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Quality Carpenter Tools Will Help You Create Masterpieces I turned this spinning top out of Automotive paint and Purple heart Here is the link to Sebastian’s Channel and website. Oregonburls Channel and website
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25 Responses to “Purple Heart and Automotive Paint Spin Top”

  1. harold crawford says:

    you said someone was selling the paint chips on ebay ? what are they selling them under what catagory ,

  2. Lederkram says:

    Life surely goes convoluted ways. That was then and here you are today – maintaining a prosperous youtube channel, talking to thousands of viewers on a regular basis. Who would have thought…
    Speaking in public luckily was never a problem for me, it’s just the beeing recorded part that unnerves me. Same goes for pictures taken. People can look at me all they want, but pictures… a whole different story.

  3. haydenHD says:

    That’s funny! because the thought of speaking in public scares me. I would get sick to my stomach when I had to give a speech in school.

  4. Lederkram says:

    Ah, the wonders of modern editing software :-)
    But you really seem to enjoy beeing on camera. I try to melt into the background when pictures are taken even somewhere near me *g*

  5. haydenHD says:

    Thanks Leonard,

  6. haydenHD says:

    Woodcraft is a good place to start.

  7. haydenHD says:

    Thank you,

  8. haydenHD says:

    Thanks Sebastian, You should give it a try. I look like a Dork! I can barely get out my name sometimes Just edit it out LOL

  9. haydenHD says:

    It’s a Delta 46-460

  10. haydenHD says:

    LOL “again” I thought I recognized you :)

  11. dobrinyk says:

    and tell me where you can buy cutters to work on a lathe?

  12. MegaPB007 says:

    Hey man as always very inspiring. I’ve been trying to get some of that dry paint but it seems I cant get any/ I have a few pieces of 2x2x1/2 corian / would you be willing to trade? Let me know

  13. tonkasdad100 says:

    the whole thing has been very inspiring, so got to get working on the lathe just had some tigerwood , so that will keep me busy !!!! patience is a virtue ….

  14. TheCymruBoy says:

    Ah, thanks for that!

  15. haydenHD says:

    Thanks mike, Try “fordite”

  16. haydenHD says:

    It’s called fordite.

  17. dobrinyk says:

    подскажите а где можно купить резцы для роботы на токарном станке?

  18. MrLeonard55 says:

    Great idea Carl.

  19. cillyede says:

    Very nice peace, Carl. Will try to make one with some wood i have in my shop.
    Take care – Hubert/Germany

  20. thewoodworker01 says:

    Awesome spinning top!!! I checked on eBay for the paint, and I can’t find any. What would you even call that? Because I’d like to buy some. Thanks

  21. Lederkram says:

    What a nice spinning top! As always you do a great job making woodturning seem effortless.
    Up to now i never tried tops made of different parts… but now i might try.
    And thank you for your kind words regarding my work :-)
    I just wish i could transport the enthusiasm for woodturning (and leatherworking) like you do!
    But alas i’m not really photogenic and tend to boring monologues on camera, so i spare you all that *g*

  22. coltsrock456 says:

    Hey man I was wonder why kind of lathe is that?

  23. baconsoda says:

    You aren’t crazy Carl…that alien looks exactly like the one that was doing experiments on me last night when I was abducted and taken to Pfhiltrillig5397…again! This is getting really tiresome. Nice top, by the way. I should go to your site to keep myself up to date.

  24. littleblueleprecorn says:

    That’s awesome, well done!

  25. TheCymruBoy says:

    Great video Carl! I’ll be trawling eBay for some Car paint!

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