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Powered Hacksaw

Please don’t ask me to forward plans. Myfordboy has worked hard to produce these plans and credit to him it is only fair to pay the very reasonable cost for the plans if you want to build one. This is the compact power hacksaw made from plans supplied by MyfordBoy. Check out for further details.

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11 Responses to “Powered Hacksaw”

  1. cncnewbie says:

    gracias por tu amable comentario

  2. monagojf says:

    puedo ver bien el modelino por otra partes es lo maximo quiero hacer uno para mi casa felicitaciones amigo

  3. laptoph4x says:


  4. TheQuindecillion says:

    Oh my god, that’s so cute. It looks like a little choo choo!

  5. cncnewbie says:

    It doesn’t matter which way the pulley rotates as it still gives the same reciprocating action.

  6. 69ulf says:

    Is yours turning the same direction as the original ?

  7. 69ulf says:

    Very nice job!!

  8. wackedoutdude says:

    Neat little tool that. Myfordboys vids are awsome.

  9. cncnewbie says:

    Thank you. That is indeed a compliment from such an accomplished model engineer.

  10. barumman says:

    Very good design and nicely made.

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