was talking about the fart prank.

  11. Jet Tila says:

    Hi Guys! Thanks for liking, it was a blast to make this video with Tasted! The work is Mise en place! Check out my personal site if you need anything! Chet Jet!

  12. M37b1bruce says:

    Great info as always Jet!
    Thanks, Bruce in Central VA

  13. knives254 says:

    No, you need a gas flame to get the wok hot enough to cook in.

  14. Jojeeh says:

    I believe it’s spelled “Maisson Plais”

  15. redneckcaseyjones says:

    leeson plus? how was it said?

  16. reallybigd says:

    Amazing, favorited, will be making this soon :D

  17. Cisco6x says:

    Why can’t all tip/guide cooking videos be like this!

  18. legon85 says:

    Great video because he’s just not telling you what to do BUT he’s also telling you why you do it.

  19. burgulblaster says:

    gotta stop watching these vids when i’m stoned. Torturing myself.

  20. juventinorocks says:

    I love this channel it’s way better than Expert Village’s candle making videos xD

  21. arhumtr says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeee this series!! thanks a lot!!!!!!

  22. Darkbebop says:

    we have an electric stove…. can i still use a wok?

  23. missjillicious says:

    Chasing the Yum!

  24. bangurdead102 says:

    I enjoy this channels content.

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