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This work bench was designed by a seasoned finish carpenter and home builder who saw a need and addressed it. This work bench is field tested and works. Beauty, Simplicity, Functionality describe this unique answer to an age old problem. It is amazing to me the attention my work bench is getting. This unit is the basic idea fleshed out in a functional design a carpenter can build in his shop. I have many improvements and details, I will be adding to the design. The main upgrade I am working on is a design to make this unit mass produceable and shipable. I would be interested in getting feed back from those who think this might be a good tool to bring to the market. Designer/Builder Ron Paulk Plans available at
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25 Responses to “PAULK WORK BENCH (The ultimate portable work bench)”

  1. Ron Paulk says:

    John, I am glade you are able to use some of these ideas to help in your work flow. The plans for the work bench, miter stand, and cross cut jig are available at the paulkhomes web site on the plans page and the model for the mobile wood shop can be downloaded from the SketchUp Warehouse by searching for Paulk Mobile Wood Shop.

  2. tile andmarble says:

    Wow, thank you for this Ron. Cant wait to get the plans, as a Granite Contractor, I have always had great respect and admiration for fellow Journeymen Carpenters, rough and finish alike, personally, I am an amateur carpenter . thanks again… Looking forward to the plans and to talk to my guys about modification for our trade use in the field.. ;)

  3. YooToobModerator says:

    Now that’s a smart idea. Nice work Ron..

  4. Ron Paulk says:

    I am glad so many are finding these videos helpful.

  5. kumabear88 says:

    Wow that has solved a lot of plroblems for me. Its really nice to see good planning and wisdom and for free on tube. Thanks ron

  6. dirtridermag44 says:

    What are you kidding me? That thing is great! I especially like the way it locks into the supports and the innovative way you attach the table saw that is always at the right height. Nice job on the table as well as the video. So many videos are just plain annoying. This was informative as well as interesting. Does each half lock to one another? thanks

  7. Eddy Flynn says:

    thanks ron ive just finished my version of your design and it has worked out well for me i could only fit a smaller version into my workspace so i built a six foot by two foot version the plans are brilliant the best £6.50 ive ever spent i knowi i will get plenty of use out of it ive uploaded some pics on youtube once again thank you Ron ( only wish i had room for the mitre stand )

  8. Ron Paulk says:

    Trevor, I have no finish on mine. I would use wax if I were to want some water protection. As I don’t use my finish tools in the rain, I prefer to keep it bare. I write on the surface and draw out details before I cut. I then clean up the top with a light sandpaper.

  9. Trevor Roth says:

    Any recommendation on what to finish the surface with?

  10. Ron Paulk says:

    I considered marketing it, but decided to sell the plans instead. Most of the folks who want a bench like this, have the skills to build it.

  11. Robert Schoenert says:

    You should market this, maybe out of plastic. I’ll bet you would make a fortune. But first, I’m going to copy it.

  12. Ron Paulk says:

    You are correct. The bench is easy for one person to move around and set up. I work solo most of the time so making a heavy bench was not an option.

  13. MrRichinil says:

    This is a great idea and design.And it looks like it dont weigh a ton.

  14. Ron Paulk says:

    I am glad these ideas have been helpful for so many carpenters around the globe.

  15. Papa Neil says:

    This is fantastic! I am currently trying to design an apartment sized woodworkers bench, and after seeing this I know I have some more thinking to do.

    You have great ideas, and a slick design… Thank you for sharing.

  16. Gordon Steeves says:

    very cool lead in banjo pickin’ there son :-) by the way, great work bench :-)

  17. Ron Paulk says:

    There always has to be one;0)

    Be Kind, Be Strong, Be Funny When You Can.

  18. Ron Paulk says:

    I think this is a good thing;0)

    Be kind, Be Strong, Be Funny When You Can.

  19. Ron Paulk says:

    I wish I had taken the time 20 years earlier to solve this problem.

    Be Kind, Be Strong, Be Funny when you can.

  20. Ron Paulk says:

    Thank You

  21. Ron Paulk says:

    The plans are pretty detailed, but I don’t cover the basics. The plans are made using templates and a router for precision. I may have the next one cut a shop with CNC just to see how it goes.

    Be Kind, Be Strong, Be Funny When You Can.

  22. Ron Paulk says:

    Others have added a vise with minimal backing. I just haven’t need one so far.

    Be Kind, Be Strong, Be Funny when you can.

  23. mikeypick1 says:

    Efficient, deployable by one person, comprehensive, versatile. Love it! … Any plans for the addition of a wagon vise and/or some type of rock-solid bench vise?

  24. Hera ali says:

    It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when these other people accomplish it easily with Atomic Fat Loss (search for it on google).

  25. MRCUBERaceBOSU says:

    Hi Ron, do your plans include construction techniques? I am interested in how you reproduce the cutouts on the side pieces of your workbench/Kapex saw stand.

    Great stuff… so glad I found you on YT. I agree with MrYouBrian… you should have a show focusing on shop organization/solutions… I’m going to use your mobile shop design in my small home workshop. Keep the great videos coming!

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