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Power Tools & Carpentry Skills : How to Sharpen a Plane Blade

Sharpening a plane blade requires sharpening stones of various grits and a little oil. Sharpen a plane blade in a curve or a straight line by sanding down any burrs and listening for just the right sound with instructions from an experienced builder in this free video on carpentry tools. Expert: Robert Markey Bio: Robert Markey is an artist who works in several media including painting, sculpture, installation, video and mosaics. Filmmaker: EquilibrioFilms Erik
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10 Responses to “Power Tools & Carpentry Skills : How to Sharpen a Plane Blade”

  1. burmanmusic says:

    I was about to pay someone to sharpen my planes for me. Thanks Robert!

  2. russkirk77 says:

    thanks great video

  3. auomu says:

    this guy has the nicest voice

  4. pimpinitcj says:

    i believe that you sir, have the most videos on youTube!

  5. MrAcronim says:

    wd40 is a de-greaser not an oil
    don’t get oil stones Japanese water stones are the way forward the cut faster you can maintain them flat and you dot get oil all over your work

  6. sarelle500gr says:

    Use thick oil with coarse oilstones, and light oil with fine stones like black arkansas. Never use wd40.

  7. sarelle500gr says:

    actually heavy oil or wd40 are problem. Oil or water used tı for a suspension between metal and stone. suspension kkeps metal’s temperature low, lubricates the stone and most importantly for the oilstones:

    with the help of oil, metal particles washed away from stone’s edges at sharpening time. This is really important with low grit porous dense oilstones. Because of their dense nature they cant renew their surfaces with sharpening action so if they clog up, you’re done. you have to clean it.

  8. robertiebert says:

    Good video Rob, but you should use the whole surface of the stone. I know the stones are tough but over time and repeated use they will become misshaped/unflat.

  9. no1cheesychode says:

    keep making these videos they are good

  10. sicofital says:

    Perfect, you have helped me Very Much!! My blade was very dull, now it;s good as new : )

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